This little Senshi's only want in the beginning was to live a peaceful life with her family...

Boy! Can Wiseman screw that up or what?

As the brave and powerful Sailor Chibi Moon, her powers reflect her future both as the next ruler over Crystal Tokyo, and as a "new Sailor Moon" for her people.

Chibiusa (Rini) was born when her mother was 22 years old, and was already named Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo by the time we meet her. Most people write her off as bitchy,
but let's look at why....

For starters, these weirdoes from another freaking planet came and wiped out most of her people, she's time traveled over 900 years into the past to try to save her ungrateful parents, her "past" mommy has no damned clue how to save Chibiusa's world, when she herself is in need and has only been superhero for 3 seconds, her father's only good for standing still and looking pretty, everyone assumes she's an enemy because of the whole red eye thing, she has to share a house with Klutz Queen, Luna of the perpetually p.m.s.-ing, Shingo of the need to be backhanded and two concerned adults, she deals with the Ringling Bros. on an hourly basis, and did I mention that she's 903 stuck in a 6 year old's body? And then AFTER she saves not one but BOTH of the timelines, her mommy thanks her... BY SENDING HER FREAKING BACK TO THE PAST FOR THE NEXT 2 AND A HALF YEARS!!! Then she meets her friend, Hotaru who keeps flipping out. Like: "Oh Rini! I'm so glad to *PURE HEART! GIMME YOUR PURE HEART!!!* I'm sorry, where was I Rini?" And before the kid can plead Hotaru's case- that Hotaru's a good kid, how does Hotaru thank her? BY LETTING MISTRESS 9 SUCK OUT HER HEART!!!
(Yeah, her crystal doubles as her heart, that's fun to explain to the H.M.O.) Then Rini has to come back from the dead, save the world AGAIN and be subject to a pedophile priest who turns into a Pegasus, and deal with some creepy bitch who wants steal her heart/soul/name it and put her out of existence so she can do the horizontal mambo with her dad and THEN after she blows this bitch away Rini has to go home, deal with Mommy sending her to the Moon, BUT FIRST go BACK into the past, save Sailor Moon's hide AGAIN and THEN watch helplessly as her "past" father is killed by Galaxia, which causes her to STOP EXISTING and THEN Rini has to come back from the dead/void AGAIN and THEN go home where her mother will send her little ass to the Moon
to "study" for a while. And did I leave out the part about the Moon being

So...who's the little bitch now?

Full name: Tsukino Serenity
Aliases: Chibiusa, Rini, Small Lady, Pink spore, Reeny, Little Brat and Little sugar pink spank monkey
Senshi Names: Sailor Mini Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Mini/Chibi Moon
Body Age: 6-13
Real Age: 901-903
June 30, 2003
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Astrological Planet: The Moon
Chinese Astrological Sign: Water Goat (Sheep)
Height: 3'6 in Sailormoon R, 4'1-4'9 throughout the series.
Favorite Colors: Pink and red
North American Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite School Subject: Drawing (Art)
Least Favorite School Subject: Grammar
Hobbies: Collecting Usagi's goods, Bunny trinkets, Drawing, Painting
Hates: Staying Home Alone, People destroying her kingdom/family
Talents: Begging, Getting what she wants, Mind control
Friends: Setsuna, Hotaru, Helios and most of Usagi's court
Family: Usagi (Mama), Mamoru (Papa), Kenji (Grandpa) Ikuko (Granny), Shingo (Uncle), Diana (Pet/Friend), Kousagi (Parallel Universe Baby Sister.)
Loves: Helios, Peruru (SuperS movie only), and various mini-crushes in the anime. Though some add Hotaru...
Dream: To be a lady, just like her mother. ^_^
Blood Type: O