Pink Splenda®©™ Spleen Attack!

Before you continue, lemme just explain a few notes on the following.

By reading this, you do wave all rights to an attorney. This is a joke site, I.E. NOT to be taken too seriously. So if the following offends you in any way, oh well. Just take a breath, and go visit a different site. I'm not here to belittle you, so take it easy! There, now that my lawyer is taking a coffee break, let's move on.

And no. I don't believe in crossovers. The reason why is simple. ALL CROSSOVERS ARE EVIL. Anyone who questions this should visit their local comic shop, and back order either Tsubasa mangas or the DC/Marvel Wonder Woman ~ Captain
America crossover comics. Trust me, it was wrong.

If you still think that crossovers are okay, then let's try a little exercise. This is how I kicked the habit, so I know it will work for you too. ^.^ Follow the directions carefully.
(All thanks for this goes to my mother, thanks Mama!!)

Step 1: Place you hands on either side of you monitor, until it looks as though you are grasping my website itself.

Step 2: Envision Sailor Mini Moon performing "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" and yell "CROSSOVERS ARE EVIL!!"

Step 3: Pretend that you are those little pink energy hearts shooting out at the enemy, and ram you skull real hard into the monitor.

Step 4: After regaining consciousness, re-align yourself with the monitor, and then repeat Step 3.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4. Oddse oare if youf can red dis and thinke thim is korrectlee ritten, then either u r curedddd or u haf remmend urself a chibi 2oo much.

Step6: Now lie down, and come on back when you're feeling better.

If you still aren't convinced, go back to Step 1 and try again. I'll wait.
(*Whistles*) Ladeee dee dee dee~eee.... ~*Come on come on get down with the sickness! Your motha get up c'mon get down with the sickness*~ La la la la laaaaa~aaaaa....

Ready yet? Okay, good!

This portion of Moon Sisters is devoted to the funny bone of the Sailormoon fan. It is
NOT to be taken seriously, as this is a joke page! So just sit back, relax and try to enjoy the lighthearted content of this page.

