Twinkling Gems of the Moon Sisters Site
So you say you would like your page to link to Moon Sisters?
Why that's WONDERFUL, thank you!!!
The address to the Moon Sisters page by which you can link me is
This portion of Moon Sisters has many a button of many a design, all available for download.
Just right click over your chosen button, and hit “Save as” it’s just that simple!
Feel free to download whichever fits your site best, and once again,
THANK YOU!!! ^u^
Oh! And please send me your link at, so I can link you too!
Without further to do, here are the buttons by size:

Chibi Chibi Sized Buttons:
(33/33 pixels and 33x88 pixels)

Chibi (Kousagi) Sized Buttons:

Chibiusa Sized Buttons: