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If there's one thing I love when it comes to Sailormoon sites, its Spanish sites. The pics are so gorgeous and colorful, the layout so fresh and pretty, and even the little banners are bright and cheery.^_^ So naturally, I decided to try and translate these sites using AltaVista and Google...
I promise to only translate using ONLY old fashioned English to-place-a-language-here books from now on, as I did with the Parallel manga. As the following made me see all of the many MANY flaws with Google and AltaVista’s translation devices.
Here for your enjoyment are some transcripts from various Google/AltaVista Babel fish "translated" sites. Note: you should not take these translations literally, as when I used their own "translation technology" on my own site, it came out something like this:

Our first "translation" comes from a mini site linked to (I believe) Chibimoon HP (HQ?), which is a site devoted supposedly to 30th Century Chibiusa. I may be wrong, but here's the link. There appear to be many versions of this site, including this other link which is quite different from what you're about to see below. What I'm guessing is the full page can be found here. However, there are several Spanish AND English sites with the same article as below.
Parallel Sailor Moon

This book contains many plans of original personages of Naoko, rough drafts, notations and watercolors. It has things sufficiently that they had not been counted in mangá final, for example, Diana was, originally, a small fairy with wing. It has also a line of the time of when the art and mangá they had been vendidos, and behind has a special chapter very called Parallel Sailormoon (Sailor Parallel Moon). This chapter (and all the content of this "artbook") answers many questions on the series. Sample as each one of the Inner Senshi had carried through its dreams and if they had married... It even gives to know its children. Mainly we discover things on the son oldest of Usagi, KousagiSome people had asked to me as Kousagi can be son of the Usagi, when mangá says that Usagi, in its condition of Princesa and Senshi, can only have 1 son. I believe that this chapter was an amused thing that Naoko created exactly "for this". You must remember that, in the end of mangá 18, Usagi she had the possibility to continue to live as Senshi or to wake up and everything to have been a dream. Usagi chose to wake up and to live its life as a normal girl. Then the rules had moved and Usagi could have 1 son more than. Good, that it is... The explanation can be this or not, more what it knows is that this chapter is one of the
most amused.

A little +...

Usagi (Sailormoon) is married Mamoru, it is clearly, and it does not have a job. The last name of Usagi, Tsukino, was kept as the name of the family. They have a son, called Kousagi, whom she loves eating (exactly that the food has been found in the soil) e has fear of cats. Kousagi is in 3ª series.

For its luck, in this chapter, Kousagi finds a good-looking rose (that it suspicious seems ChibiChibi with cat ears and bigodinho when is in its form human being). The good-looking rose says for Kousagi that it needs to save the planet of a new enemy (that she seems to be a head of a done coelhão of millions of heads of coelhinhos O.o). It resists until the good-looking-girl to say it who the other senshis (children of senshi's known by us) will be under its control (of Kousagi) if it to changed itself into Sailor. Kousagi finishes liking the idea, why the others always run of it or it they are disturbing. It agrees and the good-looking one says the Kousagi to say Parallel Moon Power Make Up! (For the Power of the Parallel Moon, Transformation) Suddenly, Kousagi if transforms into Sailor Kousagi decorated with Miniatures of heads of rabbits.Kousagi does not have real attacks, but it defeats the coelhão creating an enormous cat of a mount of good looking, that, later they swallow the head of the entire coelhão. When already she is everything finished, all the children wake up in the soil of the classroom of culinária to the sound of the Michiru (very brave for signal...). It will have been a dream? If it was, then why the good looking rose is blinking for Kousagi thus that it wakes up? - ^. ~ hehe!

Chibiusa still is living in the past (present for we) with everybody, therefore it needs to give one of older sister for Kousagi, exactly that Kousagi is the sister new in the normal course of the time. At this time, Hotaru and ChibiUsa are in 7ª series. The two use eyeglasses now and are very intelligent. ChibiUsa until says that it wants to go for the classrooms special for endowed super children as Ami (Sailor Mercury).

Minako (Sailor Venus) is married an director-assistant of comedy, and it aid Mine to obtain more autographs of its favourite ídolos. Mine has a tattooing of a heart with wing in its right arm (they are adult now, then I doubt that she is of lie). The last name of Mine, Aino, was kept as the name of the family. They have a son. Its name is Minako and it it is in 3ª series.