You know you love Sailormoon too much when:
0. You read the above line and yelled "BLASPHEMY!!"
1. You fear going to Curves, because you are convinced that the creator of the franchise is really Jedite.
2. You are over 40, yet you insist upon wearing a Sailor
CHIBI Moon costume.
3. You are a DUDE over 40, yet you insist upon wearing a Sailor
CHIBI Moon costume.
4. You just read the above 2 lines and said "Yeah, so?"
5. You watch old WWF footage of Shawn Michaels brining out Mini Bret, and you instantly re-name the little guy "Sailor Mini Bret".
6. You read a Greek Mythology book, up until you get to a paragraph on "Helios, Diana, Endymion, ect" and declare "Nooooooo~ooo! 'Cause in the manga_______"
7. You play Final Fantasy 3 (or 6 if we want to be accurate) on the SNES or PS1, and do a double take seeing Terra, yelling out "Sailor Neptune??"
8. You carry around a picture of all the anime senshi in your wallet, for the next time some putz at the local toy/comic shop asks "What's a Sailor Moon?"
9. You can always tell which Borders you're about to be kicked out of, when the piss-ass bitch behind the counter answers your question with "GOD! Another Moonie?"
10. You buy a female cat, and then tie a bell around her neck for Luna and Diana.
11. You bought Hello Kitty Roller Rescue for the Gamecube, since she beats people with a familiar looking Pink Heart Wand.
12. You bought several Barbie ®©™ dolls, dyed their hair & handmade different outfits for them, so that you could have a complete Sailormoon doll collection at half the cost.
13. You were duped into sitting through "Tokyo Mew Mew", because the main character resembles Rini.
14. You twirl your umbrella at non-Moonies, not just because it's fun and it reminds you of Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi, but because it's your way of pissing off you non-Moonie pals.
15. Your little brother is promising permanent bodily harm if you make him watch one more girly girl Sailormoon rip-off.
16. You mom is threatening to call up Samoa Joe to beat you ass if she has to sit through one more hour of hearing a shrill voice yell "CHIBI!!"
17. You are so die hard, you have actually frightened the One Piece otaku.
18. You are over the age of 11, and still think it's a good idea to wear bright Barbie pink all the time, without ANY other color thrown in.
19. In lieu of a regular planetarium, you have various Sailormoon dolls wired to 2 different Tuxedo Mask dolls, nailed to your ceiling.
20. You were fired from Dunkin' Doughnuts ©®™, after spraying another employee with the sprinkle gun, while screaming "PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK!!"
21. You can't go to the airport anymore without at least one putz telling you that the life-size Sailor Saturn cutout does not count as "carry on".
22. You read the above line and wish to correct me because
(a). It was a Tuxedo Mask cutout and
(b). of course Saturn doesn't count as "carry on", since the song "carry on" was used for the first two seasons of Sailormoon, NOT Sailormoon S...
23. You've super-glued hearts and or bunny heads to everything you wear.
24. The only reason why you bother with Japanese studies, is so you can translate Sailormoon __________________ all by yourself."
25. You've trained you computer to super-impose Sailormoon images to your WIN98 clock.
26. When you use "aolclock" to track how much time you have been online, an angry picture of either Ikuko or Luna appears.
27. You own several "My little Pony" figures, because you believe them to be Helios and Chibiusa's children.
28. When the Priest sex scandal story broke out in the
US, you jumped up and yelled "Helios?"
29. You bought a Bratz®© babiez doll, and re-painted her hair either pink or red for Chibi Chibi.
30. You have been known to shave crescent-moon shaped bald spots onto the foreheads of many cats.... only to be pissed off at the fact that unlike Luna, their bald spots aren't yellow.
31. You have actually gotten into fist-fights with children and the elderly over "who gets to buy that Sailormoon doll". (Don't mock this, children are scary when they swarm and most old ladies are known for being deadly.)
32. You embarrassed your tour guide when you ran through the Palace at
Versailles screaming "SERENITY LIVES!!"
33. You and your psychiatrist have had long debates over which spelling of "Rini" is correct.
34. You cover all of the mirrors in your house after
5 p.m.
35. Your HMO dropped you after the 99th time you asked them if they had a "Dream Mirror or Heart Crystal snatching" clause in your plan.
36. You live in
New York or L.A., because they really DO have Heart Snatching clauses in their insurance papers.
37. You played Sonic Adventure DX for the Gamecube, and wondered why Chaos was blue.
38. After hearing you speak for more than 30 seconds, Dr. Phil yelled out "OH GOD! Another Moonie? Y'all need Dr. Phi-AWW-hell..." And hung up the phone.
39. You were shocked at how many death threats you got when you decided to be Sailor Earth... and so did about 104,390,256 other people too.
40. You recently watched "Ghostbusters", and spent 15 minutes feeling sorry for "Ray", while saying, "WOW Sailor Mars, you really let yourself go."
41. Super Sailor Moon came through the television set herself, just to say "Get a life and quit copying my hairstyle!!! ... sir."
42. You take real delight in e-mailing anyone with the name "Chibi Rei, Chibi Ami, ect" and directing them to one of my pages, juuuuuuust so you can enjoy the fallout.
43. Your personal salon/stylist has a new hairdo sweeping your town. He named it "La Kousagi".
44. You go to different "Black/Urban" markets, and hug all the moms and dads whose daughters have afro-puffs that resemble one of the Chibis.
45. You stayed up for over 72 hour straight, watching Sailor Moon episodes back to back ... and thought this was healthy.
46. You actually figured out how to play as different senshi in several of the WWE SmackDown! games.
47. You managed to play Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, until you had mastered how to get all of the villagers to wear Sailormoon themed clothing ... designed by YOU.
48. You study up on different gems and stones, so you can be just like Mamoru.
49. You steer clear of anyone named "Amy", who happens to study too much.
50. You are adored in different crystal shops for being a loyal customer, since you stock up so often on Tiger's Eye, Zircon, Beryl, Kunzite, ect.
51. You stumped the Museum Curator with your extensive knowledge on Zircon.
52. When you go shopping at K-Mart during one of their "outdoor" sales, you cradle different packets of seeds, and cry for whoever they used to be.
53. You are banned from multiple florists for your incessant whining about how they don't have any "Tellum" or "Kisenian" blossoms.
54. You have no problem naming any of your children "Lethe" or "Mnemosyne".
55. You've made numerous comparisons between Sailormoon and the Spice Girls.
56. Your 4 and 5 year old nieces and nephews want you committed, since you insist upon yelling "SAILOR MINI MOON LIVES" whenever the pink-haired character on "Lazy Town" appears.
57. You are no longer looked in the eye at the different sports stores, when you scour the isles, looking for a floating Cat-Head ball, for Luna-P.
58. Your favorite porn shop now has a special discount for Moonies.
59. You squeeze all the neighborhood cats, trying to find that one or two that will crap out your magical transformation items.
