How well do you know Chibiusa?

Try your hand at this quick but tricky test! Get all 10 questions right, and an address will appear to your prize award, which you can use on your page! ^_^ Have fun!!

1. Of all of the magical items Chibiusa has, which one does she use to talk to Pegasus at night?
The Stallion Reve
The Crystal Carillion
The Chibi Kaleido Scope

2. In Parallel Sailormoon, where are Chibiusa and Hotaru going?
Jyuuban Shopping District
Cram School
Hotaru's house to play cards
Jinbochou to the Bean Jam Shop
Tokyo Bay for Spring Break

3. Sailor Chibi Moon in the manga knows almost all of Sailor Moon's attacks. Which one does Sailor Chibi Moon use in the SuperS movie?
Moon Princess Halation
Rainbow moon Heartache
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Moon Tiara Action
Moon Gorgeous Meditation

4. Chibiusa's first favorite color is pink. What's her second favorite color?
Light Pink
Seafoam Green

5. In Act 48 of the manga, Sailor Chibi Moon has a new transformation, and is now considered both a full Sailor Senshi and a true lady. What is her new transformational phrase?
Cosmic Moon Crystal Power, MAKE UP!!
Silver Moon Crystal Power, MAKE UP!!
Pink Moon Crystal Power, MAKE UP!!
Pink Moon Crisis, MAKE UP!!
Pink Moon Eternal, MAKE UP!!

6. In the manga, after Hotaru is reborn, Chibiusa is asked by one of the Outer Senshi to guard over one of the Talismans, until her return. Who is it and what does she give her?
Sailor Uranus/ Space Sword
Sailor Pluto/ Garnet Orb
Sailor Neptune/ Deep Aqua Mirror

7. Chibiusa is in line to the throne of Crystal Tokyo. What is her royal name?
Princess Selenity Celia
Neo Princess Serenity/Serena
Princess Lady Serenity

8. In the manga, which Sailor StarS character does Chibi Moon NOT meet face to face with?
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion
Sailor Phi
Sailor Lethe

9. As Black Lady, Chibiusa's new evil magic posseses Luna-P in the anime. Name another friend she temporarily turns foe in the manga.
Momo, whom becomes a pre-teen, kisses Saphir, and then tries to kill Sailor Moon.
Her father Mamoru, whom is kissed by his daughter, and then he tries to kill Sailor Moon.
Kyuusuke, whom becomes Saphir, kisses Emerald and then tries to kill Sailor Moon.

10. Name the baddie who kills Chibiusa in Sailormoon S? (Don't cry, she's ressurected later!)
Professor Souichi Tomoe, he feeds her lifeforce energy to master Pharoh 90.
Kaolinite, she pushes Chibiusa out of a building.
Mistress 9, she swallows Chibiusa's crystal, and her soul.