How well do you know Sailor Star Healer?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and the address to your award will appear. You can use that award on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. In the anime, Yaten recieves plenty of _________ from adoring fans, but she rudely throws them all away. What are they?
Love letters

2. In the anime, Yaten spends some time with Luna. Amongst taking her along for a television program, and filming a commercial with her, what else did Yaten do with Luna?
Write a song for her.
Let her onstage during a concert.
Sneak her into a movie.
Take her to dinner.
Take a bath with her.

3. Seiya, Taiki and Yaten each have their own version of the Sailor Change Star, which is what they use to transform. It is the BanDai name of the microphone and brooch combined.
What is inside each Sailor Change Star brooch?

A Dream Mirror
A Heart Crystal
A Starseed
A Piece of the Golden Crystal
Their Planet's Energy

4. In the anime, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Fighter each have an attack weapon that is NEVER seen in the manga! What is it called?
Carrillion Yell
Twinkle Yell
Sailor Star Yell
Constellation Brooch
Sailor Star Wand

5. Yaten is an Aquarius. Which other Sailor Senshi does she share this with?
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Uranus

6. Name Sailor Star Healer's attack!
Star Gentle Uterus
Star Sensitive Inferno
Star Serious Laser

7. Yaten has some pretty refined tastes! What is her favorite food?
Black Forest Cake

8. In the manga, when Yaten is first in school, who and what does she insult?
Haruka's racing skills
Michiru's choice of lipstick
Makoto's cooking
Ami's study habits
Rei's personality

9. Which of these Sailor Senshi is seen in Sailormoon Stars, yet NEVER meets Yaten?
Sailor Lethe
Sailor Mnemosyne
Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Saturn

10. In the anime, Yaten's voice was provided by Chika Sakamoto, also known as Chika Ishihara and Chinatsu Sakamoto. Which other Sailormoon character has Chika voiced?
Chibi Chibi