The Court Of The Neo Royal Family

On this portion of the site, I shall provide you with bite-size notes on the court of Usagi and Mamoru, and how they pertain to the protection and well being of Chibiusa and Kousagi. This portion also focuses briefly on the brief but memorable trials and tribulations of the StarS-saga-only manga Senshi. Since five of the Animamates stories vary GREATLY in the anime from their manga counterparts, I would also suggest a visit to another portion of Moon Sisters, Hell Babies for more on Sailor Galaxia and her team.
Also, please visit Case of the Perpetual Victim for information on the families of the Inner Senshi.

Note: all math comes from post Sailormoon StarS, as the series ended in 1997. Although no specific age is given for the elder Senshi come the Parallel manga, all one needs to do is simply add 15 to 1997 to get the exact age of the Inner Senshi.

P.S. Some of the names came from the mixx/tokyopop/chix comics translations. Most fans disregard this U.S. version of the manga, but hey, they DID work WITH Naoko and for less than $12.00 per graphic novel, you can't beat that, eh? ^_^;;;

Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno was the first Senshi Usagi and Luna located after Usagi's powers awakened. Ami starts out shy and quiet, but eventually, her all powerful Virgo traits makes themselves known to all as she begins to come out of her shell. Bright, intelligent and articulate, her persona hardens by the end of SuperS, due to both tensions of being a Senshi and her undying love of study. The original anime version of Ami actually portrays her as being kinda bitchy, like her daughter. She is still one of Usagi's closest friends.

Full Name: Ami Mizuno
Alias: Amy Anderson
Age: 14-16 in the normal manga, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Birthday: September 10, 1981
Birthstone: Sapphire
Western Astrological Sign: Virgo
Astrological Planet: Mercury
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 4'11-5'3
Family: Her mother and father are divorced, and she has one daughter, Ami jr. and a nameless husband.
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: Hamachi
Favorite Color: Aqua
Favorite School
Subject: Math
Least Favorite School
Subject: None. (Duh)
Hobbies: Reading, Chess
Hates: Love Letters, Practical Jokes
Talents: Calculations, Computers, Strategy, Smarts
: To be a Doctor
: Mariner Castle
Blood Type: A
North American Favorite Animal: Cat

Sailor Mars

Rei Hino was the second inner found by Luna and Usagi. This hot headed beauty is destined to not only protect Neo Queen Serenity, but she also aims to be head priestess at her grandfather's Shinto temple. Her anime self is rather bossy and deemed by most dub fans as "Bitch incarnate". Her manga self however, has justifiable reason. Her father is rather distant, her mother is gone, the meaning to her existence is to serve a ditz, and she suffers a nasty heartache in the manga "Casablanca Memory." She is one of the few Senshi to be able to use her powers outside of "senshidom".

In the early issues of the manga and in Casablanca Memory, she is often seen wearing a pendant her mother once wore. It's also part of her Sailor Mars costume during her first several transformations. It is said she can burn people with it.

Full Name: Rei Hino
Alias: Raye
Age: 14-16 in the normal story, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Birthday: April 17, 1981
Birthstone: Diamond
Western Astrological Sign: Aries
Astrological Planet: Mars
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 4'11-5'3
Family: Father's a politician, Mother's gone, and Grandfather runs the shrine.
Rei has one daughter: Rei jr. and is married. In the anime, Rei has one cousin, Kengo Ibuki.
Favorite Food: Sushi, Fugu
North American Favorite Food: Vegetarian Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite School
Subject: Literature
Least Favorite School
Subject: Social Studies
Hobbies: Divination
Hates: Television
Talents: Meditation, Dedication to Causes
Dream: To be Head Priestess
: Phobos Deimos Castle
Blood Type: AB
North American Favorite Animal: Panda

Sailor Jupiter

Makoto Kino was Senshi #3 for Luna and Usagi and came in with a BANG! In the manga, she dispatched with Nephlyte in Dragonball Z style! Although strong-willed, bold and brawny, her soft and friendly side is more noticeable than any other side. Once picked on by her peers for being to tall, having a love for combat, and for overall being too different, she finds her strength from not only her friendship with Usagi and Chibiusa, but from within overcoming the obstacles of society conformity. Her love of cooking and her remembrance of the "Senior at her old school that broke her heart" stand out as running gags for most of the anime.