60. When the girl scouts come to your door, you steal their cookies, mutter "Amateurs!", inform the troop leader that he's no Artemis, and then lock the door behind you.
61. You flunked med school, after your thesis on what a woman does with her "Star Gentle Uterus".
62. You wildly blow bubbles at people, while yelling "MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST"
63. After seeing the Amazon Quartet, you no longer play pool.
64. When you come across a guy you can't stand, you mutter to yourself, "Geez! What a DIC-head."
65. Your florist now gives out special discounts for Tuxedo Mask fans.
66. You often mis-read the weekly fliers, because you think there's a sale at
"TOEI-s R Us".
67. You have a crescent moon or a planet symbol tattooed to your forehead.
68. You failed astronomy class, after your paper on Earth's four moons. You know, Regular Moon, Chibi Moon, Chibi Chibi Moon, Parallel Moon ...
69. You are planning a space exploration trip, to find the planet Mau.
70. Nasa has called to inform you that currently, there is no planet Kinmoku.
71. You've been known to wear red blossoms, and fling tarot cards at people, since you love Kakyuu so very much...
72. You spray-painted your new baby kitten lavender for Diana.
73. You amaze your friends over how you got your cat to hold still, while you spray-painted her pink with white polka-dots.
74. You actually managed to find red eye contacts for your cats... AND get them to wear them!
75. You were arrested for assault and battery, over the time you stabbed someone with a red rose.
76. You're a girl... but your "best friend" is NOT Diamond...
77. You're a dude, and you gave yourself a migraine, trying to squeeze out a third eye over your black crescent moon tattoo, in hopes that just like Prince Diamond, you could seduce your next date with it.
78. You were bitch-slapped during a trip to
Tokyo, when instead of saying "Id like to sleep in a Hotel (Ho-te-ru) room", you instead blurted out "I wanna sleep in Hotaru who's roomy".
79. You are debating weather or not to draw swirls on your glasses.
80. You figured out that if you wear a big green or red bow like Molly/Naru or Sailor V, that you can easily hide that big, crimped, poodle-doo mullet you've been sporting ... sir.
81. You find nothing wrong with pink, red or yellow eyes.
82. You saw a doctor, because you wanted to know why you don't have a little white mini skirt glued to your behind like in the manga.
83. You have pictures from NASA of the moon, in their vain attempt to prove once and for all that there is no Moon Kingdom ... and your audio/video demonstration of the fall of the Silver Millennium, now has them scrambling to send up a crew to find the last remnants of the palace.
84. You have oversized bows stapled to ALL of your clothes.
85. You only live in houses that resemble the Senshis'.
86. You have various "Moon Rods" tucked into your bra, for just in case.
87. I'm not even going to speculate how you managed to stuff all of those "Moon Trinkets" up your ass, in an attempt to imitate Luna.
88. You frantically ask strangers behind the counter at various stores if they have the Silver Crystal.
89. You helped police arrest a drug dealer when the "crystal" he tried to sell to you wasn't the Silver
90. You've been mistaken for being a porn star, over how many times you scream out "I will punish YOU!!"
91. You've been in trouble for how many times you stapled scrolls to your friend's head, yelling "Aku Ryo Tai SAN!!"
92. Just like the manga, you "go commando" while wearing your Sailor Moon costume ... sir. >_<
93. You were recently ejected out of yoga class, for your incessant screaming of "MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!!"
94. At pool parties, you splash your friends while yelling "Deep Submerge!"
95. You shake your hand mirror at people, screaming "Submarine Reflection!!"
96. You group together large quantities of cats, to lob at people, just like Sailor Parallel Moon.
97. You've decided never to ever fly to Harvard, because you KNOW what happened to Mamoru...
98. You hot-melt-glued wings to all your "Special" costumes, so you could fly to the End of the Universe with Chibi Chibi, and stop Sailor Galaxia. Instead, you flew from the top of your roof, to the End of your Driveway, where your head met with the pavement, to stop all conscientious thought.
99. Where and how you managed to glue that prosthetic tail to your rear, so you could pretend to be Luna, is no longer my concern.
100. You are picking up all kinds of signals, now that you attached that golden horn to your head, for Helios.
101. You keep walking into things, because the lenses to your glasses are now opaque, since you wanted to imitate Sailor V.
102. Whenever you start thinking about something, EVERYONE from a three mile radius can hear your thoughts.
103. You've considered surgically attaching a large, crescent-moon shaped crystal to your chest. That way, you can rip off your shirt and yell "PARALLEL MOON POWER MAKE-UP!!" and frighten your next door neighbor.
104. You nailed little crystal balls to your yard, so you too could have a Star garden just like Phi and Chi.
105. When you want to frighten little children at Halloween, you get special eye contacts to make your eyes look like gems, for all the "possessed" moments in Sailormoon.
106. You and your psychiatrist have long discussions over Chibiusa's Oedipal complex.
107. You and your teacher(s) have had long debates, about weather it's spelled "Serenity" or "Selenity".
108. You've set up special lights all through your bathroom, so you can imitate different transformations.
109. You were asked to write up a page on similarities ... you obliged with a paper on Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn ... and actually got a good grade.
110. When you see someone with blue, pink, or green hair, you ask them "Which side of your family do you get that from?"
111. You have been known to point your house keys at the sky while screaming "CRYSTAL KEY TAKE ME HOME!!"
112. Your friends have bought you special deodorant, to counteract the time that real leaves flew outta your pits, while you were screaming "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION".
113. You make Sailor suits for all of your family members ... including the cat.
114. You have various sets of cat ears in pink and black.
115. You smack little cat heads upon the pavement, screaming
116. Get your hand outta that cat's ass! THERE'S NOTHING IN THERE!!!!
117. At the supermarket, you cry. Because you fear that one of the fillets used to be Fish-Eye.
118. Look, just because the Senshi don't do it, doesn't give you any right to follow in those boots. PLEASE put your underwear back on underneath your
Sailor _____________ costume ... sir.
119. You starch your miniskirts to match how they look in the anime.
120. You taught your cat how to use computer equipment, so she can contact members of the "White Moon".
121. Your daughter now wears a chain with a golden key around her neck... at your insistence that she can time travel.
122. You Goggled a list of foods that have been brought up in several episodes, so you can try each one.
123. You have two friends whom are girls, and you re-named them Naruru and Ruruna.
124. You search through pawn shops looking for their home-made Sailor Chibi Moon dolls.
125. You're an adult, but your shoes are white with little red bows and matching bunny socks.

