The Neo Moon Family

An overview of the Tsukino children wouldn't be complete without a nod to their
Family tree. So let's take a quick look:


Usagi and Mamoru are the Parents of Chibiusa and Kousagi. When they first met, it was anything but love at first site. Usagi thought Mamoru cold and bitter and he thought her whiny and too much of a crybaby. But isn't it amazing how destiny, patience and evil bitches and bastards with a desperate need for a hobby can melt even the coldest of hearts? In a past life, they were Prince Endymion of Earth and Princess Serenity of the Moon. Desperately in love, they we're torn apart by war and Chaos. Later, they would be reborn and would find each other again, and the manga shows how they evolve from bitter enemies to passionate lovers. The couple wed in 1997.

Usagi Tsukino

Birth Name: Serenity Tsukino
Alias: Bunny, Serena, Usa-ko
Senshi Names: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon
Age: 14-16 In the normal series, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon
Birthday: June 30, 1981
Birthstone: Pearl
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Astrological Planet: The Moon
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 4'8 in Season One, 4'10 Sailormoon R-SuperS, 4'11 in StarS, & between 4'11 and 5'3 as Neo Queen Serenity. (She's a growing girl.)
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Cake and Pudding
North American Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Color(s): Pink and White
Favorite School Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite School Subjects: Math, English
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, video games, manga
Hates: Dentists, Ghosts, Monsters, Losing everyone she loves, Surprise Tests in School
Talents: Brown Nosing, Whining, Crying, Saving the Universe. Loyalty
Dream: To be Mamoru's Bride
Kingdom(s): The Silver Millennium, Crystal Tokyo
Blood Type: O
North American Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

Mamoru Chiba
Alias: Mamo-chan, Darien Shields, Endymion
Senshi Names: Tuxedo Mask, (Sir) Moonlight Knight
Age: 17-20 in the normal series, 34 in Parallel Sailormoon
Birthday: August 3, 1977
Birthstone: Peridot
Western Astrological Sign: Leo
(The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon CD-ROM incorrectly says Cancer.)
Astrological Planet: The Sun
Chinese Astrological Sign: Fire Snake
Height: 5'6-5'8 throughout the series.
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite North American Food: Curry
Favorite Color(s): Black and
Favorite School
Subject: Physics
Likes: Listening to music,
Reading, seeing Usagi happy/teasing her
Hates: Needles, Seeing Girls Cry
Talents: Debating
Dream: To protect Earth with Usagi
Kingdom(s): The Golden Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo
Blood Type: A

Originally Naoko intended to have the Diana Fairy greet the Senshi when they went to the Moon, but she instead opted for Queen Serenity to do the honors.

Queen Serenity was a fair Queen who ruled with an iron fist, she single-handedly destroyed Queen Metallia's original forces and with her last breath, sent Princess Serenity and her court to the future, to live a happy life.

She is seen in only three episodes of the anime. In episode 35, she appears with blonde hair, but in all of her other appearances; she has pale white-pink, white-lavender or white-silver hair. The Materials Collection artbook lists her body age at 18, since after having contact with the Silver Crystal, a person gains a long lifespan, and stops aging at one point. However, the anime has her looking slightly more mature, closer to her early or mid twenties.

In act 12 of the manga and episode 51 of the anime, Queen Serenity's soul returns to give Usagi a new compact, the Crystal Star Compact, which has on it a star shaped map of what later becomes Crystal Tokyo of the 30th Century. In the anime, Queen Serenity also gave Sailor Moon the Cutie Moon Rod, and in the manga, she bestowed upon Sailor Pluto her duty as Guardian of the Time Door, and also gave Pluto, Uranus and Neptune their castles.

Her memory and or spirit reside in a computer on the Moon, eager to see the day her daughter now reborn may take the throne with her lover at her side.

Diana Fairy was meant to debut during the early part of the manga, but was cast aside during production. This little Moon Fairy was said to have been playful, talkative yet fragile. It is also mentioned that she would not have gotten along with Luna very well. Residing within the ruins of the original site of the Silver Millennium, Moon Fairy Diana exists between the pages of the Materials Collection and the first Nayakashi Anime Album for Sailormoon season one.

Usagi's Earth family is rarely seen in the manga. And they wouldn't want it any other way. The trio consisting of Usagi's mother Ikuko, father Kenji and little brother Shingo don't seem to mind when Usagi goes out until all hours. They love her, but find her rather spoiled and childish. In the anime, Ikuko is rather abusive towards Usagi, and is fond (in the first episode) of tossing her out of the house if she doesn't get good grades. Shingo is no better! He hates that Usagi is his sister and that she's a crybaby. And Kenji only views his daughter as either a child or a whore, depending on the episode. Regardless, Usagi still loves her family and fights hard to protect them.
The three Tsukinos have no idea that Usagi is Sailor Moon, a princess, nor do they have any idea that Chibiusa is actually Usagi and Mamoru's daughter. They are easily brainwashed, which Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi use to their advantage. Chibiusa can pose as Usagi's cousin, and Chibi Chibi can pose as Usagi and Shingo's younger sister, though the two disguises are false.