Full Name: Makoto Kino
Alias: Lita
Age: 14-16 in the normal, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Birthday: December 5, 1980
Birthstone: Turquoise
Western Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Astrological Planet: Jupiter
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Monkey
Height: 5'6
Family: Sadly, like Mamoru, she is an orphan. However she later achieves all of her dreams and is granted a husband as well as a daughter, Mako ^_^
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
North American Favorite Food: Meatloaf
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite Colors: Pink and Green
Favorite School
Subject: Home Economics
North American Favorite Subject: History
Least Favorite School
Subject: Biology
Hobbies: Shopping, Cooking, Romance novels.
Hates: Airplanes, Cheaters
Talents: Cooking, Strong, Athletic
Dream: To be a Bride, Confectioner and a Florist
: Io Castle
Blood Type: O North American Favorite Animal: Horse

Sailor V/ Sailor Venus

Minako Aino was in fact the very first Senshi discovered after the end of the Silver Millennium! Before the start of "Sailormoon", she debuted in her own manga titled "Codename Sailor V" and was widely popular across Asia. Before finding the other Senshi, Minako at age 13, was discovered by Artemis, and spent one whole year battling the likes of Nyan-Nyan, Wan-Wan, and many others, while befriending Ami look-alike Hikaru, dealing with a shady Ace Kaitou and dodging both snooping cops and a bitchy mother. In the anime, it is revealed she had her heart broken on a sabbatical to England by a blue-haired man named Alan, and was betrayed by her so-called ally Katrina, who whisked Alan clean away. Later, at age 14, Minako posed as the Moon Princess, until Usagi awakened as Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium. Although prone to bizarre spirals and tantrums, Minako, is indeed the leader of the Senshi after Usagi, and is one of the most respected of the Inner Senshi.

Full Name: Minako Aino
Alias: Mina
Age: 13-16 in the norm, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Birthday: October 22, 1980
Materials Collection B-day: November 22
Birthstone: Opal
Western Astrological Sign: Libra
Astrological Planet: Venus
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Monkey
Height: 4'10-5'3
Family: She first lives with her mother and father, and later she is blessed with a husband and daughter, Mina.
Favorite Food: Curry
North American Favorite Food: Any Pasta.
Least Favorite Food: Shitake Mushrooms
Favorite Colors: Yellow and Red
North American Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite School
Subject: P.E.
North American Favorite School
Subject: Gymnastics
Least Favorite School
Subject: Math, English
Hobbies: Idol Chasing, Playing Games, Sports, Dance
Hates: Cops and her Mom. Showoffs.
Talents: Playing, Leadership
Dream: To be an Idol
: Magellan Castle
Blood Type: B
North American Favorite Animal: Birds

Sailor Pluto

Setsuna Mei'oh is one of the best loved Outer Senshi, and for very good reason! ^_^ The guardian of the Time Door, has the distinction of being the first, and one of the best friends of Chibiusa. She helps her through the tough times, and shows her forgiveness when Chibiusa steals one of her time keys. In the manga, when Diamondo tries to destroy Time and Space, Pluto commits the final taboo (stopping time) and sacrifices herself, in order to save Chibiusa, while she is still Black Lady. Neo Queen Serenity shows remorse and pity on Pluto, revives her as Setsuna, and sends her to the past to live as a regular Senshi. She again aids Chibiusa, by being one of the three Senshi to raise Hotaru after the Death Senshi's rebirth. After working a variety of high-end jobs, she later aids Chibiusa once again, by tutoring Chibiusa's little sister, Kousagi in the culinary arts.

Full Name: Setsuna Mei'oh
Alias: Trista, Puu
Body Age: 18-34
Real Age: 1000+
Birthday: October 29
Birthstone: Opal
Western Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Astrological Planet: Pluto and Mars
Height: 5'8
Family: Hotaru ("Adopted" daughter)
Favorite Food: Green Tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite School Subject: Biology
Least Favorite School Subject: Music
Hobbies: Shopping
Hates: Cockroaches
Talents: Sewing
Dream: To be a Faison Designer
Kingdom: Charon Castle
Blood Type: A

Sailor Uranus

Haruka Ten'oh is jokingly considered one of the most brain damaged Senshi, however, she utilizes one of my favorite battle strategies: Kill now and question later! ^_^ This however has lead to many altercations between herself and the other Senshi. The only possible hermaphrodite Senshi, she later re-raises Hotaru alongside Michiru and Setsuna, and although unwillingly, becomes one of Hotaru's favorite playmates, and strongest "father" figures. ^_^ Strong and courageous, Haruka's favorite past times include racing cars, spending time with Michiru and snogging Usagi for no apparent reason. (Michiru seems fine with her lover's actions, although Usagi So very much does not!)

