Since the grand opening of Moon Sisters
February 18, 2005, many people have asked all sorts of questions about the color and content of this site. Today I, Codename Sailor Earth will try to answer some of these questions as best as I can. This portion is dedicated to the newer Moon Sisters or Sailormoon fan, and to those who may have missed one of my points by mistake.

1. What is with the tables?
Often times, when I want to separate different articles cleanly, I'll use tables. It may not fit your ideals of perfection, but it works, and it's not that ugly, right?

2. Of all the characters in the Sailormoon universe, why the Chibis?
Because when you read the manga, you'll find out that they are SO COOL! Those of you who saw only the first few episodes of the DiC dub that had Rini, and then turned the channel, you missed out on one of the best Sailor Senshi.

Rini/Chibiusa is the first born child of Usagi and Mamoru, and as the manga progresses, Chibiusa adapts and grows as Sailor Chibi Moon, and eventually gains the same powers as Sailor Moon, and then some! Her true personality is more playful, and less arrogant than her DiC form, and if you ever see the original version of the anime or manga, you'll see what I mean.

Kousagi is Usagi and Mamoru's second born, and is just as loveable as Usagi, right down to her questions about a certain talking cat. She's more or less the "little Senshi who could" and like Usagi, she's less of the Superman-esque "I have this born knowledge to be a crime fighter" persona, and more of the realistic
"What the hell? Cat's ain't 'sposta be pink and TALK" hero that is easier to relate to than most superheroes.

Chibi Chibi has AMAZING powers, at first glance, I'm sure many of you out there were quick to say something akin to "Oh great... ANOTHER Rini??" but rest assured, she's totally different. Just when it looks as though she's today's victim, this tiny Sailor Senshi whips out a blast of power, and elevates Sailor Moon to her greatest.

Needless to say, the temptation to devote a site to the Chibi's (though mostly Chibiusa and Kousagi) was too great for me to miss out on.

3. You say you can't stand lewd content, yet the Gallery has plenty! Whyeeeee?
Requests! You would not believe some of the content people ask me for. But the pictures you see up are NOT Hentai! Nope, none of it. (C'mon, you knew I'd draw the line at implications...) People are interested in the Senshi's "spirit mode", and often find spiritual meaning in certain spots of the series. Such as in Sailormoon R when Usagi is floating with Luna in the void. People are inspired by each Senshi's inner and outer growth, and it's depiction via the nude spirit mode form.

As for the other pictures, they are merely jokes, based on the Senshi as ADULTS.

Why are they so short then? Simple. At her adult height, Chibiusa is just barely over 4'11. Only half of all Sailor Senshi ever grow to be 5'6 and above. Everyone else stops at well below 5'1, including Sailor Moon, who as Neo Queen Serenity is only 4'11. (5'2 with her high heels on.) The heights of the Parallel Senshi as adults reflects this principle, hence why I don't usually take the time to add another inch and a half to the legs of each character. (Lazy I know, but hey.)

Chibi Chibi upon her debut was already at least 17 or 18. She appears as a toddler, only due to magic.
(Pay attention to the end of Sailormoon StarS.) So any and all images of her here is again, her as an ADULT.

Sailormoon was a series geared for an ADULT audience, despite the toy line. (South Park and Family Guy also have toy and game lines, but the two series are for ADULTS only. Got it yet?) Many of the episodes' best jokes and storylines were aimed at fans who were above 18 (
U.S. standards), such as the Starlight Senshi being cross-dressing chicks in dominatrix clothes. Also, the youngest fans of Sailormoon who watched it when it last aired on Cartoon Network, NOT during school hours, are now in High School. All in all, I think it's perfectly okay for Sailormoon sites to have as much or as little lewd content as their owners choose, based upon the fact that the fan base has all grown up.

4. What's with the colors?
They are a reflection of the attack and transformation sequences of the anime. Besides, I like them.

