Bijutsukan Kokoro

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Sailor Urban Moon by Codename Sailor Earth

This is the official Moon Sisters Art Gallery. From 2005 to 2008, I received numerous requests for a Fanart gallery. I must admit I was against the idea at first, but then I started receiving some really great art from persistent fans. And so, Bijutsukan Kokoro is dedicated to you, the faithful.


Rules for Fanart submission:

1. All mediums are welcome. (Photoshop, paint, cosplay, pencil, marker, crayon, doll, statue, MS Paint, Re-colors, ECT.)

2. PLEASE include your name/pen name/Gaia name with each submission. NO ANNONYMOUS SIGN INS!!

3. Entries made from ,, KISS dolls, video game screen caps or any other "cheat" way to make art are also accepted.

4. All images are subject to approval. As owner I have the right to reject any image for any reason. I also have the right to clean up any image received, to showcase your hidden talent. (I have software that can white balance.)

5. images, Photobucket and links are also accepted. ^_^ If you already have something posted on another page, go ahead and email me the link to it.


Please send all art submissions to


And now, the submissions.
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Older dolls appear below.


First up, some pics I drew that I couldn't find a spot for on the main Gallery. I've been a fan of Sailormoon since 1995 when I was 8 going on 9 years old. At age 25, I guess you could say my admiration for the series has grown.

Codename Sailor Earth:
A picture I drew of Sailor Chibi Moon when I was just turning 12.
Sailor Urban Moon. I made this after I first saw PGSM. I was so dismayed at what I had seen, that I took a spare Sailor Moon doll I have, and I re-did her hair this way to show how I felt that Toei cared more about money than their fans.
A doll I made through Sailor Orion's Generator Kiss game.
A doll I made of my Gaia self.
A doll I made of my Bootylicious self
A doll I made of myself if I knew Karate.
A doll I made of myself with messy hair on
Two generic dollar store "pixie" dolls that I dressed up as Chibiusa and Kousagi in kindergarten clothes.
Entry I sent to TRSE for a contest I entered under my old AOL screen name of
Tek Tek Chibi Moon with Peruru's wings
Tek Tek Kousagi
Kousagi and a lollipop (Hand Drawn)
Tek Tek Usagi and Luna?!?!
Prince Consort Peruru and Princess Kousagi (Hand Drawn)
Mnemosyne Tek Tek
Sailor Miku (Hatsune Miku as a Sailor Senshi?!)
Vocaloid Chibiusa?
Vocaloid Kousagi?
Minako Aino concept drawing
Minako and Mina ~ Concept sketch for Parallel Sailormoon Trailer #5
Baby Kousagi, looking dramatic
Black Lady taunts Kousagi
Doll art ~ Mermaid Amazoness Quartet
Doll Art ~ Mermaid Chibiusa and Kousagi
Doll Art ~ Fairy Chibiusa and Kousagi with butterfly chains
Sailor Servbot
Occupy Toei
Painting of a Girly Sailor Moon
Painting of Chibiusa, returning to the 30th Century
Eternal Sailor Moon looks to the Cosmos...
Baby Chibiusa, Luna-P and Usagi dolls
2013 Anime Reboot or BUST!
What happens when they ran out of planets, moons and asteroids to name Senshi after...

Disney Sailor Moon
NOTE: I hereby apologize. Regards, Codename Sailor Earth.
Ami Mizuno
Black Lady
Usagi Tsukino
Haruka Ten'
Hotaru Tomoe
Michiru Kai'
Princess Serenity
Queen Serenity
Codename Sailor V
Setsuna Mei


Lady Gallifrey M (My real life Mama!):

A birthday card my Mama made for me when I turned 12!


Captain Willow/Codename Sailor Water:

A Doll Palace art depicting Codename Sailor Earth in a magical forest.

Captain Willow in Senshi mode.

A Moon Sisters banner.

Codename Sailor Earth in spherical glory!


Princess Serenity 1987

Green haired Codename Sailor Earth, Sailormoon Gaia style!

Green Haired Earth, Chibimoon style!

Tektek Version of Ellys

Sailor Crystal Moon


Sailor Music


Tihana Hrgovic

Video Game close up of Kousagi

Video Game close up of Kousagi's cat

Video Game close up of Chibi Chibi with reddish brown eyes

Video Game close up of Diana, fully grown looking serious.

Video Game close up of Sailor Parallel Moon

Chibi Chibi all cute, age 10

Ready for a fight, Chibi Chibi age 10.

Parallel Chibiusa, no glasses.

Middle School Chibiusa, a wink and a smile!

Video Game close-up of Super Sailor Moon.

Neo Queen Kousagi sprite.

Super Sailor Parallel Moon Sprite.

Sprite of angel Kousagi in a pink dress with her sister's hairstyle.

Sailor Parallel Moon, mid transformation sprite.

Chibi Neo Queen Kousagi sprite.

Chibi Princess Kousagi sprite.

Chibi Chibi close-up

Kousagi's cat (TINY)

Diana (TINY)

Good Tin Nyanko Sprite
Ultimate Cast
Prototype Cosmos


Hana Tsukino (Mizuki)
Self portrait of Hana in her Senshi Fuku. (Kousagi and Peruru's angelic child)
Hana with Ellys's daughter, Maiden.


Sailor Silence Moon
Codename Sailor Earth ~ Gaia Style Close up!
Blue haired Sailor Elysion Doll
Super Sailor Elysion Moon
Maiden goes shopping at Wal*Mart??