Full Name: Haruka Ten'oh
Alias: Amara
Age: 16-17 in the norm, 32 in Parallel Sailormoon.
January 27,1980
Birthstone: Garnet
Western Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Astrological Planet: Uranus
Chinese Astrological Sign: Earth Goat (Sheep)
Height: 5'7
Family: Michiru (lover), Hotaru (adopted daughter), Setsuna (Roommate)
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite School Subject: P.E.
Least Favorite School Subject: Modern History
Hobbies: Driving, Running
Hates: Confessions of Love
Talents: Racing
Dream: To be a Racer
Kingdom: Miranda Castle
Blood Type: B

Sailor Neptune

Michiru Kaioh is revered amongst the Inners as one of the most beautiful of the Outer Senshi. This talented violinist is credited with being the mother figure Hotaru needed after her rebirth. Quiet and modest, she surprisingly enjoys all of the gossip, "pretty-pretties" and schoolgirl drama of an ordinary girl. The anime version
illustrates her as somewhat cold, yet incredibly affectionate towards Haruka and Hotaru. She is in love with Haruka, but has flirted with Mamoru and Seiya as well and once was quoted as wanting to enjoy a normal high school life, with love letters and even boys!

Full Name: Michiru Kai'oh
Alias: Michelle
Age: 15-16 in the norm, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Birthday: March 6, 1981
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Western Astrological Sign: Pisces
Astrological Planet: Neptune
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 5'3
Family: Honestly, donít buy into the lies of the Cartoon Network dub, as Haruka is her lover, NOT her cousin. She lives with her lover Haruka, Roommate Setsuna, and adopted daughter Hotaru.
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Least Favorite Food: Kikurage
Favorite School
Subject: Music
Least Favorite School
Subject: None
Hobbies: Collecting Makeup
Hates: Sea Cucumbers
Talents: Violin
Dream: To be a Violinist
: Triton Castle
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Blood Type: O

Sailor Star Fighter

Seiya Kou is much more than she appears! Her tale begins in StarS, as she, Taiki and Yaten pose as guys in a boy band, in order to make themselves better known to Princess Kakyuu, in an attempt to find the rather picked on princess. Along the way, Seiya winds up rescuing Usagi, in place of Mamoru, and develops a small crush on the future Neo Queen. In the manga, she travels with the other remaining Senshi through the Universe, before falling at the hands of Sailors Lethe, Mnemosyne and finally Chi.
In the anime, she is the one "Star" Senshi who tries valiantly to join the three "Main Character" teams together, after her secret is revealed.
In one episode, she even takes a near fatal shot from Sailor Tin Cat Nyanko, in an effort to save Eternal Sailor Moon's life. Though the Outer Senshi interfere with every attempt of a meeting between Usagi and Seiya, Usagi accepts Seiya as a true friend, and gladly fights by her side in battle.

Full Name: Seiya Kou
Alias: Seiya Lights
Age: 16
Birthday: July 30, 1981
Birthstone: Ruby
Western Astrological Sign: Leo
Astrological Planet: The Sun
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 5'8
Favorite Food:
Favorite School
Subject: P.E.
Least Favorite School
Subject: Literature
Club Membership: American Football
Hates: Not much really, but Seiya has trouble with girls.
Hobbies: American Football
Talents: Singing, Keyboard
Blood Type: A

Sailor Star Maker

Taiki Kou is the strongwoman of the Starlights. Like a cross between pro wrestlers Dave Batista and Kevin Nash, Taiki is best suited for "the dirty work" as she doesn't seem to mind it all that much. Some fans have written stories about her, in homage to the "what if/made up" relationship between herself and Chibiusa.(The two never meet, of course.)
In the manga, she travels with Sailors Moon, Chibi Chibi, Kakyuu and her own team through the Universe, after finding Kakyuu. She fights hard, until her Star Seed is taken by Sailor Chi. In the anime, Taiki is seen as being brash and rather stubborn. Ami has a brief crush on Taiki, whom she sees as her intellectual equal, but her affections are harshly dismissed. Taiki's boar-headed personality slows down communication between the Outer and Star Senshi, but in truth, she is only scared by the possibility of losing Yaten and Seiya, whom she cares deeply for as her friends.

