How well do you know Helios/Pegasus?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and an address will appear to your prize award, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. What is Helios's pet name for Chibiusa?
Little Maiden
Small Lady
Little Girl
Rini Mini Moon

2. Helios's spirit is forever linked with the soul of what other character?

3. In the anime, Helios's body is being held in his naked human form in some sort of webbing, in Nepherenia's realm. But where is his body held in the manga?
Locked away in Nepherenia's dream mirror.
Trapped in a dense but dreamy forest~ As Pegasus
In shackles~ As Helios
Held by an unknown webbing, just like the anime.
In a cage~ As Pegasus

4. In the anime, Pegasus was seen with many people. But which of the following characters from Usagi's life did Pegasus NOT EVER appear on screen in the same area with?
Ms. Haruna

5. In the anime, where is the Stallion Reeve containing Pegasus kept?
In Chibiusa's closet, or on the bookshelf.
With Sailor Chibi Moon, like the Crystal Carrillion.
In Chibiusa's room, either by the window or near where she draws.
In Usagi's room, she shares the room with Chibiusa.
It appears when she's about to attack the enemy.

6. The anime doesn't really explain this, but why is the form of Pegasus important to Helios in the manga?
It's his most powerful form, the one pure thing Nepherenia can't control.
It's his disguise, so he can better protect people's dreams incognito.
Pegasus is Helios's pet.

7. Pegasus gives Chibiusa the Crystal Carrillion. With it she can summon Helios/Pegasus for his help during battle. What can Helios do with it himself in the manga?
Use it to call out the Golden Crystal.
Bestow her with her highest transformation to take out Nepherenia.
Contact her.

8. Where is Elysion in the manga?
Deep within Earth.
On the grey side of the Moon.
In the Future.

9. Between the anime and the manga, Helios has seen all forms of Chibiusa except for two. Below are three forms of Chibiusa. Which ONE of the three has he seen in person?
Sailor Stars Transformation Sailor Chibi Moon
Black Lady
Parallel Chibiusa

10. Helios's dub voice was Robert Bockstael. Who was his Japanese voice?
Toru Furuya
Naomichi Marufuji
Taiki Matsuno