5. What's with the PhotoShop? Why don't your pics look like everyone else's?
Because I'd have an e-mail box flooded with complaints from people trying to claim what's MINE as theirs.
Besides, my work plays off of not just my own, but the imaginations of all Sailormoon fans. Just about everyone has dreamed up a "what-if" scenario for each Sailor Senshi, like "what if Kousagi came with Rini?"
or "What if Kousagi had to fight Chibiusa because one of them was evil?" or even "What if Artemis split from Luna?" "What if Prince Diamondo got his way with one of the Scouts?" ect, ect, ect.... My Gallery and the like gives Sailormoon fans a visual into the realms of what could have been....

Or even what might be if Naoko ever went back again. (Hey, we DID have the reprints, right???) ^u^

6. Why don't you use pre-made layouts?
Because it's too easy. Say what you want about me, I try NOT to copy so heavily off of someone else's work.
Besides, it shows more credibility if you do the work ALL YOURSELF instead of wasting time picking out something that's not you. Again, the LAST thing I need is a box o' flames to sift through because someone says that my layouts just like theirs. I also make my own awards for this exact reason. That and its fun.

Okay, I do have a few googlepages that sorta have pre-made layouts. Happy now?

What's with the language? Can't you think of the Children???
Probably since most kids would ONLY know of Sailormoon as either something their elder siblings remember, or as something their moms and dads collect.

Aaaaaand that was yer wake up call, I bet.

Like I said, Sailormoon was never intended for children. The editing and distribution of the series to a young audience between 1995-2003 was a move made by nimrods who stupidly believe that all things animated are for kids, and who thought they could earn a quick buck off of the bastardization of a Japanese series.

Moon Sisters has enough disclaimers listed in pink or white, stating that this is a page intended for NOBODY under the age of 13 or 18, depending upon the content.

So please, if you are a concerned parent, then do us all a favor and MONITOR YOUR KIDS!!! The computer is NOT A BABYSITTING SERVICE. It is a tool, with which you can do many a great thing, but guess what
America? NOT ALL OF US HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD STRAPPED TO THE HIP, so If some of us out there want to have adult content, LET US! Instead of pestering me with your whiny "Be a Teletubby" rants, why don't you PAY ATTENTION to the people who SHOULD matter to you, your brats.

What's little Timmy or Samantha doing browsing the internet alone for lewd humor anyway? Ever stop to think about that? Hmmmmm? If you don't like this page, then quit visiting. And if you DO like Moon Sisters, then please keep visiting, but watch the kids too. If you're REALLY concerned about the little ankle-biters, than keep an eye on them while you play on the internet.

Tired I am of so many of you who push your kids onto another person, teacher, scout leader, ect., only to act surprised when Timmy and Samantha grow up to be resentful little beasts who have no more compassion or brain cells than a cocktail weenie. They grow up like that because YOU don't spend any time with them, other than to whine about their grades, or how you can't stand that music they play, yadda yadda. If you don't want them imitating ANY of what they see, than for the love of God, PLEASE TELL THEM
"NO". I can sleep better at night knowing that SOMEBODY out there with children was wise enough to oh, I dunno RAISE THEIR OWN KIDS by monitoring them and getting to know their likes and dislikes, rather than just stupidly telling them "go play on that little electronic box over there, I'm busy!". Trust me, it's quicker and cheaper to tell them "No" than it is to install yet another wasteful V-chip.

Also if you are enjoying the Gallery, and your kid comes up to you with a question about a joke on this page, EXPLAIN IT TO THEM. Again, it will save us all time, and you a headache if you just tell them the truth, and then explain why you don't want them to repeat what they see. Your kids will thank you later for being cool enough to be honest, instead of acting like a toddler with the too-popular mentality of...
"Well, if I can't enjoy it, then I don't want anyone else to either, I'll start a coalition!" Just saying that out loud makes you sound like a whiney toddler. Like I said, if you don't like it, go somewhere else. Don't be an adult brat. It's too much to expect your kids to parent you, yet I bet they do already if I had to sit you down and type this all out like I just did. Phew!

8. Are you really obsessed with Sailormoon?

I try not to be. It's my favorite anime/manga series, and this page is just for fun. Lemme be.

9. Do you edit and post your own fake comments on the guestbook?
No. Who has the time for that? Contrary to popular beliefs, all of the comments are left by actual fans. However I must point out that I do not appreciate when people leave long and graphic tirades about what they think of my character. Swearing is okay, your opinions are okay, but the guestbook is NOT your personal soapbox to spew your hate upon. For those comments, just e-mail me. Why do you want other people knowing that you can't spell "disgusting" or that you begin sentences without proper capitalization, such as stumbling out "i hat u sailer ert" ? Just send it to me discreetly, so you don't have to be further embarrassed.

Why would I say something like that? Because one poor person got flamed by total strangers over something she left on my guestbook. (Name withheld.) She e-mailed me that she could not understand the abuse she got over posting on my Dreambook how much she thinks I suck. I helped her get rid of the flamers by telling her about some new spam blocking software I found, and now the problem is gone, but still, even though I disagree with her viewpoints, I also do NOT condone what happened to her.

Yeah, you might say that the story I told was bull, but it's the truth. So there. :-P Nyah.

10. I saw that Kousagi pic, and I think you stole it from ______________.com!
Actually, I was allowed to use the pics from a site which is sadly not around anymore, otherwise I'd have the address on the links page. Before Moon Sisters opened, I asked if I could borrow the images, hoping that if I posted the small pics, then they would lead to the whole one. The webmaster from that site approved, and the pics in color of Kousagi, Ami jr, Rei jr, Mako and Mina went up the day Moon Sisters debuted. His site however was gone within a month, and as yet, I have lost contact with him, and I am still seeking the whole image.

11. Why are you SO adamant about Chibiusa being Kousagi's big sister? Who cares about a non-cannon Senshi? And how do you know Chibiusa was born first?
Before my site went up, most people didn't know who Kousagi was. Considering the fact that cannon or non-cannon, Kousagi is STILL the daughter or THE MAIN CHARACTER SAILOR MOON, I naturally thought her inclusion was important.

By the way, at the end of Sailormoon Stars, Usagi chose for them to "live as they were", meaning that she, Mamoru and the Sailor Senshi would continue as they were, without the whole "Neo Moon Kingdom hierarchy" to contend with. Hey, it can still happen, but for the ending, they were just happy to be alive in 20th Century

Parallel Sailormoon came out two years after Sailormoon Stars ended, with the story picking up where StarS left off. So technically, you CAN count Kousagi as non-cannon for her story being only a short, or cannon since it fits in with the storyline. I didn't hear any bitching about Chibiusa's friend Kyuuske, WHO DEBUTED IN A SHORT MANGA TOO!! >_O Hmm, did you forget that?? Kousagi=Cannon. So there.

As far as my pointing out of Chibiusa's birth order? It's because before Moon Sisters started, SOME people made up fan fictions, and then told everyone they were real. So only a few pages got it right.

Everyone else wanted to believe that Kousagi came first, and then died before 30th Century happened, and so Chibiusa was born in a day in which only Usagi and her court would have remembered Kousagi.

The above story is pure bullshit since:
a. Parallel Sailormoon CLEARLY lists
Chibiusa Tsukino as eldest daughter and Kousagi Tsukino as second daughter. (Color coded for you all there.)
b. EVERY character who has ANY access to the Silver
Crystal gains a lifespan of 1000 years. That includes just brushing up against Usagi as you walk by. Meaning that having come from Usagi, both Chibiusa AND Kousagi have had enough contact with the crystal to have a long lifespan.
c. 30th Century Chibiusa was over 900 years old when they met her. Meaning that she was born in 2003, NOT 3003. Do the math.
and d. Do you really think Naoko would be so cruel? OF COURSE NOT!! No parent ANYWHERE would just forget one kid when another one is born. And don't you think it would be stupid to say out loud that ALL 5 Inners would forget their children when they die, and ONLY remember one?? Please~give me a break!!

By the way, the Parallels haven't died... yet. Nope, not once.