Amy (Sailor Mercury) is an doctor-assistant and is married. The Mizuno last name also became of the family. It has a son, called Ami, whom she loves moving in its computer and it is in 3ª series.

Rey (Sailor Mars) is a priestess and teacher of shodou and is married a professor of the school that also is a priest in a temple. The last name of Rey, Hymn, also was kept as the name of the family. They have a called son King.

Lita (Sailor Jupiter) is the administrator of its proper store and its husband (7 years of married) the aid with the store, that has only 1 month and still it does not go well in the businesses. It started to live with its husband two years before them if marrying. Its last name, Kino, also became of the family. They have a called son Makoto.

Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru have its proper lessons of culinária, which are frequented by all the children of the Senshi's.

It did not understand what it is?

"Parallel Moon" is a species of a parody, gift in the end of 6º artbook of Naoko Takeuchi. They had passed 7 years after the Sailors having defeated Chaos, and the Inner Senshi they had had children that also they are changedded into Sailor Warlike. The children of the Sailors (little Kousagi) have the same name and are identical the mothers. How much the Outher Senshi, (with the exception of Hotaru) they does not have participation almost none in history. To have an idea, Setsuna (Pluto) and Haruka (Uranus) do not say nothing absolutely. Setsuna appears a time in history and Haruka and Michiru (Neptune) two times. This happens only in artbook, in the adaptation for livens up it can have modifications!

The children of the Sailors:

Kousagi Tsukino
Kousagi is the sister new of Chibi-uses. It is in 3ª series and has the hair divided in 4 coques, 2 of each side of the head and has blue eyes. It is until more bobinha that Usagi, more infantile and more ingenuous, etc (after all, it is only one child). None of the children of the Senshi's likes it, and they always torment it. Kousagi, that means "second Usagi", is nicknamed "Chibi" for the adults. It hates cats final. Into the parallel chapter it changeds itself into a Sailor Senshi (with coelhinhos instead of hearts as its symbol).
Minako Aino
The son of Mine is Minako Aino, that is in 3ª series. It has ribbon in its blond hair - the style is good-looking with the one of its mother - and a blue eyes. Its name is written in katakana instead of kanji or hiragana.
Makoto Kino
The son of Makoto is in 3ª series. Mako has its hair imprisoned chestnut in a horse tail, fellow creature to the one of its mother, however instead of small balls, it one one looks blue-esverdeada to arrest it. Its name is written in katakana, not in hiragana as of mammy.
King Hymn
The son of King is in 3ª series and if she calls Hymn King King has the violet hair that lisinho falls until its coasts as well as the one of its mother. It tb has eyes violet. Its name, in contrast of the one of its mother who is written in hiragana, is written in katakana.
Ami Mizumo
The son of Amy in 3ª series is Ami Mizumo. "the original" Amy has its name written in kanji, but the name of its son is written in katakana. Ami has blue eyes and short and blue hair. It uses eyeglasses as its mother and is always reading a book.
Kousagi is glad and chorona as well as its mother and its Chibiusa sister, is not so intelligent how much Chibiusa and also possesss an immense power says that "hidden". The hair of it is seemed the one of the Chibiusa, but instead of 2 "rolinhos", it possesss 4 and has blue eyes. Its name means "Second Usagi". You unite... knows who are the "friends" of Kousagi? Ami, King, Mine, and Mako... needs to say who is the respective mothers E the children of the Sailors do not go very with the face of Kousagi, always can prevent it... Kousagi is more fominha that Calm, together Chibiusa and Chibichibi, and are vitiated to candies (are clearly!)... It has fear of cats and It adores rabbits... Parallel has lessons of culinária with the others senshi with the teachers: Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna
One day, it found a pink cat in a candy box, and it it gave to the Kousagi and its friends the power of if transforming into Parallel Senshis and fighting the evil... It is called Princess Kousagi, or Sailor Kousagi.... She possesss a rabbit with its I simulate of Sailor (in tiara and the pin)...

A similar story was found here.