Ever feel like you need a Sailormoon fix? Did you know that you can get one by watching non-related animes/video games? It's true! just look at the similarities I found in these other non-Sailormoon titles!


Dragonball Z

Future Trunks is an adolescent from the future, who is trying to save his mom.
30th Century Chibiusa is in an adolescent body, trying to save her mom.

Trunks has naturally lavender hair, but it sometimes appears pink.
Chibiusa and Kousagi have naturally pink hair, that sometimes appears lavender.

Trunks is headstrong, but is well liked by many.
Chibiusa is headstrong, but is well liked by many.

Future Trunks and "Normal" Trunks have completely different personalities.
30th Century Chibiusa and Parallel Chibiusa are two completely different characters.

"Normal Trunks" has a younger sister, who is his complete opposite. (Bulla/Bra)
Parallel Chibiusa has a younger sister who is her complete opposite. (Kousagi)

Trunk's best friend is a misunderstood boy named Goten.
Chibiusa's best friend is a misunderstood girl named Hotaru.

Trunks's father Vegita is pissy, but best loved.
Chibiusa's father Mamoru is pissy, but best loved.

Trunks's mother Bulma is klutzy, but everyone looks to her.
Chibiusa's mother Usagi is klutzy, but everyone looks to her.

"Normal" Trunks is the prince of Planet Vegita, but he is the president of Capsule Corp.
Parallel Chibiusa is the crown princess of Crystal Tokyo, but dreams of being a beaurocrat.

Bra (Bulla) only appears near the end of the series, but is almost as powerful as her older brother.
Kousagi appears after the end of the series, but is almost as powerful as her older sister.

Bra idolizes her father, Vegita, in DBZ.
Chibiusa and Kousagi adore their father, Mamoru.

Bra is more like Bulma than Trunks is.
Kousagi is more like Usagi than Chibiusa is.

Akira Toriyama has done many great works, but is mostly remembered for Dragonball/Dragonball Z.
Naoko Takeuchi has published many great manga titles, but is best known for Sailormoon.

Dragonball GT ended in Japan, in March of 1997.
Sailormoon StarS the anime ended in March of 1997, with the manga ending one month earlier.

In one episode of Dragonball, Kid Goku sends a rabbit named Usagi to the Moon.
Sailor Moon's often called Usagi, and is a princess from the Moon.

Dragonball Z was horribly botched by Cartoon Network, with versions from DIC, Saban and Funimation.
Sailormoon was horribly botched by Cartoon Network, with versions from DIC, Program Exchange and Cloverway.

Dragonball-Z-GT features 7 Dragonballs.
Season 1 of Sailormoon features 7 Rainbow Crystals.

In Dragonball, Arale is introduced as an odd robot girl with purple eyes, who's father is Dr. Senbe.
In SailormoonS, Hotaru is introduced as an odd cyborg girl with purple eyes, who's father is Professor Tomoe.

Super Saiyan 4 is heralded as the ultimate form, but Gohan exceeds it.
Super Sailor ______ is heralded as the ultimate form, but all of the senshi far exceed it.

Bra and Pan are flirts in their early teens during Dragonball GT.
Naruru, Ruruna and Chibiusa are flirts between the body ages of 10-14.

There are DOZENS of spellings for Vegita, Bulma, Goku and Kuririn.
There are SHITLOADS of spellings/pronunciations for Galaxia, Rini, Peruru, Helios and Nehellenia.