So my site has done plenty to correct certain views. Having the translated manga up helps! ^.^ Really, my continued efforts to show fans the truth is no different from what any other good Sailormoon page has done already.

12. Why don't you use Flash?
Flash is good, but slow to load, and can get buggy. It takes alot of work to put up an easy loading site, so to accommodate you better, Moon Sisters is currently Flash free.

As of
May 1st, 2008 I have added some Flash content to Moon Sisters via the Moon Sisters News page. This won't be the last, either! Heh heh...

13. What's with the Comic Sans font on some pages?
I'm still testing out which fonts I personally like and dislike. It depends on my mood.
I mix it up when I feel like it, 'cause when you have your own site, you should do with it what you feel looks good.

14. Why are you Codename Sailor Earth? Isn't Mamoru Sailor Earth?
Yes he is. But I am Codename Sailor Earth. My name implies that it's just a pen name.
So you can spare me your poorly written "Mamoru in drag" comments, since we don't even look alike. Besides, if I were either Mamoru, or even a sibling to Mamoru, then that would imply that I'm Princess of the
Golden Kingdom, of which I am not. That would be too much work!

And then how would you explain Chibiusa and Kousagi?
EWWW!!! Don't be gross.

15. If your site is only about Chibiusa and Kousagi, then why have Queen Beryl listed?
Simple. To acknowledge Chibiusa and Kousagi, one must also know where they came from. They are the daughters of Mamoru and Usagi, and the two mini Sailors might not have been born when they were, if not for the events of the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Enter Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl had a crush on Prince Endymion, and watched him from behind places. But Endymion was madly in love with Princess Serenity. So, in a rage, Beryl gave herself to Queen Metallia (a child of Chaos), and she enslaved Endymion's court: Kunzite/Malachite, Zoicite, Nephrite/Nephlyte and Jedite. Soon her army would wreak havoc on the Moon Kingdom, and Beryl eventually killed Endymion. In the anime, she killed Serenity too, but in the manga, Princess Serenity killed herself out of grief. In turn, the princess's distraught mother, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand to seal Beryl's court away. With her last breath, the queen also sent everyone to the 20th Century, to live again.

Some time past, Princess Serenity was reborn as Usagi, and became Sailor Moon.

Endymion was reborn as Mamoru, and became Tuxedo Mask.

And just as everyone was starting to regroup and remember their past, Kunzite kidnaps Tuxedo Mask and takes him to Queen Beryl, who brainwashes him into being another servant. Big battle, death and rebirth (Or just death and ouches if you read the manga), yadda yadda, eventually Usagi and Mamoru fall back in love, and eventually Chibiusa, and then Kousagi are born.

So without Beryl's meddling, the Mini Moon Sisters might not have been born when they were. There's a good chance that they still could have been born, but since communication between the Earth and the Moon was forbidden during the Silver Millennium, it is uncertain if Serenity, Endymion, Chibiusa or Kousagi would have been able to enjoy a peaceful existence after all....

Okay, Queen Serenity rocked, so they probably would have. Stupid Beryl! Ah but at least we all got a kick assed series though, eh?

The Origin of Moon Sisters

My first encounter with Sailor Moon came a long, long time ago...

Spring of 1995. I was 8 years old.

It was ungodly o'clock in the morning, as my mom woke me up frantically, saying she had just seen the coolest anime ever. She said it looked like something I would like. Stumbling to the living room, the first thing I saw was Nephrite, followed by Zoicite. The first thing I said was:

"Gosh those are deep voiced women."

I wearily passed out as soon as Queen Beryl came on the screen.
For a week, my mom tried every morning to get me up in time, until finally I was awake enough to see the episode where Nephrite has dark energy infect one of Usagi's teachers, before her wedding. Since none of the episodes played in order on the syndicated networks that picked the show up, the next one I saw featured "Tuxedo Nephrite".

