Moon Sisters 10 Question Quizoramma

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and a code will appear for your prize, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. In Parallel Sailormoon, what is Rei's job?
A Singer/Songwriter
A Movie Star
An airline stewardess

2. In Parallel Sailormoon, after the girls transform, which new Sailor Senshi is only seen in Senshi form for one panel, until the end of the fight?

3. Which Chibi Personality is NOT Mamoru's daughter?
Black/Wicked Lady
Sailor Mini/Chibi Moon
Chibi Chibi

4. Which StarS season character is a blood family member to Ikuko, Kenji and Shingo Tsukino?
Sailor Cosmos
Princess Kakyuu
Sailor Star Fighter
Sailor Star Healer
Sailor Star Maker

5. Which member of the White Moon Clan has never officially fought with any of Chaos's brood?
Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity
Tuxedo Mask/Kamen

6. When Hotaru is reborn, whom does she call Papa?
Kenji Tsukino
Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask
Haruka/Sailor Uranus

7. Kousagi is transformed into a new (Parallel) Sailor Moon. Whom is she going to do battle with?
Queen Badiyannu, back from the dead.
Rei and Rei jr in a tag team debacle!!
A Giant Head of Rabbits

8. In the Sailormoon S movie, Sailor Chibimoon transforms using her mother's catchphrase. What is it?
Moon Cosmic Power, MAKE UP!!
Moon Eternal, MAKE UP!!
Moon Prisim Power, MAKE UP!!

9. Usagi has a little brother named Shingo, Chibiusa has a little sister named Kousagi. Which of these other characters has a younger sibling too?
Sailor Saturn/Hotaru
Naru/Molly Osaka
Sailor Venus/Minako Aino

10. Aside from the anime version of Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow, which other Animamate Senshi would have made a sweet, compasionate member to Sailor Moon's team?
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion
Sailor Lethe
Sailor Mnemosyne