Kousagi is glad and chorona as well as its mother and its Chibiusa sister, is not so intelligent how much Chibiusa and also possesss an immense power says that "hidden". The hair of it is seemed the one of the Chibiusa, but instead of 2 "rolinhos", it possesss 4 and has blue eyes. Its name means "Second Usagi". You unite... knows who are the "friends" of Kousagi? Ami, King, Mine, and Mako... needs to say who is the respective mothers E the children of the Sailors do not go very with the face of Kousagi, always can prevent it... Kousagi is more fominha that Calm, together Chibiusa and Chibichibi, and are vitiated to candies (are clearly!)... It has fear of cats and It adores rabbits... Parallel has lessons of culinária with the others senshi with the teachers: Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna One day, it found a pink cat in a candy box, and it it gave to the Kousagi and its friends the power of if transforming into Parallel Senshis and fighting the evil... It is called Princess Kousagi, or Sailor Kousagi.... She possesss a rabbit with its I simulate of Sailor (in tiara and the pin)... Name: Tsukino Kousagi
Meaning of the Name: Second Usagi
Identities: Princess Kousagi, Kousagi, Sailor Kousagi
Aniversario : 30 of June
Sanguine type:
Age : 8 years
Date of birth : 30 of June
Sign : Cancer
Animal that more hates: Cats
Favourite Animal: Rabbit
Hobbies: To eat and to sleep
Food q likes: Everything, especially Curry
Food q hates: none
Favourite color: ?
Color q hates: ROSE!This (in the photo above) is the good looking one of Kousagi that the aid to if transforming into Parallel Sailor Moon... It is one "clone"de Chibichibi with ears of cat and mustaches and is very kawaii...

Detesta substance q: All! Interval only likes it....

Okay, with the exception of the story in salmon text that you just finished reading, once again, we have yet ANOTHER group of pages dealing with the rumor of Chibiusa being younger. Really now, where the hell does this come from??? Can nobody pick up a friggin' English~Japanese/Spanish~Japanese dictionary? You can find a good one for less than $7.00 at your local bookstore, so why keep copying off of other people's Fanfics?? And yes, Usagi CAN have more than one child in ANY manga, as the "only child" theory was in fact A THEORY. Sailors Pluto, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Ceres acknowledged this in the StarS mangas. I'm just thankful these are FICTICIOUS characters, or else this is the conversation certain people would be having with Usagi:

Okay, our next review is courtesy of thisie here place. Nice graphics, but I question the following.

# Kousagi #
Obs: Kousagi is son of the Rini and of Heliot, it it appears in one mini-mangá published in Materials Collection Artbook, and was called Parallel Sailor Moon (one especie parallel history).

Kousagi is glad and chorona as well as its mother, and also it possesss an immense power let us say that "hidden". The hair of it is seemed the one of the Rini, but instead of 2 "rolinhos", it possesss 4.
One day, it found a cat pink and it it gave to the Kousagi and its friends the power of if transforming into Sailor and fighting the evil. It is called Sailor Kousagi.

* Personal Fiche *

Name: Kousagi Tsukino
Sanguineous type:
Age: 8 years
Date of birth: 30 of June
Sign: Cancer
Hobbie: To eat
Food that likes: Everything, especially Curry
Food that hates: none
Favourite color: it is not known
Color that hates: Rose
Detesta substance that: All! Interval only likes it

Wait, Helios and Rini's kid? Who the hell are we talking about here?
For that to be possible, either (a.)Kousagi would have to be from the future (b) 30th Century Rini would have to have gotten preggers during SuperS or (c.) she would have had baby Kousagi when she was 7 years old. Not only is that wrong, its damned right creepy! Ka-speeeeeeeuuuuuw!

Okay, our next one comes from this other page, and is slightly different from the
one above, i.e. more accurate:
Name: Kousagi Tsukino
Sanguineous type:
Age: 8 years
Date of birth: 30 of June
Sign: Cancer
Hobbie: To eat
Food q likes: Everything, especially Curry
Food q hates: none
Favourite color: it is not known...
Color q hates: Rose....
Detesta substance q: All! Interval only likes it....
Kousagi is the second Son of Serena and Darien, it mini-mangá published in Materials Collection Artbook appears in one, and was called Parallel Sailor Moon. Kousagi is glad and chorona as well as its mother and its Rini sister, and also it possesss an immense power let us say that "hidden". Its hair is seemed the one of its sister, but instead of 2 "rolinhos", it possesss 4. She knows who are the best friends of Kousagi? Ami, King, Mine, and Lita... It needs to say who are the respective mothers? One day, it found a cat pink, q in accordance with it, that thing q had "same color q you places in the mouth in the dentist to learn to brush the tooth and leaves pink they...." and it gave to the Kousagi and its friends the power of if transforming into Senshi and fighting the evil... It is called Princess Kousagi, or Sailor Kousagi.... Tiara possesss a rabbit in its.