From then on, I wanted to catch every last episode of Sailor Moon. For here, we had a female super hero, who was a princess, didn't really need the help of a man, but was NOT a feminist. She had her own powers, her own way of life, yet was sweet enough to appreciate the coolness of men. A princess who was never stuck in a tower someplace, because she was the one fighting the enemy. AT LAST!! I thought. For with all the images of other girl dolls we STILL see today~ images of bobble headed skanks who shop like mad with no consideration for credit (since it's somebody ELSE'S tab they bank on) , primp and pimp themselves out, hoe-iffy their animal associates, and then either play Barefoot-and-Preggers-Little-Miss-Submissive-and-Brain-Dead, or they feel the need to parade around with little on, and expect men to cow-tow to their every Gucci desires, the platinum blonde and anorexic dollies who view compassion and school as "so not hot...", amid ALL of these imbecile images ... was a TRUE superhero.
One with a heart and skills. A teenaged mother, a soldier, a princess, a lover and a friend, the one... Sailor Moon.

Though catching the show was put-near impossible at times, I managed to see the first 65 cut to hell episodes DIC offered. Some late-night stations even played uncensored and fan dubbed edits of episodes that had been pulled from broadcast! On occasion, some video stores even sold Sailor Moon tapes, the first of which I got had the chopped to bits version of Japanese episodes 44, 45 and 46. (The latter of which was fused for US release) Around the same time, I began going through the Internet, searching for more Sailor Moon, since several anime magazines had pointed out that in Japan, there were Senshi for the outermost planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and that Rini had become a Senshi too.
The magazine even had a picture of the Inners, Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Soon after, I had discovered Hotaru, Setsuna and Prof. Tomoe while visiting a site called the Sailor Moon Sanctuary. As the series ended in Japan, I would also discover Chibi Chibi, the Starlights, and even some evil Senshi!

In 1996, I produced my first website. That page is currently down, due to the fact that I am adding a HUGE gallery and several new features to it. It's not a Sailormoon page, it was devoted to an old 1930s cartoon character. The first page was okay for it's era, but I had little control over it. (Since my dad is a control freak.) My skills were limited, but still on par with other sites that were around then. (AOL 3.0, look it up!) In the future, it will be back at full force, and a link will replace this sentence.

Soon after that, I was sick. The barfing kept me up all night, but luckily, I was then up long enough to catch USA Network's kids block. I was treated to Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario repeats, Mighty Max, Mummies Alive and Sailor Moon. As I drifted off to sleep, I was comforted by images of Princess Serenity skating.

I then dreamed I had lived on the moon, as one of Princess Serenity's guardians, alongside the Inner Senshi. After the battle with Queen Beryl, I was reborn on Earth, and had taken a trip to Japan. There, I befriended Hotaru and Chibiusa.
Suddenly, there was an explosion, and the two raced off. Realizing who they were, I looked down at Luna, and asked her if she had any more pens left over. She said "How do you know I can talk?" and I said "Look cat, there's no time, just DO it!!" With a spin, a pen landed on the pavement. (I of course had the presence of mind to wipe it off first.) I held it in my hand and yelped "Earth Star Power MAKE UP!!" and in an instant, I was Sailor Earth. The dream ended as I rushed into battle with one more demon from Chaos. I woke up, rolled over, then had a dream I was working on new promotional ads for Sailor Moon in Japan with Toei. When I awoke from that dream, I no longer felt sick, but I did have an urge to create a new site, devoted to the dreams I had just had.

My second page is now a part of this one, and was the debut for my pen-name, then known as Sailor Earth. I struggled to gain full control over my site, as I often had arguments with my dad over the site's appearance. (Yeah, he wanted to control a site about teenage crime fighters in miniskirts. He even argued over what color skirts looked good. WTF??)
But soon after I tightened the reigns of rule, I was SLAMMED! Apparently there are over 104,220,000 other Sailor Earth's out there who now hunted me for my blood. And even as the site went down for three years for maintenance, I was still getting flames for using the name "Sailor Earth". In fact one person even sent me a three page flame about how much of a bitch I was, and even devoted a website to why I suck and how "they" are the real Sailor Earth. Furious, that this same person would then hound me and harass me for several weeks, I wrote back an angry letter, beginning with:


Yes, I was being hounded by a 390 pound 47 year old in South Carolina. He thought he had a better miniskirt.

