How well do you know Chibi Chibi?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and the address to your award will appear. You can use that award on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. Who is Chibi Chibi in the anime?
Usagi's daughter
Chibiusa's second born daughter
Galaxia's Starseed~ The Light of Hope
Diana in human form

2. Who is Chibi Chibi in the manga?
Sailor Elysion~Chibiusa's first born daughter
Usagi's Starseed
Sailor Kamen~Mamoru's sister, coming for a visit
Sailor Cosmos~ Usagi's alternate future universe self

3. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon has a transformational phrase in the manga. What is it?
Chibi Chibi Prisim Power, MAKE UP!!
Chibi Chibi Parallel Power, MAKE UP!!
Chibi Chibi Cosmic Power, MAKE UP!!
Chibi Chibi Crisis Eternal, MAKE UP!!
Chibi Chibi Crystal Power, MAKE UP!!

4. When Chibi Chibi first debuts, she poses as what fake relitive?
Usagi's little sister
Usagi's little cousin
Mamoru's daughter with Rei
Chibiusa's daughter
Chibiusa's little sister

5. Which is the first character Chibi Chibi nurses back to health?
Usagi, after Galaxia takes her starseed.
Mamoru, after he escapes Sailor Galaxia's dungeon.
Princess Kakyuu, after an ugly battle with Galaxia.
Chibiusa, after Galaxia pushes her into the Cauldron.
Sailor Jupiter, after Galaxia poisons her.

6. Which of Chibi Chibi's family members is NOT seen in Sailormoon StarS, EVER, except for art on the artbooks?
Kenji Tsukino
Ikuko Tsukino
Shingo Tsukino

7. Chibi Chibi is Japanese for what?
Bunny Bunny/Rabbit Rabbit
Cute Cute/ Sweet Sweet
Small Small/ Little Little

8. In the anime, Chibi Chibi helps to awaken what Sailor Senshi's new powers?
Sailor Star Fighter
Sailor Kakyuu
Eternal Sailor Moon

9. In episode 200, what does Chibi Chibi transform into to help Princess Serenity?
A knife.
A sword.
A Damascus Blade

10. In the manga, what sort of pattern is all over Chibi Chibi's school uniform?
Bunny Heads
Shooting Stars