How well do you know Mamoru?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and an address will appear to your prize award, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. In the anime, Endymion and the Four Generals seemingly have little connection outside of their alliance with Queen Beryl. Yet in the manga, the Generals serve as Endymion's guardians. How does he keep their spirits close to himself in the manga?
Within the power of his roses, so their energy is what attacks enemies.
Inside the Moon Locket
Inside four stones.
Within the Mask.

2. When Mamoru first debuted in the manga, where did he attend school?
Crossroads High School
Azabu High School
T*A Private Men's Academy
Juuban Municipal School
Jyuuban High School

3. In the manga, Mamoru has the same abilities as which Sailor Senshi?
Sailor Mercury~ They posses the power of knowledge
Sailor Jupiter~ They posses the power of fighting
Sailor Star Fighter~ They posses the powers of heart and song
Sailor Saturn~ They can heal themselves and see the future
Sailor Uranus~ They posses the power of wind

4. In Act 11 of the manga, Tuxedo Mask (Tuxedo Kamen) and Sailor Moon's combined power create the Moon Scepter. (Cutie Moon Rod) In the anime though, the rod was granted to Sailor Moon by Queen Serenity. Which two "Moon" items did Tuxedo Mask help Sailor Moon create instead?
The Crecent Moon Wand/ Moon Locket
Luna Pen/ Crecent Moon Wand
Transformational Brooch/ Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Holy Grail/ Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Eternal Tiare/ Transformational Brooch

5. Name the personality of Mamoru that NEVER appered in the manga.
Prince Endymion
Tuxedo Mask
Sir Moonlight Night
King Endymion
Darien Shields

6. In the anime, mamoru is seen owning a car, and what other vehicle?
A motorcycle
A Moped

7. In the end part of the SuperS manga, Mamoru becomes King Endymion. In this form, what does he do first?
He combines his power with Neo Queen Serenity's, to free Helios.
He combines his power with Neo Queen Serenity's, to seal away the Dead Moon.
He combines his power with Neo Queen Serenity's, to restore Jyuuban.
He combines his power with Neo Queen Serenity's, to awaken Sailor Moon's new power.
He combines his power with Neo Queen Serenity's, to awaken Chibi Moon's new power.

8. In the anime, Queen Beryl possesed him at least twice, and Queen Nepherenia possesed him once with a shard from her Dream Mirror. How many times was Mamoru possesed in the manga?
2. The same number of times that his face appears in the Parallel Sailormoon manga.
3. The same number that represents the age difference between himself and Usagi.
4. The same number that represents Jaedite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite.

9. Aside from throwing roses, what other attack does Tuxedo Mask have?
Tuxedo the Smoking Bomber!!
Endymion Strike!!
Kamen Rider!!
Kamen la smoking Bomb!!

10. Aside from combining his power with Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask has also combined his power with another sailor senshi to create what other attack in the manga?
Sailor Neptune~ Tuxedo Mirage!!
Sailor Mars~ Kamen Sniper!!
Sailor Chibi Moon~ Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack!!
Sailor Mercury~ Tuxedo Illusion!!
Sailor Jupiter~ Kamen Wide Pressure!!