Gohan was 4 when he was forced into being a warrior, and his power is wrongfully downplayed.
Chibiusa's body age was 6 when she went back in time to save her parents, and her power is also downplayed.

Trunks and Bra are the heirs to the throne of the long dead Planet Vegita. And are prince and princess over all Saiyans.
Chibiusa and Kousagi are heirs to the supposed throne of Crystal Tokyo, and are princesses over all of the Universe.

Dragonball Z is a cult favorite.
Sailormoon is a cult favorite.

Dragonball Z is marketed towards men, but has a HUGE female fan base.
Sailormoon is marketed towards women, but has a HUGE male fan base.

Originally, Gohan was listed as being four years old, but the U.S. version lists him as five and a half.
Originally, Chibiusa's age wasn't even mentioned for the anime, but the U.S. and Canadian versions list her as six years old.

Each of the DB-Z-GT characters has died at least once or twice, most of which in battle.
Each of the Sailormoon characters between the anime and manga versions has died at least once, most of which in battle.

When 7 Dragonballs are gathered, anywhere from one to three wishes can be made to either Shenlong or Porunga.
7 Rainbow Crystals form into one Silver Crystal. It is used by Sailors Moon and Chibimoon to heal people, and in the Kaguya's Lover story, grant Luna's wish to be human.

Despite living together, Trunks and Bra are almost never seen together.
Despite living together, Chibiusa and Kousagi are almost never seen together.

Dragonball was once a Saban production.
Sailormoon was almost a Saban production.

Most of DragonBall GT can be considered an anime version of someone's fanfic, since Toriyama had almost NO say-so with the project.
About 53% of the Sailormoon anime has jack to do with the manga. The live action series has NOTHING to do with the original either.

It has been said that Toriyama hated GT.
It has been said that Naoko hated the live action series and parts of the anime.

Trunks's "Ultimate Saiyan" transformation was teased in the anime, but not actually played up on.
Most of Chibiusa's power, and one other transformation for everyone BUT Sailor Moon, was hinted at, but never used in the anime.

What is now 4kids TV once had DBZ for a week.
What is now 4kids TV once had Sailormoon for a week.

Goku has an alternate universe brother named Turlus. (English version only.)
You remember Kousagi, right?

Both of Goku's older brothers
(Raditz and Turlus) are evil, where as Goku is good.
Chibiusa was once Black/Wicked Lady, but Kousagi is good.

Cooler, is Freiza's anime only brother.
I told you about Kousagi, right?

Master Roshi's older sister has pink hair and can see the future.
Kousagi's older sister has pink hair, and can time travel.

Before his end, Bardock saw his son Kakarotto (Kakarot) being sent to Earth, where as Goku, he then began a new life.
Before her end, Queen Serenity saw her daughter Princess Serenity being sent to a new time on Earth, where as Usagi (Serena), she then began a new life.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's team includes a girl named Amy.
Sailor Mercury's Earth name is Ami (Amy).

Amy Rose's best attacks showcase bright pink hearts.
Chibiusa and Usagi's best attacks showcase bright pink hearts.

Cream is a sensitive young bunny rabbit.
Kousagi's name means Little Bunny, and she is quite sensitive.

Knuckles the Echidna is red, and it is his birthright to protect the Master Emerald.
Sailor Mars wears red, and it is her chosen birthright to care for the Hikawa Shrine.

Sonic Super Special #8 parodies Sailormoon.
Usagi, Shingo, Chibiusa, Minako, Rei, Ami and Makoto play video games and several titles are parodied throughout the series.

Bunnie Rabbot is sweet, and holds within her an incredible power.
Usagi is sweet, and holds within her an incredible power.

In one episode of Sonic X, they befriend a girl named Momo.
Chibiusa's friend and classmate is named Momo.

Julie-su is a comic only character, with pink hair and lavender features.
Kousagi is a comic only character, with pink hair and PRESUMED lavender clothes.

In Sonic X, Sonic must travel through the Universe, to gain back the Planet Eggs.
In Sailormoon StarS, Sailor Moon must travel to the end of the Universe, to gain back star Seeds. (Manga only.)

Lara-su is the comic only daughter of Knuckles and Julie-su.
Kousagi is the manga only daughter of Usagi and Mamoru.

"Alternate" Lara-su is preoccupied with saving her parents, but her "25 Years Later" counterpart is all about being the next Guardian.
"30th Century" Chibiusa is preoccupied with saving her parents, but her "Parallel" counterpart wants to become a beaurocrat.

Some of Sonic's many video games have never been seen in America.
None of the Sailormoon video games have been seen in America.

Sonic's main cast range in ages 14-20, with side characters between the ages of 6-10.
Sailormoon's main cast range in ages 14-20, with side characters aged 2-10.

