How well do you know Sailor Mars?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and an address will appear to your prize award, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. During the Silver Millenium, who was Sailor Mars romantically linked to?

2. In the DiC version, Mars Celestial Fire Surround is the renamed version of what attack?
Mars Flame Shooter
Burning Mandala
Mars Flame Sniper
Fire Soul
Firebird Strike

3. In the Sailormoon StarS anime, Rei has a new relitive for one episode. Who?
Midori Masanori, her little cousin
Masaharu Ichi, her little brother
Satsuki Hino, Her older sister
Miharu Hino, Her little sister
Kengo Ibuki, her older cousin

4. Rei is known as a pristess in English speaking countries. What would she be known as in Japan?

5. In season one of the anime, Rei and Mamoru dated. What became of this relationship?
They found out that she's his long lost sister. Hence the attitude problem.
He went insane, got his memory back, and then had a child with Rei, Rini.
He regained his memory, got kidnapped, killed, revived, and then started seeing Usagi.
He took Rei with him on a trip to Harvard. When they came back, they fought against Galaxia.
He was revealed to be Prince Endymion. He then told everyone he's gay.

6. In the manga, what other Sailor Senshi does Mars think about, as she gains her Mars Flame Sniper attack?
Sailor Star Healer
Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune

7. In the anime, Rei has a helper live with her at the shrine, Yuichirou Kumada. What's his DiC/Cloverway name?

8. In the manga, someone breaks Rei's heart. Who?
Motoki/Andrew, after seeing him with Reika, Rei never visits the arcade.
Asanuma, after seeing him with Kotono, Rei switches schools.
Mr. Kaido, after hearing of his engagement to another woman, Rei is beside herself.

9. In the Sailormoon S manga, Rei goes off to train in the mountains. What time of the year is it?
Usagi's birthday. Rei forgets to buy her a present.
Rei's birthday. She turns 15.
Minako's birthday. But Rei's still mad at her.

10. In Parallel Sailormoon, aside from being a priestess, what else do Rei and her husband do?
Teach Music
Teach Aerobics
Teach Caligraphy