Isn't it odd how Google tries to translate even the Senshi's names? How odd. Anyways, this one comes from this other site.

From where Parallel Sailor Moon comes?

Naoko Takeuchi published art book call "Materials Collection", in which there were many sketches of the personages of Sailor Moon. But also a mini-history wrote that is developed in a universal parallel to the one of true history.In this history, the single-breasted uniform jackets that we know (Amy, Ray...), are adult, work and... they are married and with family! What it can more surprise is than Bunny has TWO daughters, Chibiusa (the one that all we know and older sister) and Kousagi (a totally new for us and small one).This last daughter will be the protagonist of history, since she discovers that...ArgumentThe single-breasted uniform jackets that all we know are adult, they always work in which wanted to work, they are married and they have daughters.Our dear Bunny has two children, the famous Chibiusa who we totally know and a smaller stranger, Kousagi.Amy, Ray, makoto and Minako are reunen and begun to speak, then hotaru Tomoe arrives Chibiusa accompanied by its inseparable friend (yes, Guerrero Saturn). A peculiar anecdote that makes us include/understand that it is a universal parallel to the one of history that we know is that Chibiusa wants to be most intelligent of Japan, and is obtaining ^^;; to itThen it appears our dear Bunny, to which Chibiusa begins to reproach everything to him what it has done badly during the day...While, four equal girls to the inner single-breasted uniform jackets only that smaller are speaking by the way street to kitchen class and "criticizing" its mothers which they are a little marujillas.When each one said what had thought to do in fact appeared Kousagi, the minor of Bunny and the same age that the children, saying that it also wanted to go with them, but these try to escape of her and throw to run. When Kousagi returns them to reach, the four girls lie down to luck who will load with her.But Kousagi sees a pink kitten with an increasing moon in the forehead (this sounds relative to me...). All is astonished and suddenly they appear many cats. Minako (daughter) gives to Kousagi the cat to him, although she hates them. Now stone, paper, scissors to see lay down who would load the knapsacks, and when Kousagi thought that it had won, the others did "trampiña" and lost.Again they leave running and Kousagi remains back.Something later a light that every time is made more intense begins to shine, Kousagi is in danger and the four children are going to help it. But Kousagi is struck by the taken wind and very far.When it woke up saw a girl with ears of cat her in front of. This told that it would become and that Minako, Amy, Ray him and makoto (daughters) would be their followers, since it was a princess.Kousagi accepts and it is transformed into Parallel Sailor Moon, then it seems again in the street, while their friends are themselves also turned sailors.the five discover a ball that seems of fire, but when approaching they more realize of which a giant rabbit is a ball of rabbits forming.Then, the single-breasted uniform jackets make raise the cats that before appeared forming a giant cat that it destroyed the evil rabbit.The five estan now tended in the ground.Already in another scene, the girls murmur things on cats and rabbits. Michiru Haruka and setsuna wake up them because they are in kitchen class. Then they thinkthat it was a dream. But Kousagi watched the ground and watched the pink kitten and said: "Sometimes, it is not a dream".

... Single breasted ... uniform jackets? Somehow, I doubt that the person who wrote
this meant to say that. I believe the term is "Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scouts". This next one

is from this site to the middle of my page, and is one of my new faves.

Tsukino, Usagi
In this Usagi version she is mother of two children and its age is private. This goes against the ideas of the original history of mangá, where the queen of the moon can only have a child. It seems that in this version it is not queen. It seems to continue unskillful as always, arriving behind and taking quarrels of its son older Chibi the

Aino, Minako
Minako is married assistant of director of a comedy and is very happy for having increased its collection of autographs. It takes its son, Aino Min, every day to visit sets of filming and to attend shows.

Kino, Makoto
Makoto is married the 7 years, opened its proper business and is helped by its husband. It is the mother of Kino Mako

Mizuno, Ami
Ami is married a doctor and it also she is a doctor. It is mother of the Mizuno Ami.