Due to the "Twilight Zone", Julie-su should be much older, but she appears 17.
30th Century Chibiusa appears as a little kid, but is 903 years old.

Sonic squares off with a villain named Chaos in both Sonic X and Sonic Adventure.
Sailor Moon squares off against Chaos in Sailormoon StarS.

Sonic must collect no less than 7 chaos Emeralds, with up to 9 of them throughout the video games, minus the Master Emerald.
In the first season of Sailormoon, the team must reunite the 7 Rainbow Crystals, to form the Silver Imperium Crystal.

With 7 Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails or Shadow can go into "Super/Hyper" mode.
Both the Inner and the Outer Senshi have at least one "Super" transformation.

Mina the Mongoose dreams of becoming a HUGE singing idol.
Minako dreams of becoming a HUGE singing idol.

Each Chaos Emerald is a different rainbow color, yet the Master Emerald is green.
Each Rainbow Crystal is a different color, but when combined, form the Silver Imperium Crystal... which is pale, almost white-silver.

Sonic the Hedgehog starred in 3 DIC cartoons.
Sailormoon was once edited by DIC.

Sonic has an alternate universe baby sister named Sonia, who is a pink hedgehog.
Chibiusa has a Parallel universe baby sister named Kousagi, who has pink hair.

In Sonic Underground, Sonic's mother is lavender, but in the Archie comic, his mother is blue.
Depending upon the episode, Ikuko has either blue or purple hair, whereas in the manga, her hair ranges in color from brown, to pink, to lavender, to purple to blue.

Flicky is a trans-gender character, who has played both biological mother and biological father to his/her chicks, throughout various games.
The Starlight Senshi, are girls who dress up as guys, who dress up as girls. And in the anime, they can change most of their physical appearance via their transformational items.

Amy Rose, Julie-su, Lara-su and Lumina are all bright pink and have bizarre hair styles.
Cere Cere, Lethe, Mnemosyne, Ann, Chibiusa, Kousagi, nameless Cat and on occasion Usagi, Fiore and Chibi Chibi have bright pink hair and bizarre hairstyles.

In some of the comics/video games, Knuckles the Echidna constantly dies, only to be brought back some time later.
Name me a Sailormoon character that has NOT died at least once!

Flicky precedes Sonic the Hedgehog by 7 years, but is a rather important character in the Sonic games.
Codename Sailor V precedes Sailormoon by one year, but is one of the main characters in Sailormoon.

Sonic debuted in 1991.
Sailor V debuted in 1991.

The Japanese Sonic manga debuted in 1992.
Sailormoon debuted in 1992.

DIC has a "lost" Sonic series that never aired.
Saban has a "lost" Sailormoon series that THANKFULLY never aired.

Sonic's main colors are Red, White and Blue.
Sailor Moon's main colors are Red, White and Blue. So are Chibi Chibi's.

Shadow's love was Maria, an 11 year old girl.
Helios's love is Chibiusa, who looks 11.

Shadow looks 16, but is actually 66 Cosmo looks 14, but is around 100 years old.
Helios looks young, but is around 900-1000 years old. The same is said for Peruru, and 30th Century Chibiusa is 900, but looks young.

Cosmo comes from an ancient race of plant folk. She and her father can morph into trees.
Alan, Ann and presumably Fiore come from an ancient race of plant folk, born from the Doom Tree.

Cosmo's father used her body for evil.
Hotaru's father used her body for evil.

Cosmo's main point of physical comfort, came from her mother's amulet.
Manga Hotaru’s main point of physical comfort, came from her mother's amulet.

Cosmo's only love, was Tails, an "Earthling".
(Mobius is an alternate universe Earth). She was a plant alien.
Fiore (a plant alien) was madly in love with Mamoru, an Earthling.

Cosmo asks Tails to shoot the cannon at her, so that when she dies, all of the evil goes with her.
In the manga, Sailor Saturn asks Sailor Pluto to perform the Dark Dome Close attack, so that when she dies, the evil goes with her.

Cosmo dies, leaving behind her essence in a seed.
Fiore dies, leaving behind his essence in a blossom.

Sonic X was botched by 4kids TV.
Sailormoon was once seen on what is now 4kids TV horribly botched.

Rouge is a terrible flirt.
Ruruna, Naruru and Chibiusa are terrible flirts.

Rouge tries to pal around with her crushes, using them to obtain the Chaos Emeralds.
Tuxedo Mask used to follow the Senshi to find the Silver Crystal.

Rouge wears pink hearts.
Chibiusa wears pink hearts.

The official Japanese Sonic page is called Sonic Channel.
The official Japanese Sailormoon page is called Sailormoon Channel.


Kagome is a 15 year old re-incarnated priestess.
Rei is a teenage priestess who has been re-incarnated.

