The Royal Court

On this portion of the site, I will produce a few bite size notes on the courts of Chibiusa and Kousagi.

The Amazoness Quartet, were not supposed to awaken when they did. The Amazoness Quartet were originally supposed to remain dormant, until Chibiusa had awakened fully as a Sailor Senshi, and become the lady she desires to be.
Though the anime skirted past this, The Amazon Quartet are indeed Chibiusa's court.

And although she was originally part of their mother's court, Hotaru can technically be classified as part of Chibiusa's court, due to the fact that Hotaru was never supposed to awaken to begin with.

Sailor Ceres/ Cere Cere (Cerle Cerle)

First Born of the Amazoness Quartet.
Some consider Cere Cere to be the Amazon equivalent to Sailor Venus. (Not sure if I see it, though.^_^) Always careful about her looks in the dub, Sailor Ceres is considered the leader of the Amazons, much the way that Venus is to the Inners. When on the prowl in the anime, Cere Cere loved to pose as a well to do maiden of power. One of the Amazons' favorite ways to relax? A deep, sensual massage. How classy!

Sailor Pallas/Palla Palla (Para Para)

Second Born of the Amazoness Quartet.
Palla Palla is equivalent to The Powerpuff girls' Bubbles. Sweet and charming in the anime, her "Dead Moon Circus" self was devious and evil! ^_^ In the anime, her concern was never on her target's health, but always on having fun. Listening to the screams of her victims as more children enter the brink of death made her squeal in delight. However, she's also more sugary than Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi and Kousagi combined, making Sailor Pallas one of the most adorable of the Sailormoon villains turned good.

Sailor Juno/Jun Jun

Third Born of the Amazoness Quartet.
Similar to Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Juno is considered the strongwoman of the Amazoness Quartet. But also like her Milky way counterpart, Jun Jun also had a soft side. Jun Jun, in her playful kind of way sometimes would help her targets reach their personal goals, before having their Dream Mirrors shot out. It was also this gentle side of her that allowed both she and her team to be saved by Sailor Saturn in the manga, and Super Sailor Moon in the anime.

Sailor Vesta/ Ves Ves (Besu Besu)

Fourth Born of the Amazoness Quartet.
Ves Ves is considered to be a bit of a hot head in the anime. Supposedly equal to Sailor Mars, Sailor Vesta
is probably the least talked about of the Amazoness Quartet. Until midway through her anime run, Ves Ves was one of the most eager of the Amazoness Quartet to go on the hunt for her next target, and preferred fighting to playing with the others. She was even so brave as to once try and fight Zirconia! Though Ves Ves lost, Zirconia muttered that she already knew Ves Ves could have killed her if she wanted to!


Ami jr. is surprisingly the bitchiest of the Inners' children! Considered to be very smart like her mother, Ami jr. likes to read books, and doesn't actually care for social gatherings. It is said however that her penmanship is lacking. Ami jr. tries to budget her allowance carefully and thus doesn't like traveling with Kousagi, due to her eating habits. She also despises the fact that Kousagi knows more about rabbits then she does, as she enjoys being "The Smart One".
Ami jr. is a new Sailor Mercury for the Parallel Sailormoon story.

Name: Ami Mizuno
Birthday: September 10, 2005
Birthstone: Sapphire
Western Astrological Sign: Virgo
Astrological Planet: Mercury
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Rooster
Height: 4'1
Family: Ami sr. (Mother), she also has an un-named father who is a doctor, as well as grandparents on her mother's side.
Blood Type: A
Age: 8


Rei jr. is bitchier than her mother, and seems to have no interest in learning. (Hence her wanting to go home and nap, rather than attend cooking class with the others.) Her mother Rei sr. runs a calligraphy class, while juggling her responsibilities with being a priestess.
She is a new Sailor Mars for the Parallel Sailormoon story.

Name: Rei Hino
Birthday: April 17, 2005
Birthstone: Diamond
Western Astrological Sign: Aries
Astrological Planet: Mars
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Rooster
Height: 4'1
Family: Rei sr. (mother), Kengo Ibuki (anime-only second cousin), Grandfather/Grandpa Hino (Great-Grandfather)
Rei jr. also has an un-named father, who works at the family shrine. She also has a grandfather on her mother's side, who is a politician.
Blood Type: AB
Age: 8


Mako is the quiet one among the "new breed". Although almost as pleasant as her mother, this kid still has a mean streak and describes Kousagi as the human digestive organ. She looks upon staying with Kousagi as an unpaid babysitter's job.
She enjoys looking at clothes, and all of the same "girly" things her mother Makoto likes.
She is a new Sailor Jupiter for the Parallel Sailormoon story.

Name: Mako Kino
Birthday: December 5, 2004
Birthstone: Turquoise
Western Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Astrological Planet: Jupiter
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Monkey
Height: 4'6
Family: Makoto (mother) Mako also has an un-named father, who helps Makoto around her shop.
Blood Type: O
Age: 8


Mina is probably the nicest to Kousagi, which is pretty sad, considering how she treats her. Somewhat similar to her mother, this happy go lucky child enjoys annoying juniors. (I don't know either.)
Her mother Minako often takes her on trips to meet celebrities, as Mina's father works on a sitcom.
She is a new Sailor Venus for the Parallel Sailormoon story.

Name: Mina Aino
Birthday: October 22, 2004
Birthstone: Opal
Western Astrological Sign: Libra
Astrological Planet: Venus
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Monkey
Height: 4'1
Family: Minako (mother), Mina also has an un-named father, who is an assistant director for a comedy. Mina also has a set of grandparents on her mother's side.
Blood Type: B
Age: 8

Sailor Saturn

The Senshi of death, Hotaru was once the daughter of Prof. Tomoe. Tomoe was possessed by Master Pharaoh 90, and in his "stupor", began to recreate Hotaru's body, leaving her in a cyborg like state. What's worse, she was possessed by Mistress 9, who felt she needed the Imperium Silver Crystal to become her best. When Mistress 9 swallowed Chibiusa's crystal (and subsequently her soul) as well as the Inners' souls, Hotaru gave her life to revive her fallen friend, and the team. She then awakened as Sailor Saturn, though Saturn and Hotaru were still very separate souls.
After Saturn's death, Hotaru was reborn, and was cared for by the Outer Senshi.
Her body aged rapidly, to match up with Chibiusa, and she soon awakened fully as Sailor Saturn, and immediately awakened her new parents' Super Sailor powers. In the manga, she would later help awaken the Amazoness Quartet.
In Parallel Sailormoon, Hotaru is in the 9th grade, alongside Chibiusa, whom she still adores.

Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Body Age: 16 in SailormoonS, 0-10 in the StarS anime, 0-13 in the normal manga and 15 in Parallel Sailormoon.
Real Age: 12-13 in the normal manga, 28 in the Parallel manga.
Birthday: January 6, 1984
Birthstone: Garnet
Western Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Astrological Planet: Saturn
Chinese Astrological Sign: Water Pig
Height: 4'9 as an adult.
Favorite Food: Soba
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite School Subject: World History
Least Favorite School Subject: P.E.
Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Lamps
Hates: Marathons
Talents: Healing Wounds, Freaking People Out
Dream: To become a Nurse, Politics
Kingdom: Titan Castle
Family: Souichi Tomoe (Father), Keiko Tomoe (Mother), Kaolinite (Surrogate Mother # 1/ Father's Assistant),
Setsuna (Surrogate Mother #2/Teacher/Roomate), Michiru (Surrogate Mother #2/Teacher), Haruka (Surrogate Mother #3/ Surrogate Father)
Blood Type: AB