Moon Sisters Otaku Quiz

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and the address to your award will appear. You can use that award on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. In the Sailormoon StarS manga, how many pages does Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion appear in?

2. In the first season of the anime, there was another Papillion. She appeared in an episode that was never aired on Cartoon Network, but is featured on the ADV subtitled Sailormoon boxset. She possesed an old aquiantence of a Sailor Senshi. Who was it and which Senshi was his/her friend?
Unazuki~ The baby sister of Motoki, Sailor Moon's other crush
Sailor Mercury's father
Mr. Kaidou~ Sailor Mars's father's assistant
Sailor Jupiter's old boyfriend
Katarina~ Sailor V's former friend

3. Which of these mini-mangas became a short anime, which aired along with the SuperS movie in Japan?
Makoto's Melancholy
Ami's first Love
Rei and Minako's Girls School Battle
Countdown to Tanabata
Casablanca Memory

4. Which of the following characters NEVER appeared in the anime, but did appear in the manga?
Helios's Shrine Maidens

5. In the anime, Luna gives Usagi the Luna Pen so Usagi can disguise herself and get into Radio Station F.M. 10 and stop Jadeite. But how did Usagi get the Luna Pen in the manga?
Usagi used it to morph into Sailor Moon for the first time, after that, she used the locket instead.
While waiting for bus #666 to Sendai Hill, Luna gave it to Usagi.
After Ami won her pen from the Sailor V game, Usagi kicked the machine.
Luna gave Usagi the pen in Act 5, so Usagi could save Makoto.
Usagi got it in Act 4, when she fell from the balcony.

6. Here's an easier one! In the Chibiusa's picture Diary issue that deals with bad dentists, it is mentioned that Ikuko is 36 years old. How old does that make her when Usagi was born?

7. Okay, if you add up the Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, the Animamates, the Starlights, Princess Kakyuu, the Parallel Senshi and then add Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi as separate Senshi to make up for the anime and manga endings, how many Sailor Senshi does that make all together?

8. Which Senshi never so much as touches his/her double anywhere in the series?
Sailor Cosmos-Sailor Moon
Sir Moonlight Knight-Mamoru
Codename Sailor V-Sailor Venus

9. Which two Senshi each have their transformations seen in ONLY ONE EPISODE A PIECE in the anime?
Tuxedo Mask/Sailor Pluto
Chibi Chibi/Sailor Pluto
Tuxedo Mask/Chibi Chibi

10. Which one of these baddies NEVER die in the manga?
Ves Ves