Kagome is a skilled archer.
Rei is a skilled archer.

Kagome's grandfather works at the family's shrine.
Rei's grandfather works at the family's shrine.

Many fans mistake Kagura for being older, but Kanna is Naraku's eldest child.
For the umpteenth time people, CHIBIUSA IS USAGI'S FIRST BORN!! NOT KOUSAGI, GOT THAT?

Kanna can see what's going on with her mirror. She can also take the souls of her victims with it.
Sailor Neptune can see what's going on with her mirror. It's also her weapon.

Sesshomaru cares for a little girl named Rin.
Sailor Moon's daughter is Rin-i. Ha ha! Oh c'mon people live it up.

Inuyasha's older brother Sesshomaru starts off evil, but turns good.
Kousagi's older sister was once Black/Wicked Lady, but she later becomes Sailor Chibimoon.

Inuyasha protects Kagome with the Tetsuiga.
In the manga, the Inner Senshi use a special sword to protect Sailor Moon with.

Kagome has long, spiked up black hair and a nasty temper.
Rei has long, spiked up purple hair and a nasty temper.

Everyone wants the Shikon jewel.
Everyone wants the Silver Crystal.

The Shikon jewel was split into umpteen zillion pieces by Kagome, which everyone is searching for.
The Silver Crystal shattered after Queen Serenity sent it off into 7 Rainbow Crystals. It took several episodes to find them all.

Naraku wants to use the Shikon jewel for evil intent.
______________ wants to use the Silver Crystal for evil intent.

Kagome lives near Tokyo.
All of the characters live near Tokyo.

Kagome turns 15 years old midway through the first episode.
The Inners turn 15 during Sailormoon S.

90% of all Inuyasha characters have either the letter "K" in their names and/or their names end in "maru".
Okay, there are 2 Diamonds, 2 or 3 Miharus, 3 Chibi's and between 4-6 people who's names are Bunny(Usagi) or Serenity, depending upon the episode.

Kagome travels over 500 years into the past to see Inuyasha.
30th Century Chibiusa travels over 897 years into the past to train.

Kagome has a rocky relationship with her grandfather.
Rei has a rocky relationship with her grandfather.

Inuyasha looks 18, but he's really 65. his brother is between 71-75 years old.
Helios and Peruru look young, but are between 900-100 years old. 30th Century Chibiusa is over 900 years old.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty hangs around her twin sister, Mimmy.
Chibiusa lives with her little sister, Kousagi.

Hello Kitty lives with her Mom, Dad, sister and various pets.
Parallel Chibiusa lives with her Mom, Dad, sister and various pets.

Hello Kitty has a friend named Tuxedo Sam.
Chibiusa's dad is Tuxedo Mask.

Hello Kitty's boyfriend is Dear Daniel, a white cat.
Chibiusa's boyfriend is Helios, who can turn into a white Pegasus.

Mimmy's name is sometimes spelled "Mimi".
Chibiusa is often called "Rini".

Hello Kitty is listed as 3 apples tall and 5 apples heavy.
30th Century Chibiusa is listed as 3'5.

Hello Kitty lives in England.
In the anime, Sailor V worked in England, shortly before meeting the other Senshi.

Hello Kitty has a friend Chococat, who is a black cat.
Luna is a black cat.

In "Hello Kitty Roller Rescue" for the Gamecube, Hello Kitty beats her foes into submission with a pink heart wand.
Sailor Chibimoon uses a pink heart wand to ward off evil, using her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" magic.

Hello Kitty loves to dine on her mother's cooking.
Manga Chibiusa loves her mother's treats.

Mimmy loves to bake.
Kousagi goes to a cooking class with the other Parallels.

Hello Kitty's grandmother is a homebody and wears an apron.
Ikuko is a homebody and wears an apron.

Hello Kitty's grandfather keeps to himself and wears glasses.
Kenji keeps to himself and wears glasses.

Hello Kitty loves the color pink.
Chibiusa wears pink.

There is a set of Hello Kitty plushies called "Teen Angst".
Black/Wicked Lady. Nuff said.

Hello Kitty has a pet named Charmmy Kitty. A white cat. (Wait, isn't that SLAVERY??)
Minako has Artemis, a white cat.

In one episode of the cartoon, Mimmy falls for a magical Prince cat.
Mamoru was once Prince Endymion.

Hello Kitty and her friends have each traveled the world.
Various Senshi have traveled the universe.

Baditz Maru has a nasty temper, and is an Aries.
Rei has a nasty temper, and is an Aries.

Most of Hello Kitty's family look like carbon copies of each other.
The Parallel Senshi look like carbon copies of their mothers.

Hello Kitty is touted as an ambassador of peace.
Sailor Moon is called an ambassador of peace.

