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Kousagi first appeared in a short manga featured in the back of the Materials Collection artbook, titled "Parallel Sailor Moon". Originally printed in Japanese, the manga lasts only 19 pages, but the short story has left an enormous impression on underground otaku around the globe, with translations in Spanish, Italian, English and countless other languages, all fan based.

The story follows the second-born daughter of Usagi and Mamoru, and takes place around 15 years after Sailormoon StarS. Many of the original characters make their cameos in this tale, including a teenage Chibiusa, and the story also introduces the children of the Inner Senshi, as well as a nameless pink cat.

On September 22, 2004, the short manga was republished as part of a new manga collection titled: Sailormoon Short Stories Vol. 2. Though entirely intact, the new version does have a few alterations, such as added pictures of stars in the battle scenes, and much clearer shots of the Parallel Senshi. The book also has a short note on Kousagi, in the back, as part of the story on the Sailormoon Timeline.

Below are three versions: The full Japanese, a Tokyopop inspired English version and the 2004 reprint.

As an added bonus, I have added two pictures from the Materials Collection artbook of Kousagi and her cat, and two mock up covers, for the Tokyopop manga that could have been.

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Tokyopop English Edition:

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Sailormoon Reprint (Jumbo Double Pages):
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Bonus Pics from the Materials Collection:

Kousagi Cat

Tokyopop ~ Mixx mock up covers:
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