Hymn, King
King is married a priest, and it he is professor in a school. It gives lessons of calligraphy in its house and is mother of Hymn King.

Tomoe, Hotaru
Hotaru is introduced in history as " Tomoe Hotaru - 9 ª series " it is in the same series that Chibi the USA and is its schoolmate.

Tsukino, Chibi The USA
Chibi the USA is introduced in the hist'roia as "Tsukino the Chibi-USA - 9ª series. (older Son of the Tsukino family.)" theoretically she is saying that it is the first son of the Tsukino family, and that of this time she did not come of the future. It continues implying with its mother XD.

Tsukino, Kousagi
This small garotinha is introduced as "Tsukino Kousagi - 3ª series. (Second son of the Tsukino family.)" what she means that it is the sister new of Chibi the USA It she eats everything what she sees and she seems to have fear of cats. The other girls consider it very idiotic and alone the mothers walk with it pq are friends. Its nickname is "Chibi."

Aino, Mine
This small garotinha is introduced as "Aino Mine - 3ª series. (older Son of the Aino family.) It walks with the others 3 girls and she only tolerates Kousagi because its mothers are friends.

Kino, Mako
This small garotinha is introduced as "Kino Mako - 3ª series. (older Son of the Kino family.) It walks with the others 3 girls and she only tolerates Kousagi because its mothers are friends.

Mizuno, Ami
This small garotinha is introduced as "Mizuno Ami - 3ª series. (older Son of the Mizuno family.) It is always of eyeglasses and loading books (she seems familiar). It walks with the others 3 girls and she only tolerates Kousagi because its mothers are friends.

Hymn, King
This small garotinha is introduced as "Hymn King - 3ª series. (older Son of the family Hymn.) It walks with the others 3 girls and she only tolerates Kousagi because its mothers are friends.

The Good looking One
This small good looking one (q strangely very is seemed chibi chibi XD) appears for Kousagi to help it if to transform it using "Parallel Moon Power! Make Up " It has a form half-human being when she speaks with Kousagi (half pq it continues with the ears and tail XD).

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna
In this history they are teaching the girls to cook. They are only seen in the last page of mangá, when they find its pupils (Ami, King, Mine, Mako and Kousagi) after sleeping to arrive atrazadas.

Mamoru is married Tsukino, Usagi. It is the father of two children, Chibi the USA and Kousagi. It only appears in a picture.


Hmm, I don't think I've ever called that nameless pink cat "the good looking one". And who is Chibi THE usa? I had no idea that was a title to be had.
Our last one is from last page, I promise, and is the Google translated version of the Parallel manga...

This is the translation of the script of the mini-sleeve that was published in the Materials Collection. I translated it of the script in English of the page of Alex Glover. If you wish to use this in your site, please escribime ok?
P to r to l l and l S to i l or r m or or n

Julio of 1999.
In the evening, in certain dimension, certain planet, certain country, certain city...

