Quirkalicious~ The anti-Chibiusa page
The writers and animators at Toei made it crystal clear that they hated Mamoru Chiba, hence where they could not wait to kill him in episode 46 and drive him away from Usagi several more times before the end of Sailormoon R.

When they found out Chibiusa was his child with Usagi, they were outraged. So as a punishment to Naoko Takeuchi for writing this story, they began torturing and maiming Chibiusa, taking out their frustrations on the 900+ year old grade schooler.

They even downgraded her powers, turning her into a comedy relief character in some episodes, just to further voice their anger at this child of Mamoru being the future Sailor Moon!

The abuse got worse towards the end of Sailormoon S, when Toei made the announcement that SuperS would focus more on Chibiusa than her mother.

It's alright, Naoko got the last laugh when she took back her rights. Now anybody using Sailormoon for profit has to answer to her first.

Especially if they want to kill Mamoru's daughters again.