Full Name: Taiki Kou
Alias: Taiki Lights
Age: 16
May 30, 1981
Birthstone: Emerald
Western Astrological Sign: Gemini
Astrological Planet: Mercury
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 6'0
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite School
Subject: Literature
Least Favorite School
Subject: None.
School Club Membership: Literary Club, Computer Club
Hates: Arguments
Hobbies: Poetry Talents: Guitar
Blood Type: AB

Sailor Star Healer

Yaten Kou, is the female equivalent to pro wrestler Shawn "H.B.K." Michaels. Yep, that's right, that means she's arrogant, pissy, narcissistic and enjoys the hell out of pushing people's buttons.(Much to Michiru's chagrin.) She believes herself to be the "cute" one of the Starlights, and can be prone to wily tendencies. She doesn't mind when Minako and the others crush on her, leading to the question of weather or not she might be a lesbian. In the anime however, she finds Minako's affections too sick and trivial, and sees no real merit in anyone outside of herself and her princess. In the manga, she kills Sailor Iron Mouse, and later travels through the Universe with her team. Though she survives in the anime, Sailor Star Healer is killed by Sailor Chi in the manga.

Full Name: Yaten Kou
Alias: Yaten Lights
Age: 16
Birthday: February 8, 1981
Birthstone: Amethyst
Western Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Astrological Planet: Uranus
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Height: 5'4
Favorite Food: Caviar
Favorite School
Subject: Art
Least Favorite School
Subject: P.E.
Club Membership: None, listed as "Coming Home"
Hates: Physical Exertion, Sweating
Hobbies: Photography
Talents: Keyboard
Blood Type: B

Sailor Kakyuu/Princess Kakyuu

Kakyuu, although frail and short lived, is one of the most courageous of the Senshi. The First Order Imperial Princess of the Tankei Kingdom of the planet Kinmoku, she was rescued by Chibi Chibi and nursed back to health, after losing her love to Galaxia and suffering a brutal assault. After her miracle recovery, she guides Usagi, Chibi Chibi and the Starlights to the ends of the Universe. She fights hard to avenge the deaths of the Starlights, but is killed by Sailor Chi. She dies comforted by the fact that she as well as the other Senshi will be reborn, thanks to the Cauldron at the end of the Universe, where hopes and Senshi both die, and are reborn.

In the anime, her time is short, however, her first act of heroics comes as she saves Usagi from a nasty fall. After Tin Nyanko's murder at the hands of Sailor Galaxia, the frail Princess Kakyuu is struck down in a fatal shot by Galaxia, her Starseed quickly removed. She is however revived at the end of the series, after Galaxia is sent to restore the lives she took.

Commander of the Far East: Jadeite/Jedite

Believe it or not, The Four Generals in the manga are Endymion's court!
That means it just sucks to be Mamoru early on. Jadeite was the first and the weakest to appear. Incredibly sexist in the anime, Jadeite thinks little of women as a whole, and he often discounts the Sailor Senshi's abilities. He takes on numerous forms on Earth, in order to steal as much energy from as many people as possible, often relying upon a youma's abilities to finish the job. However, his constant failure to defeat the Sailor Senshi displeased Queen beryl, and she sentenced him to eternal sleep, before he was able to tell her that he already knew the identities of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury.
In the manga, Jadeite only lives for three issues. His debut assault features him using a youma to pose as Naru's mother, in an attempt to steal energy. Sailor Moon though on her very first mission, was more than enough to thwart this plan and save everyone at the Osa-P jewelry store. His second strike was to drain the energy from students at a cram school. This was again thwarted by Sailor Moon. After being given only one more chance, Jadeite began kidnapping innocent people, dragging them via the bus to another dimension. However, this would be his final assault, as he was trapped by Sailor Moon's tiara, and then killed by Sailor Mars's ofuda scroll.