"Yahoo! Again! (Oh, I am so bad jeje)
Minako Aino.
Mother. (Secret Age)
"Oh, Ami-chan. It is well taking a walk in that dressing gown of doctor? Your also Rei-chan, with those clothes."
Lita Kino.
Mother. (Secret Age)
"Pardon" it says Mine. "You arrived 33 minutes and 49 seconds it takes! Today I am working in the clinic in the building of a lado."s
Ami Mizuno.
Mother. (Secret Age)
"I will return to purify the new building in the vencindario"
King Hino.
Mother. (Secret Age)
"Hey" it says Mine. "How the businesses go" "To be married according to seven years (and living together by two), it was my dream," it says Lita. "Finally, finally I have my own business, helped by my amiable husband, am so happy! Since are been you Mine? "I am entreneniendo myself much" it says Mine. "Like always, I every day take to my daughter of visit sets of soap operas and shows of variety. Also I increased my collection of autographs. And all this is thanks to my husband! (You want to go to a concert with me???)" "Your husband is a producer of soap operas truth" Ami says. "Attending of director of a comedy", it says Mine. "Rei-chan," says Lita. "It is truth that your husband is working as priest in the temple and also teaches in a school? That is terrible! (you cannot make it resign)" "it does not have case," says King. "He says that he cannot resign." "Rei-chan," says Ami. "It is certain that you began to give classes of handwriting in your house? He takes care of well of my daughter. It is always playing with the computer, reason why its writing is a little poor." "No" it says Mine. "Ami-chan, you cannot force it to learn! It will not develop the abundant one to be able creative of your daughter! Still if it cannot write, saves money for the school."
The fist of Ami strikes the face of Mine.
"We are doctors very poor workers and in house" Ami says. "(there is no surcharge, truth Rei-chan)" "That '" it says Mine. "the work of your husband is easy to include/understand if you can read"
Four girls with the hair as of their mothers appear near them.
"She sucks '! We go away to the kitchen classes " the children say. "Oh! Still they are aqui '." "four do not persecute strangers you." "it cheers to Me that they are going to play. When they estan in my house, I clean and clean, but before giving account me, the house is a chaos sea." "That is the law of the increase of the entropy" says Ami. "Huh" it says Mine. "Entropy???".
A girl with pink hair or balls finished in end and a girl with the long dark hair until shoulders appear, both using eyeglasses and uniforms of school.
"Then, where it is the today meeting" "the Chibi-USA-chan! Hotaru-chan "
The Chibi-USA Tsukino.
Ninth Year. (greater Daughter of the Tsukino family).Hotaru Tomoe.
Ninth Year.
"My goal is the best place of studies of Japan, right like my Sempai", says the Chibi-USA. "Then conviertete in a bureaucrat and controls the country" says Hotaru. "They found to Chibi" King asks. "Apparently our Chibi had like task of taking care of the rabbits." it says the Chibi-USA. "When I went to look for it, she was slept. (She lost in stone-paper-scissors)". "That is fantastic" it says the Lita."Chibi-USA-cahn, you went to look for Chibi-chan " "He is single that she had to learn things today" says the Chibi-USA. "That girl... goes taking hold things in the way and soon she eats them, and my mother is very idiot as to realize". "Pardon to arrive late"
Tsukino Night love song
Mother of two. (Secret Age).
"Calm! You are the protagonist, how many pages we must esperarte! (What you were doing)" "It is that" it says Night love song. "When I put new shoes, it is difficult to walk" "Only ponte another thing and sees with us"
King: Zoori [ straw sandals ].
Ami: Sandals.
Mine: Beach sandals.
Lita: Geta [ wood pile shoes ]
"Oh, Rini, what you do aqui '" it asks Night love song.
Rini the sight fixedly, showing two sheets of paper to him.
"Exigency of payment by the honoraria of the school of your greater daughter, demand of payment by the lunch of your smaller daughter, and today you lost a meeting. You closed the house when you left "
The eyes of Night love song fill of tears, and begins to cry to shouts.
"You are so bad" "Good, we have classes, so..."
Rini and Hotaru go away.
"It goes, speaking by I telephone all the day, joining itself in meetings every week, to maintain conversations trivial". "the housewives do not have other hobbies". "Those five are like adoptive sisters".
Aino Mine
Third Year. (greater Daughter of the Aino family).
"Ah, then that is why they do what they want. And our papas cannot think ".
Lita Kino.
Third Year. (greater Daughter of the Kino family).
"the name of its weekly meeting is" the Meeting of the Sailor Muscular ".
King Hino.
Third Degree. (greater Daughter of the Hino family).
"He is pathetic".
Ami Mizuno.
Third Degree. (greater Daughter of the Mizuno family).
"What we do now" she asks Mine. "We go to the Tsuzuku Studies in Juuban! Why we did not hope to that the boys leave " "I want to go to Shibuya to see a little clothes" Lita says. "I am going away to house to sleep" says King. "I to Jinbouchou will see books" says Ami. "There is a place in Jinbouchou where they do delicious curry! Kousagi wants to go to Jinbouchou "
A girl with two pairs of balls tied in its hair, eating an ice cream, jadea while she tries to reach to the rest of the girls. Kousagi Tsukino.
Third degree. (Second daughter of the Tsukino family).
"Finally I could reach them" Kousagi says. "it already gave hunger me to have run, We are going to eat something"
The four girls watch it fixedly.
"It is aqui '." she says Mine. "human the digestive organo". "Eating something again". "It must be an extinguishing one of fire", says Lita. "Vámonos".
[ the Japanese words for "digestive organo" and "fire extinguisher" sound equal, so it is like a joke which says to Lita ]. The four run quickly.
"Hey, hopes" Kousagi says. "they do not leave me".
It takes a step forwards and its face in the ground trips over a rock, striking. It begins to cry.
"Waaah! My ice cream " "Who invited it, that payasa" says King. "Our mothers are friends, so there is nothing we pruned to do" says Mine. "Ami-chan, llévanos to Jinbouchou" says Lita. "What so if we left it in the place where they do curry". "it will cost to Us much to arrive there, so of no way" Ami says. "Good, who will take care of of her" Lita says.