GS Princess Usagi Moon 1
The new breed of Sailor Senshi (Kawaii!!)

Dylan Widener
Chibi Chibi ~ Light of Hope (Impression)

Sailor Angel

DeviantArt: Sailor Angel
Princess Elysion Serenity ~ Moon Royalty. ~ Original art piece can be found here.

Sailor Spacey/Moon Princess Bunny 89
Princess Lady Serenity and Princess Kousagi (Hope)

Moon Sisters Art Contest Winner From December 18, 2009
Natz/Natalie/Destiny Star Productions
Sailor Parallel Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

Sailor Chibi Pluto
Sailor Elysion Moon ~ Mid Change tektek

Alexa Stock
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon ~ Pink Heart

ZS Sailor Capricorn
Sailor Parallel Earth Tektek


ZS Sailor Virgo
Emo Super Sailor Chibi Moon (Emailed in by Emo Chibiusa)
Star Sailor Silence Moon (Emailed in by Emo Chibiusa)
Orange and Blue Sailor Parallel Moon


GS Sailor Chibi Uranus ~ Skya Ten'oh
Chibi Codename Sailor Earth


Moon Sisters Art Contest Winner for June 30th 2010 ~ Kimmie The Healer
Chibiusa and Kousagi enjoying their cake


Sailor Midnight
Emo Princess Lady Serenity (Emailed in by Emo Chibiusa)

Sailor Emo Chibi Moon


Hotaru, and an Alternate Earth celebrate Chibiusa and Kousagi's birthday


Swapped Aged Sisters celebrate a birthday with Sailor Moon

Christine Taylor
Inheritors of the Moon
Royal Moon Cats
Moon Royalty 1 2


Lori Buman

Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Parallel Moon

Two Princesses

Credit for the blank to Lorelei

Sailor Chibi Parallel Moon

Sailor Parallel Moon

Moon Sisters


Hoshiarashi and Seishin Tamashii
Princess Lady Serenity and Kousagi

Neo Queen Serenity and her daughters

Moon Sisters Art book


Sailor Heart 98
Teen Kousagi


Helios is um...
Injured Ellys
Neo Chibi Moon Concept
Chibiusa's Dream exposed!!
Princess Lady Serenity and Ellys 2
Princess Lady Serenity and Ellys with roses
I know what you did with my daughter...
Princess Lady Serenity expecting Ellys
Chibiusa and Kousagi switch ages part 1 and part 2
Oh baby?
Chibiusa and Helios ~ A Secret Rendezvous?
Princess Lady Serenity, as her mother's image
Poppy Anemone Lady Serenity
Princess Lady Serenity with Helios's mark

Sailor Neko Cosmos
The first hurrah
The first cast

Usagi through time
A Chibi Senshi
Chibi Chibi 1 2 3
Chibiusa 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Jun Jun 1 2
Makoto 1 2 3 4
Kousagi 1 2 3 4 5
Palla Palla 1 2
Queen Serenity
Sailor Rabbit
Setsuna 1 2 3
Usagi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Eternal Sailor Moon
Butterfly Sailor Moon
Angel Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Tek Tek Prince Endymion
Human and Cat Artemis
Candy Stripes Kousagi
A new Breed ~ Butterflies and Roses
Tuxedo Mask Tek Tek
Double Rainbow Moon


YouTube :
Kousagi Tek Tek 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The Princess
Kousagi ~ Bunny Keeper
Bunny Kousagi
Fall Kousagi
Red Coat Kousagi
Maiden Kousagi
Manga Kousagi
Sailor Parallel Moon 1 2 3 4 5
Princess Kousagi
Queen Kousagi 1 2
School Kousagi
Winter Kousagi
Kousagi going to school


Sasha as Neo Queen Serenity
What happens when a Bratz doll meets Sailor Moon 1 2
What happens when a Moxie doll meets Sailor Moon 1 2


Codename Sailor Blossom Powerpuff
Tektek 1 2 3
Sailor Megurine Luka Tektek
Sailor Moon Tektek
Usagi as James Bond
Chibi Moon finds Sailor Moon as James Bond
IMVU Sailor Mercury


Sailor Doll
Kousagi Doll
Photo of a rare (and real) Irwin prototype Chibiusa figure
Happy Kousagi Doll


Raven Bakura Cullen
Parallel Sailor Senshi for Codename Sailor Earth


Sailor Golden Heart/CuteChongAlt
Hotaru and little Ellys
Short Hair Codename Sailor Earth


Moon Sisters Collage


Sailor Cerise
Usagi's alternate universe daughters: Sailor Solar Moon and Sailor Lunar Moon
Sailor Cosmos with her hair down


Heavenly Queens ~ Gender bends of the Four Generals
Naru and Serenity ~ Moon Princesses
Princess Naru and King Nephrite ~ My Only Love
Naru cosplaying as Sailor Venus
Princess Serenity
Naru Osaka ~ Princess Theia
Sailor Cosmos ~ Princess
Sailor Harleena

Sailor Nebula
Adult Chibiusa in braids
Teen Chibiusa playing violin
Little Ellys
Little Mizuki
Adult Princess Kousagi
Princess Lady Serenity
Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion
Rei Jr all grown up
Sailor Cosmos and her child
Sailor Neo Moon
Sailor Saturn ~ Dropping the Glaive
Sailor Venus and Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi Super Sailor Moon
Supreme Sailor Neo Moon


Lakshimi Moon


La Luna Splende
Sailor Hydra


Moon Prism Otaku
Codename Sailor Earth Transformation
Codename Sailor Earth