How Well Do You Know Sailor Neptune?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and a code will appear for your prize, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. In the manga, how does Michiru first meet Mamoru?
Mamoru bumps into her as he's leaving Rei's shrine.
Usagi introduced them on her way home from school.
She dropped her mirror in front of the Crown game parlor, and her helped pick it up.
Chibiusa introduces them, after her helicopter ride.

2. Who is the only other Sailor Senshi to have used Neptune's mirror?

3. Michiru is a world class violinist. She has also been a violin instructor during the SuperS manga, and a cooking teacher in Parallel Sailormoon. What other occupation do we see her with in the anime?
A model
A poet/English teacher
A painter/art teacher

4. In the StarS anime, she is only seen as a violinist, living with Haruka. But what do we see her doing in the StarS manga?
Writing a novel.
Traveling the world.
Dating Seiya.
Attending High School with Usagi.
Becoming a competitive swimmer.

5. Sailor Neptune officially debuts during the start of Sailormoon S. But you can see her briefly in episode 99, during Sailormoon R! In which other early episode can you see Sailor Neptune in the background?
(Japanese numbers only!)

Episode 18
Episode 45
Episode 44
Episode 05
Episode 26

6. In the Cloverway edit of Sailormoon, Haruka (Amara) is (Michelle) Michiru's cousin. But who is Haruka to Michiru in the original uncensored version?
Her Sister.
Her Neighbor.
Her Best Friend.
Her Lover.

7. Name an attack Sailor Neptune has that is manga only.
Submarine Reflection
Deep Submerge
Submarine Violin Tide

8. In the manga, how does Michiru first get mad at Yaten?
Yaten insults Michiru's lipstick color.
Yaten insults Haruka.
Yaten insults Michiru's hair.

9. Michiru is equal to Ami in what field?

10. In the manga, what did Michiru, Haruka and Setsuna wear as a symbol of their promise to raise Hotaru?