Kenji works as a magazine reporter and photographer, and the only man he seems to see as fit for his eldest child is Umino. (Melvin) Usagi may have gotten her funny, outrageous behavior from her father, as Kenji is prone to mood swings of the comical variety. Kenji doesn't cook, but tries to help out by buying groceries. The anime has him with dark reddish brown hair and deep dark brown eyes, while his hair almost appears black in the manga.

Ikuko is 36 years old near the end of Sailormoon SuperS, making her either 19 or 20 when Usagi was born. In the manga Casablanca Memory, it is hinted that Ikuko had an ill ending love with someone else, before meeting Kenji. Ikuko is a stay at home mom, who is good at cooking, but in the anime, it is mentioned that she doesn't sew, a trait passed down to Usagi. Unlike Kenji, Ikuko is open minded to the idea of Usagi having a relationship, and welcomes Mamoru into the family.
Her original hair color is pink, and her eyes red or pink, though the anime has her with purple or blue hair, and brown eyes. Some art done for the manga even have Ikuko and Usagi with brown hair and green or blue eyes, but red eyes pink hair is their natural coloring. Hence Chibiusa and Kousagi's appearances. Her dream is to see Usagi and Chibiusa marry well one day.

Shingo's age varies by episode, movie and even issue of the manga! Initially, there was a five year age gap between Usagi and Shingo, making him 9 when she's 14, and 10 when she's 15. However, in some episodes of Sailormoon SuperS, he is 12 years old. Shingo goes to the same elementary school as Chibiusa (Jyuuban Municipal Primary), and is sometimes in the same classes as her. To make his age more confusing, the Sailormoon R movie features a 3 year old Usagi, the day Shingo is born! In any case, Shingo is often times bratty, and his parents don't show any interest in scolding him. Shingo therefore gets away with alot of his bad behavior, but at times can be a good boy. His two biggest crushes in the anime were Mika and Ami, the latter of which was based more on respect. His closest friend appears to be his niece Chibiusa, as they share tips on taunting Usagi in the anime. Shingo is annoyed by Usagi's existence, but when times get tough, he often looks to his big sister for comfort. He even gets scared of losing her when she seemingly disappears. In the dubbed anime, Shingo's name was changed to Sammy, and in Smile's Sailor Moon Novel #6, his name is changed yet again to Samuel Alexander Tsukino.
Shingo's coloring has had him with light yellow, dark blonde and once even green hair, and his eyes vary between green and blue.

Little is known about Mamoru's parents, aside from the fact that their only child was their world. Seen for only one panel, Mamoru's mother and father are described as caring, loving people. On Mamoru's sixth birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Chiba (or Mr. & Mrs. Shields) were unfortunately killed in a car accident, leaving Mamoru the last member of his family. He suffered from severe amnesia throughout most of his life, and grew up alone in various hospitals and orphanages (depending upon the episode), until he was old enough to financially care for himself. It was around this time that he began to have recurring dreams of either Queen Serenity, or her daughter, Princess Serenity (again, depending upon the episode) urging him to find the Silver Imperium Crystal, with the promise of his finding his memories. Though his childhood was now lost, his journey would eventually lead him to Usagi, and subsequently to the birth of his daughters, Chibiusa and Kousagi.
Though their appearances within the manga, and the first 2 seasons of Sailormoon are limited to the memory of their demise, Mamoru's vague memory of their affection was a constant reminder, that he really wasn't alone, and that no matter what the situation, he will always be loved.


Artemis the white cat first appeared as Minako's guardian in the Sailor V manga. His main purpose was to train Minako to be at her best when she takes on the role of leader, as she was meant to lead the Senshi in battle and protect Sailor Moon. In the 30th century, he is allowed to live at the palace with Luna and Diana.

Luna the black cat is responsible for Usagi finding her destiny as Sailor Moon. Arrogant and bossy, Luna supplies the Sailor Senshi with their items. (WIPE IT OFF LADIES!!!) Like Sailor Tin (Cat) Nyanko and Artemis, Luna comes from the planet Mau.

Diana the lavender or gray cat, was a gift to Chibiusa one year for Christmas. Sweet and resourceful, Diana's main purpose in life is to protect Chibiusa and report any happenings to her parents. In Sailormoon StarS, she went back to the past alone and tried to help save Eternal Sailor Moon. She is a valuable asset to the Sailor Senshi, and is the daughter of Luna and Artemis.

The nameless pink polka dotted cat fell from the sky one day, and saved Kousagi from a painful end. This creepy little kitten is responsible for helping Kousagi discover her talents as a Sailor Senshi.

Luna-P was a Swiss army toy of sorts that 30th century Chibiusa used throughout much of the series. Sailor Pluto is credited with endowing the item with special powers. Luna-P can turn into almost any object; and although striking fear into the hearts of those who realize that balls shouldn't oughtta float,(shaddup) Luna-P was also highly respected by those it either comforted or helped. In Parallel Sailormoon, Luna-P is reduced to being a keychain that Diana plays with.