For several years, I didn't do anything website related, having not enough juice so to speak. But my love of the Internet and Sailormoon only grew stronger each hour of each day. And as I amassed my collection of uncensored DVDs and manga, one goal came to mind. A site devoted to Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi. Yet something was always missing, so that dream stayed locked in a box. That was of course, until one day, I found a page in blue and white.

Listed in the bios of this Sailormoon page were the usual suspects: Tuxedo Mask, Usagi, Chibiusa, but then there was a small entry labeled "Tsukino Kousagi". Having read so many Fanfics about siblings for Rini, I was tempted to write this one off as another fan-thing, but my gut knew better. So I clicked on it. And low and behold ... there she was.

As spunky as Chibiusa, as cute as Chibi Chibi, yet as realistic as Usagi, this quadruple odangoed tot grinned back at me, ice cream cone in hand. Followed were pics of Ami, Jr., Rei, Jr., Mako and Mina, as well as a polka dotted kitty, and five color pics. I emailed the webmaster, and he replied back that in 1999, Naoko Takeuchi released the Sailormoon Materials Collection artbook, and that in the back was a 19 page manga known as Parallel Sailormoon, following the adventure of Chibiusa's baby sister, Kousagi.

Floored, I searched for every last piece of data on this, and then ordered the reprint manga Sailormoon Short Stories Vol. 2. I also asked the webmaster in question for scans of the manga. He obliged, and even sent me the five color pics.
Unfortunately, we lost touch after his site went down, but I still had tons of data now. So whipping out my Japanese to English dictionaries, I translated the manga, then compared my notes with others, making sure that I had as close of a translation as possible. But in all my searching, I found that only a handful of sites had Kousagi listed. And half of those would make up stories about her, then pass them off as truth, flaming those of us who knew better. (See above)

I was upset at how little people wanted to accept that Pluto's one child theory was nothing more than a THEORY. And that's when a voice said "Well hey stupid! If you want it so much, why don't you make your own site?" So, I did.

I wrote down the first name that popped into my head: Moon Sisters The Unofficial Site To The Heirs To The Throne.
I then began taking snapshots with borrowed cameras, and uploading them for editing.

Retraining myself from scratch, I began putting my art lessons to work. I began pushing myself to make a site that would be worth something. But just as I had begun the preliminaries...

I had extra family over as guests. I had job interviews, people needing the computer, people needing the phone, people needing my attention, and I had fully grown adults in my house to baby-sit. In order to cram these people in AND work on my website, sleep had to go. I would take catnaps for an hour here, half hour there, tend to my family, and then spend my mornings at ungodly o'clock typing and clicking away, hoping that you, the visitor would like it.

Oddly enough, my whole routine squoze the creation of this page down to one week. And on the seventh day, I began uploading the site, bit by bit, when I noticed that I had left my name as your hostess blank. I had just finished a new picture of myself (which is on the front page), yet I knew I could no longer be Sailor Earth. But no other name suited my new pics. I took a break that night, and played on the computer, visiting a shrine to Sailor V. (It's on the links page in orange!) As I looked the page over, I said to myself, "This was the very first site I ever saw about Sailor V. To think that without Sailor V, Sailormoon wouldn't have happened is scary! Sailor V really is so cool. I can't wait to translate her books too. I love those goggles. Codename Sailor V..... .... ... Codename Sailor V...... ... Codename... Sailor... Earth?

Quickly I Goggled "Codename Sailor Earth" and found NOTHING!! So I snapped the name up, finished the site off, and on February 18, 2005, Moon Sisters The Unofficial Site To The Heirs To The Throne was born!!

The site debuted via AOL Hometown, and stayed put for 3 and a half years at the address http://members.aol.com/mykoriake/moonsisters/moonsisters.html. In 2008, the Gallery was moved to Google, and on October 25, 2008, Moon Sisters was moved to HostMonster.com, where itís been ever since.

And you may partake of Moon Sisters anytime at www.moonsisters.org.