Originally, his lover was believed to be
Sailor Mars, an ironic twist, since it was her fiery attack that killed him in the manga. His earth age was said to be 18, though his anime appearance is much older. In the manga, Jadeite, Nephrite and Zoicite's bodies after death were housed in glass coffins, until Mamoru had gained the stones the Four Generals' spirits are now housed in.

It's hinted in the manga and in the Materials Collection Artbook that Jedite may have had a close bond with Zoicite.

Commander of North America: Nephlyte/Nephrite/ Masato Sanjoin/ Maxfield Stanton

The # 2 man on this hideous "dream team" of hoodlums, lasts only 2 issues of the manga. His first strike involved him possessing Princess D. with his shadow, in order to find the Silver Crystal. This plot failed, when Sailor Moon obliterated the shadow with her Moon Twighlight Flash attack. For his second and final assault, he had another shadow posses and steal away energy from innocent men. However, when Makoto was taken in by the possessed Motoki (Andrew), and then realized she had been used, she transformed for the first time, and quickly disposed of Nephrite for good. In the anime, Nephrite has a brief yet memorable relationship with Naru (Molly). Posing as Masato Sanjoin, he walks amongst potential victims, and uses his power over the stars to determine when the next victim will be at the peak of his/her energy levels. He eventually stopped listening to Queen Beryl's orders, and invented the Dark Crystal, in order to find the Silver Imperium Crystal. Initially, it only responded to Naru, mistaking her love energy for a potential crystal. It is Naru's love that teaches Nephrite about the "true" power of love, and about life in general. And it is his care for her that almost turns him good, but sadly, Zoicite sends his youma to attack Nephrite. He is mortally stabbed, and dies in Naru's arms.

His original lover was said to be Sailor Jupiter, who would in turn use her Flower Hurricane attack, combined with a lightning bolt to kill him in the manga. Nephrite's Earth age is 19, though he is said to be MUCH older as Masato Sanjoin.

The Materials Collection artbook lists the Four Generals as having a brotherly bond, with Nephrite being the "eldest-son" type, though Kunzite is older. Naoko listed Nephrite as "Emotional and Intense, will probably get himself killed right away."

Commander of Europe: Zoicite

In the anime, Zoicite appears as a jealous rival to Nephrite, and is responsible for his death, having sent the youma monsters Grape, Suzuran and Housenka to kill Nephrite. Zoicite also has a very storied relationship with Kunzite, as he is trained by his one and only. As the third of the Four Generals to serve under Queen Beryl, he was given the Dark Crystal, in order to track down holders of the Seven Rainbow Crystals. He could then transform them into youma and have them do battle with the Sailor Senshi, caring not that the youma were still human. However, his efforts seemed to be in vain, when Queen beryl killed him after Zoicite disobeyed her by attacking Tuxedo Mask. Zoicite died in Kunzite's arms, much the way that Nephrite had died in his beloved's arms previously..
In the manga however, the still effeminate Zoicite has no such love for Kunzite. He does however seem to have some sort of remorse for Jadeite, as Zoicite appears in the short story "Casablanca Memory" as a cross dressing pianist, trying to avenge Jadeite's death. He is the only villain from the Dark kingdom to appear in a mini-manga! Zoicite had tried to brainwash people via TV, and even stole quite a bit of energy, before he was foiled. In Act 7 of the manga, he is killed by Sailor Venus, during an attack on Sailor Moon.

He loves to cross-dress, hence the easy transition in the DiC version between male and female gender, to appease the ever cranky FCC.

His original lover was said to be Sailor Mercury, making him the only one of the Four Generals NOT do die at the hands of his former lover. His Earth age is between 16 and 17, though his disguises often make him much older.

The Materials Collection artbook lists Zoicite as the youngest-child type, treated as Kunzite's baby brother.