They prepare its fist.
"One, two --" Kousagi shouts:
"Oh no! A cat! A pink cat "
A small cat with an increasing moon in the forehead feels on its feet.
"Amazing! He is really pink " it says Mine. "it is not a violation of the Treaty of Washington" Ami says. "Oh, is beautiful" Lita says. "She is so small" King says.
Many cats set a trap them in the street and the trees
"No! No! The cats come by my ' " Kousagi shouts. "Wow! How many cats joined themselves "says King. "It will be because this kitten is the daughter of some of them"
Mine passes the kitten to him to Kousagi.
"That comedian" he says Mine. "There is a cat in the house of Kousagi, but she hates the cats"
Kousagi sneezes.
"Kousagi, you can come with us" says Mine pícaramente, smiling. "In serious" Kousagi says.
All prepares paa to play stone-paper-scissors.
"One, two, three, now"
Kousagi removes to scissors and the rest paper.
"I did It! I did it " Kousagi says. "Well, today it is the day in which the winner... loads the knapsacks of the others"
All throws their knapsacks to them to Kousagi.
"Since loads our knapsacks, also bring the cat" it says Mine. "Encuéntranos in Shibuya. We will go ahead "
The four girls run.
"Hey" Kousagi says. "Ami-chan! Rei-chan! Lita-chan! Mine-chan "
The cat rises to him at the top.
"I finish remembering" it says. "Today it is the kitchen class! Oh no "
They take hold chills to him. Low the cat of its head.
"Ugh. The caramel which you eat in the dentist to practice your cepillado, causes that the food in your mouth becomes pink... This cat shines exactly of that color! Hatred "
It takes hold the knapsacks and the cat and begins to run.
"But! The girls safe went to eat fruit sandwiches, and are very rare! I must eat some "
Kousagi runs behind the girls.
"They hope! They do not leave me back! Ami-chan! Rei-chan! Mako-chan! Mine-chan " "persiguio '" says Lita to Us. "Kousagi really loves making purchases" says Ami. "Fast! Let us go to the station of trains " "Why they leave me back" Kousagi says. "If we bring to that idiot of Kousagi with us, we will consume much energy" says Ami.
A light begins to shine in the sky on them. People begin to watch it.
"Oh, is very shining" it says to a girl, covering itself the eyes.
The four girls stop and observe the mysterious light.
"What is that" Lita says. "Perhaps it is not the Sun" Ami says. "it is making noise" King says. "A Ufo" it says Mine. "a meteorite" "What is that"
The aumentea sound and the light cover all the scene.
"I see It" Ami thinks. "That light is not of which it exists in this planet" "I feel It" King thinks. "This wind is not of the atmosphere of this planet" "I listen to It" Lita thinks. "This sound is not of this planet" "I smell It! I smell it " it thinks Mine. "His it presmokes is not of anything of this planet" "It collection" they think at the same time. "It is east planet in danger" "Where it is Kousagi" "We must help Kousagi"
People shout while the light becomes more shining and the wind increases. Kousagi shouts because it is thrown far by the wind and it is struck.
"Please, perdoname to have the same pink color that the caramel to examine the bacterial plate". "Uhhh..." Kousagi is on its awares.
A small girl with cat ears and a tail float in front of in the air her.
"Your head is pink"
Kousagi floats surrounded by brubujas.
"I,,,?!" "Do ' - do ' - do ' - where I am! Oh no! I am... dead " "Yes, thus it is".
Kousagi shouts.
"it cannot be! No! It sucks '! Pope '! Llévenme of return " "it was joking, was only one joke" the girl says. "To die he is so bad" "There are so many things that I have still not eaten" "Good, she listens what I go to decirte. I want that you become and you save east planet ". "Then..." Kousagi says Finally "I was chosen" "Huh" the girl says. "My papa said that my language is one that almost is not seen at this time, a" all-consuming language of food scrap iron "! And that algun day I would be chosen, and that this language would save the world ". "That did not save it '". "Then I do not want" says Kousagi. "I do not like the dangerous things". "If you become, something good will happen. Ami-chan, Rei-chan, Lita-chan and Mine-chan will be your followers, Kousagi-chan. You are a princess, Kousagi-chan. You will do it " "hare '"
The small taking of the hand to Kousagi.
"I gave this: Parallel Moon Power! Transformation "
Kousagi appears in a sailor suit, with a clasp and the jewel of its tiara in form of the head of a rabbit.
"What? It cannot be " "Kousagi" The four girls float on you take care of it, dressing their respective suits sailor senshi. "Ami-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan, Mine-chan! From today I am a princess! We will save this planet " They watch at the shining sphere in the space. "She is here" Kousagi says. "We destroy it" The ball begins to turn. "a fire ball! No, that is... that is... " As the sphere approaches, hundreds of small rabbits can be seen meeting forming a giant rabbit. "It is a great amount of conejos!!!""Cuál is the natural enemy of the conejos?""Gatos" it says to Kousagi."Huh!?""Una mountain of cats" Kousagi takes hold a book on cats that Ami has in its hands. "They watch, is in the book" it says. "It says that they eat rabbits! Bring those cats, apresúrense " Los cats is elevated in the air, having formed a giant cat. "giant Unánse and vuélvanse, and devour the rabbits! Cats, cats, vuelvanse a mountain of cats! We go " The giant cat opens its mouth and devours the giant ball of rabbits. The girls lie in the floor, sleeping. "No..." Lita."El does not murmur cat ate the rabbit..." murmurs Rei."Los enemy natural of the rabbits are the cats..." murmur Mine and Ami. "(That us the idiot of Kousagi)""Carne of rabbit taught to it, eh..." murmurs Kousagi. "I will prove a little...""Ustedes... "says Michiru, that it is stopped in front of them with Haruka and Setsuna. "Falling asleep besides to arrive late! They must be locas!"."H-Huh " The girls awake. "we are Suddenly in the kitchen class" Lita says. "What I sound... A dream where I hard became and I worked next to Kousagi"."Un dream where all we worked very hard... "says Kousagi."Qué " they say Mine, Ami and Rei. "the same dream" Kousagi watches downwards. The pink cat yaws the eye to him. "Sometimes, a toast per 1999, the Year of the Conejo.Fin.Marzo of 1999 is not sueño". . Naoko Takeuchi.