There are products with "Baby" Hello Kitty.
There are products with "Chibi" Senshi.

Hello Kitty's anime was edited by DIC.
Sailor Moon was edited by DIC.

The DIC voice for Hello Kitty is the same actress for
Sailor Mercury!!

Hello Kitty and Mimmy adjust where their bows are, so you can tell them apart.
Chibiusa and Kousagi adjust their hairstyles and nicknames, so you can tell them apart.

Hello Kitty has been seen as an angel.
Each of the Senshi have been seen as angels.


Things I learned from watching Sailormoon
0. That the above line just proves just how sad our society has become.
1. If a gigantic circus tent suddenly appears in a major city without warning, it's evil.
2. You go to the circus, and you see people with hair that defies gravity... they're evil.
3. If a crystal is black or black-purple, it's evil.
4. Heart
Crystals, Starseeds and Dream Mirrors. Break any ONE of these, and it's game over Nobody knows how you got them, but it sure is a royal pain in the ass to shove them all back in.
5. If a new flower shop appears out of nowhere with an exotic new plant, it's evil.
6. Certain things should not have faces. Among them are plants, certain anatomy "appendages", children's toys, household appliances and food.
7. Beware the "horse" with blue hair, ESPECIALLY if you have daughters.
8. Regardless of what it is, if it came from a cat's ass, wipe it off.
9. Sailor Senshi must not smell too good. Think about it. They eat LOTS of fish, and then run around 'till all hours of the day and night chasing baddies........ without any underpants. Spew.
10. People without pupils, they're evil.
11. If it's
7:30 at night, and your pretty blonde 14-year-old daughter hasn't come home yet, expect a pink-haired clone of her on your doorstep in a few months.
12. If you start seeing Technicolor animals in your yard, it's time to move.
13. Don't stand next to people with the name Molly or Naru.
14. Talking cats. That's not normal.
Tokyo districts. (Jinbochou, Jyuuban, ect.) Don't move there. Just don't.
16. If people start talking about how pure your heart is, beware.
17. Beware that spooky child who keeps talking about dreams. Shit keeps happening to her.
18. Don't get caught after dark with anybody named Ami/Amy. It ain't pretty!
19. Don't go anywhere near places that ask you to give lots and lots of your energy.
20. If a brand new dentistry suddenly appears, it's clean and it's run by sexy people, it's evil.
21. Don't let your kids hang around that little girl with the floating toys.
22. Always use the buddy system when walking home. And ONLY with people you trust!
23. If you see a pink cloud between the hours of
7:30 a.m. and 1:15 p.m., don't stand under it.
24. If you see a cat typing or playing at the arcade, back away slowly.
25. If you see anyone from some cult wanting to take down the White Moon, run.
26. That new classmate of yours who wears bells, loves cats and acts uber-girly, she's evil.
27. That new co-worker of yours who has glasses and one of the lenses looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh card, he's got a little Goth daughter who never leaves her room and he's always laughing, he's evil.
28. Avoid little Goth girls with multiple personalities. Weird shit happens when they're around.
29. Try not to piss off the 2-year-old going through puberty.
30. If a guy saves your ass more than 3 times without asking for anything in return, odds are he's NOT your enemy.
31. If she tells you about her boyfriend living overseas more than once, odds are, she ain't gonna date you ....... even if he is dead.
32. If he's had more than one bout of amnesia, cut him some slack if he forgets your birthday.
33. Forget the elevator. Take the stairs.
34. Don't date people who's names end with "eye".
35. One day, people with pink hair will rule the world.
36. You go inside a regular business establishment, and somebody with "Insane Clown Posse" makeup walks by in a gaudy feminine/Sailor costume, they're evil.
37. Don't eat the candy/sweets at the fast food place OR the park.
38. Check the number of your bus. Especially if you are at a shrine.
39. Don't stand near the dominatrix trio in broad daylight.
40. Cup O' Noodles. The budget tiers' best friend.
41. When you are in grave danger, and your heart crystal is outside of your body, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto equate to Sailor No Help, Sailor Won't Try and Sailor Bus Pass.
42. Don't trust people with NATURALLY icy white-blue eyes.
43. If your boyfriend is suddenly fascinated by mirrors, time to get him some psychiatric help.
44. People who smash their OWN pottery, steer clear of them.
45. If they seem to be wearing fried eggs on their shoulders, they're evil.
46. If the whites in their eyes AREN'T, they're evil.
47. If you kid is talking to a glowing animal, but won't tell you why, she's probably dating it. Ew.
48. Don't take showers or baths with cats. Trust me. And lock the door behind you.
49. Cats shouldn't eat sugar stars. It makes them fawn all over humans.
50. If a strange kid comes to your house, she has weird Technicolor hair, creepy eyes but looks like you, she's yours.