Commander of the Middle East: Kunzite/Malachite

Although worthy of a championship title, had he been a wrestler, the strongest of the generals is reduced to wimpy surfer style platinum blonde who lusts after Zoicite in the anime. His face hidden in the shadows during the last episodes dealing with Nephrite, Kunzite acted as an advisor to Zoicite, until Nephrite's death left Zoicite in charge of finding the Seven Rainbow Crystals. Kunzite was seen affectionately guiding his lover, until Queen Beryl killed Zoicite for disobeying orders. From then on, Kunzite thought of nothing but revenge, blaming Sailor Moon for all that had gone on. Eventually, he was killed by Sailor Moon, after he had wounded Luna and Artemis, and attacked the Inner Senshi.
In the manga, Kunzite kidnapped Mamoru, after his identity as Prince Endymion was revealed. Kunzite however showed great remorse when his comrades died, but as soon as he had figured out Beryl's plot she placed a gem upon his head. With this stone in place, she was able to control his body. He was sent into battle with the Sailor Senshi, and was killed by their combined attack: Sailor Planet Attack. After his death, the souls of the generals are freed once and for all of Metallia, and although permanently removed from their loves, the Inner Senshi, Mamoru keeps the stones housing their spirits, and the 4 spend their afterlives guiding Mamoru.

During the days of the Silver Millennium, his lover was Sailor Venus. Kunzite's Earth age is between 25 and 26.

In the Materials Collection artbook, the Four Generals are known as The Four Heavenly Kings, each one being a king/general of a specific region on Earth during the era of Silver Millennium. Kunzite is the only one of the four to wear a cape AND have an alternate costume in the Materials Collection artbook.

Sailor Galaxia

If "succubitch" was a real definition, then Galaxia's picture might sit beside it in the dictionary. Ruled by greed, Galaxia hungered for more powers before being led to Chaos by what many Sailormoon manga fans consider to be "our" timeline's Wiseman. The woman dubbed by many "The anti Senshi" proved this nickname to be appropriate, as her first victim was Mamoru, Galaxia took his Starseed in front of his betrothed Usagi-sama. (Starseeds are kinda your soul, in case you haven't seen this yet, along with the Sailor Crystal being your heart, I suppose this is difficult to explain to your H.M.O.) She toured the galaxy, killing innocent Senshi, and turning them into her "Sailor Animates". (The dead bodies of Senshi, re-animated to do evil bidding.) After peaking Usagi's limit by using the Senshi against her, ordering Mamoru into the cauldron, (Thus causing 30th Century Chibiusa to quit existing) and being the premier catalyst behind the deaths of almost every single person known to Usagi (except Chibi Chibi and the Amazoness Quartet) ,Usagi finally commenced to whipping her ass! In the end however, it was Usagi who tried to save her, and Galaxia's own lustful greed that enabled Chaos to overthrow Galaxia's body and destroy her. The anime ending has a less DBZ style ending, in which the two battle until their clothes are shredded, and Galaxia's turned docile. Personally, I prefer the manga ending.

Sailor Iron Mouse/Sailor Chuu/Sailor Chew

Note: The second/third names you see, is (are) actually the REAL Senshi to said planet. The Animamates are purely traitors, who were promised by Galaxia their own Sailor Crystals and planets to be Senshi of. Most of the second named "Original Senshi" never appear in the manga, however, this site does have the only manga image of Sailor Coronis, a popular image among we Moonies.

The Sailor Senshi from planet Chew (Chuu), Sailor Iron Mouse's stint in the manga was very brief. She terrorized a club filled with civilians, had an awesome but short battle with Sailors Uranus and Neptune, before falling at the hands of Sailor Star Healer.

In the anime, her Earth name was
Nezu Chuuko. She was supposed to be about Chibiusa's height in the manga. So she's only a tad bit shorter than Sailor Moon, considering Chibiusa's form in the StarS manga.

Sailor Aluminum Siren/Sailor Mermaid

This cold blooded killer lasts only a few pages, but her impact is felt throughout the manga. The second of Galaxia's drones to appear, she makes her mark by killing Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter, before being blown away herself by Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker.

The Materials Collection lists that she can manipulate songs and that her hobby is ballads. Like Usagi, her anime self loved to snack around.

In the anime, her Earth name was Reika Aya.

Sailor Red Crow/Sailor Lead/Crow/Sailor Kronos/Sailor Colenis/Sailor Chronos

PHEW! Lotta names on this one or what? Once upon a time, Phobos and Deimos were chosen to be Sailor Mars's guardians. Hence why they appear throughout the series as crows.
They, along with Red Crow come from the planet Coronis. Now Red Crow here got real pissy and jealous and went umpteen baggillion miles outta her way, to kill them both (which she succeeded in doing) after allowing herself to be taken in by Galaxia's lies. She also managed to attack Grandfather Hino, in one small panel in Act 45. She engaged in a battle with Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus, before she was blown away by Eternal Sailor Moon.