Hmm, this Chibi the Usa person, and her mother, Night Love Song must be pretty important to be featured on so many of these sites. And Apperantly, these senshi are really feminine looking gentlemen as so many of them are referred to as either "son" or "him". That explains a few sites that I've been to. (You weirdoes!) I'm sure their parents are still proud, cross-dressing aside.

And here's one from a fanfic site in Germany. This one can be found here.

Kousagi Tsukino

Older : 14
Strenzeichen : Cancer
Size : 165 cm
Hair color : Pink
Eye color : Blue
Favourite animal : Hare
Eats gladly : Sweets
Hears gladly : Dance and House
Bersonderheiten : Katzenfobie
Protection planet : Moon
Leibligs fan : Mathe, music and art
Hated fan : Sport, languages and physics

Kousagi Tsukino is the secondaryborn daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Tsukino.
their nut/mother wants that it a vernuenpftige princess becomes, thus her together with her sister, lady Tsukino (Chibiusa) Kristal Tokyo in the future fuerhen can. Kousagi hates it however a princess to be. "much too much responsibility" means they and makes only which it pleases. in order even on own legs to be able, live they stand with its older sister Chibiusa and go their day daily on the nerves. Together with its bessten friend she tries by trains herself to strike, which has however often hurdles.

that can become cheerful!

Nut mother eh?

Perhaps someday, Google and AltaVista will fix all the bugs in these translation devices, so we may all understand each other a little better. But for now, I'll just bask in the glory of Chibi THE usa, Tsukino Night Love Song, and Kousagi's cat, The Good Looking One.