Sailor Moon Merchandise Quiz Part Deux

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and an address will appear to your prize award, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. The 1997 11" Sailor Mars dolls, and the 2000-2001 11" Sailor Mars and Princess Serena dolls have one thing in common. What is it?
Pink Bows
High Heels
Chunky Platform Shoes
Thigh High Boots

2. The first 6" "Princess Serena" doll came with a Dream Castle set. (Decorative cardboard and a yellow stand) She had white shoes, and was wearing the Moon Locket around her neck. She also has red ponytail holders, just like the regular Sailor Moon dolls! (Nobody gets her hair right.) What other notable flaw does this doll have?
Black Moon on her forehead
No Crecent Moon on her forehead
Red eyes like Rini
Green eyes
Yellow Crecent Moon that's upside down on her head!

3. Irwin released 6 Sailormoon action figures. They were Super Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Sailors Chibi Moon, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They were all pretty accurate, except Pluto's figure had a flaw. What was it?
Milk white Flesh
Green Eyes
Blue Eyes
Black Hair
A Silver Fuku

4. Irwin rereleased just about all of the 2" figures in both figure and clip-on form. They even released Naru/Molly, Luna and Artemis! But which 2" figure was Japan only?
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Rini/Chibiusa with Luna-P
Super Sailor Moon
Sailor Chibi Moon

5. Irwin released two different sets of 17" Sailormoon dolls. The second set (found in light blue or yellow boxes) are identical to their 11" and 6" 2000 dolls. But the first set featured larger, more childlike noses, and what other feature?
Huge wands
Extra outfits
The same size bows for their first 11" dolls
Light up tiaras
Thigh high boots for everyone!

6. On the North American BanDai role play toys that feature the Silver Crystal, what color is the crystal?

7. Name one Sailormoon character that was featured in prototype pictures, but was NEVER made for North America. (Nope not even in 6" form, and not even as part of the 2001 set.)
Black Lady
Sailor Saturn
A teenage Sailor Chibi Moon
Tuxedo Kamen
Sailor Pluto with a black fuku

8. Sailor Mercury has blue hair. The 1995 Sailor Mercury doll from BanDai America had black hair with blue patches. But what color hair did the first Irwin North American Sailor Mercury dolls have?

9. Name one flaw that ALL of the North American 11" and 6" Princess Serenity dolls share.
Her eyes are the wrong color
She's missing her white hair beads.
The crecent moon is wrong.

10. What major flaw does the 1997 Irwin Prince Darien doll have?
He has the wrong size sword.
It's Tuxedo Mask in a blue outfit.
It's King Endymion, FOOL!!
He comes with a Crecent Moon Wand.
He comes with Luna-P