The Materials Collection says she can manipulate rot, and that her hobbies include shiny things and Sadism. (Well she's fun...)

In the anime, her Earth name was Karasuma Akane.

Sailor Tin Nyanko/ Sailor Tin Cat Nyanko/ Tin Cat/Sailor Tein/Sailor Mau and once in Tokyopop, Saolor Tein

The bitch from the planet where Luna and Artemis hail from started out by pretending to be a normal high school student with an unnatural obsession with Usagi and resentment towards men. She was nicknamed "Kitty", and she said that she was an exchange student from Libya. Wearing bells on her uniform and having her hair stay the same it's surprising that only Luna and Artemis figured out that SHE'S A CAT FREAK, HELLO? This evil kitten severely wounds Artemis, Luna and Diana before her death at the hands of her trusted master, Sailor Galaxia.

The Materials Collection states that she can manipulate scent and that she (should've) had nine lives. She is the same height as Usagi.

In the anime and in the original manga, her Earth name was Suzu Nyanko.

Sailor Lethe

One of a pair of Senshi, when Usagi and the others made their way through her region on their way to the end of the Universe, Lethe tried to drown what was left of our Senshi and temporarily gave Usagi amnesia. While Usagi was still out of it, she killed Luna, Artemis and Diana, ala some scene out of Star Wars, and tried to kill Usagi and convince her of the uselessness of her existence. This was all a plot created by fear, as both Lethe and Mnemosyne had been promised salvation by Galaxia, in exchange for their services to the wicked Senshi. Lethe's true desire was to be left to live alone, alongside Mnemosyne, whom she had sworn to protect.
The guardian of lost memories, she was killed by Sailor Phi.

In the Materials Collection artbook, Lethe and Mnemosyne were listed as twins, though the manga lists them as lovers. O_O WTF?

Sailor Mnemosyne

Remorseful and frightened, Mnemosyne pleaded with Lethe to spare Usagi and her team, in favor of letting them fend for themselves against Galaxia. Where Lethe had tried to kill Usagi and the others, a serene Mnemosyne instead revived them, by first calling out the name of Sailor Moon (thus reviving both Moon and Chibi Chibi) and using her power to haul the others out of the sea. She then cupped the Water of Memories to Kakyuu's lips. A peace loving Senshi, her only want was to live peacefully as the guardian of memories (not the same as the guardian of lost memories, mind you,í cause that's Lethe's job) and live out her days with her darling Lethe. Sadly, her life was taken by Sailor Phi, as she died holding hands with her beloved Lethe.

Sailor Heavymetal Papillion/Sailor Cocoon

The most stunningly beautiful and short lived Sailor Animate, this villainess has a surprisingly large fan base for someone who lasts only 6 pages! The soul hunter watched from her post at the graveyard of lost souls, where the last fire of stars become butterflies and fly to their end at the cauldron. She almost succeeded in killing Sailor Moon, Kakyuu and Chibi Chibi, however, Chibi Chibi used her abilities to guide the already returning Chibimoon and Amazons to the rescue. And thus, our "Madame butterfly" succumbed to Chibimoon's "Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss attack" and the Amazoness Quartet's "Amazoness Jungle Arrow attack".
The Materials Collection states that she cries easily, that she loves Samba dancing and that she's a parent... WOW!!! ANOTHER SAILOR MOMMY?! *.* Cool...

Sailor Phi

One of two deadly sirens, Phi killed Lethe and Mnemosyne in cold blood, and alongside Sailor Chi, this Star Gardener lead the Senshi to Galaxia's fortress at the Cauldron, where she was tangled in a heated battle against the survivors of the "White Moon" Kingdom, before dying at the hands of Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Kakyuu.

Some fans argue that Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi do not count as "Animamates" since they were supposed to be "in charge" over the other Animamates, and they tend to the Star Garden. They also serve as messengers to Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Chi

The last new Sailor Senshi, prior to Kousagi and her court, Chi was one of the most ruthless killers of all of the Senshi. She took the lives of the Starlights and in a vicious assault, stabbed to death Princess Kakyuu, as retribution for Sailor Phi's death. She was then killed by Eternal Sailor Moon.