Hell Babies! ~ The bane of the Moon Princesses

On this portion to the site, we will take a brief examination of the many notorious villains to torment the Moon Princesses. Including differences between the anime and manga versions of some of these vicious hell spawn, as although they are evil, in their own twisted ways, they helped to shape the futures and well beings of our Moon Sisters.

Note: Although Sailor Galaxia and her minions count as second to the ultimate of all villains, they're still Sailor Senshi. For more information on Galaxia and the Animamates, please visit my page on the Court to the Neo Family. You can also learn about the Four Generals, as they too count as Senshi. I also recommend seeing The Royal Court page, as their story also applies to this page. Please visit them, to whet your appetite for the following. Thanks!

Though she never met either Chibiusa or Kousagi, Queen Beryl is somewhat responsible for the events leading up to the sisters' eventual training as Senshi, as Beryl was their mother and father's first known threat.

The very first Sailormoon villain is also the best remembered amongst new and veteran fans alike. Devious, cruel, cowardly, Queen Beryl was born on Earth during the era of the Silver Millennium. She envied the inhabitants of the Moon Kingdom. She secretly desired Prince Endymion and wished to wed him, use his fame and image to gain control over other territories and eventually rule the universe. However, the virile prince had already fallen for the young and innocent Princess Serenity. Not so much heartbroken as much as pissed as all hell, she turned to Queen Metallia for help. Metallia (a form of or "child" of Chaos if you will) endowed the spiteful mistress with undue powers. Her first order of business was to kill the princess. (Thinking in her twisted lil' head that killing Serenity would somehow give her a shot at being with Endymion.) In the anime version of this part, Endymion makes it clear he has no intentions with her, so Beryl kills them both. In the manga however, she reaches to kill Serenity, but Endymion takes the attack instead and dies almost instantly, causing the princess to use the sword he was stabbed with to kill herself. In any case, after the death of the Senshi and almost all of the surrounding court, Queen Serenity sealed her away. Centuries later, Beryl awakens to find that the prince and all of the Senshi, including Serenity (now Usagi/Serena) have been reincarnated. Overzealous with joy, the wicked bitch decides to aid Metallia (also revived...barely) by stealing the Imperial Silver Crystal. After a long assed time of trying to figure out who Sailor Moon is ...
(since nobody at this point could tell that in all of Japan, there's only ONE BLOND HAIRED,BLUE EYED,ODANGO WEARING TEENAGE CHICK WITH A BLACK TALKING CAT WITH POWERS NUMBNUTS!!! Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah.)

She kidnaps Tuxedo Mask (Endymion/Mamoru/Darien) and possesses him. She goes on to use him for errands, battles against our Senshi and I don't even want to speculate what else, I'm just thankful that proctologists are still available for evil bitch cases like these. (Just scrub it with Comet© and a Brillo® pad and be done with it!) To break down what happens next, I'm just gonna separate the ending into two sections, one for the manga and one for the anime.

Anime ending:
Beryl continued to use Endymion until the last 3 episodes, where Sailor Venus found an
entrance towards where Beryl was hiding. The North Pole, or D. point.
(Well, I guess she didn't make Santa's list. Ho ho ho ... Gomen Nasai ... -_-)
After killing Kunzite, the Senshi travel north, each being slain by Beryl's minions, until Sailor Moon is at last the only one left alive. (These episodes are a lot cooler than you think!) While grieving their loss, Sailor Moon is kidnapped by Beryl and hauled to the inside of her castle. Sailor Moon is attacked by Endymion but she heals him with the memory of their love.
(I see some future S&M issues here.) But before they can put this shit behind them, Beryl lobs a very large assed spike at them. Endymion uses a rose he pulled from oh dear God my third eye is blind now village, and stabs her. He later dies in Sailor Moon's arms. (Yes, this does mean that Kousagi and Chibiusa are technically zombie babies. BOO!) Metallia fuses with Beryl, she kills Sailor Moon, but Moon comes back as Princess Serenity, and with the powers of her dead friends, Serenity blows Beryl and Metallia into asphalt before dying of overexertion. With her dying breath, she uses the crystal once more to revive Mamoru, the Senshi and herself ... ...
minus their memories ... Aw shit!

Manga ending:
Beryl used Endymion to do her evil bidding. While possessed, only Usagi had any inkling that it was really him underneath (since everyone else am be moranz.).He possessed Motoki (Andrew/the arcade guy) and tried to posses Usagi too. He also possessed Makoto (Lita/Sailor Jupiter) and almost succeeded through her in taking the crystal. After a lengthily battle between himself and the Senshi, Beryl made herself known to them all. After trying to kill Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus stabbed her to death with the sword destined to protect the princess. This unleashed Metallia's seal (sort of.) and Endymion kidnapped Venus, causing Sailor Moon to venture after him. She saved Venus, but out of despair, stabbed Endymion and herself, and a pillar of crystal surrounded and protected them while they were inside Metallia's body.(Oh just eww.) Meanwhile, the Senshi got their asses kicked. But when it seemed that the world would end, the newly revived Prince and Princess (as Moon and Tuxedo) gathered up their strength (as well as Luna's power too.) and they killed off Metallia. Happy ending, right?...Right?

Close, but nooooo cigar.

Though some question how in the anime Endymion managed to get out from under Beryl's grasp, I don't. Here's how it works: (Beryl shoulda thought of this)

Endymion: Hmm... Beryl Bitch or Moon twit? Hmm...

(Looks to Beryl, turns back and looks to Moon.)

Endymion: Pros and cons...
Queen Beryl=Endless Power.
Sailor Moon=Pretty virgin.
Queen Beryl=Control over
Dark Kingdom
Sailor Moon=Pretty virgin.
Queen Beryl=Nightly feasts cooked to perfection from here to eternity
Sailor Moon=Pretty virgin.
Queen Beryl=Universal healthcare and free beer for life
Sailor Moon=...Pretty virgin.
Queen Beryl=Finest clothes and handspun silks
Sailor Moon=... ...Pretty virgin.
Queen Beryl=Free cable
Sailor Moo-

(Sailor Moon holds the Moon Locket closer to him as light shoots forth.)

Sailor Moon: Please Mamoru! I know you're not evil. Mamo-chan...If you believe in me, I can save you. I can help you regain your memory please!

Endymion: ... ... ...

Sailor Moon: All you have to do is touch it ... ! ..

Endymion: Queen Beryl=evil beyotch.
Sailor Moon=Pretty virgin...who wants me!?!?

And thus we have Chibiusa and Kousagi.

The Materials Collection artbook mentions that Beryl was always worried about the interior of the palace. To that end, the back is always a place of total darkness.

On a side note, Queen Beryl was the very first villain to be given a full statistic sheet in North America! On the back of the box for the 1995 edition 6 inch Queen Beryl doll was a clip out trading card. Here are her statistics from Bandai and DiC:

Name: Queen Beryl
Age: Twenty Something
Birthday: November 1st
Likes: Anarchy, Bedlam & Chaos-
(Read my notes on Chaos below to get the joke!)
Dislikes: Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts
Hobbies: Snooping, Spying and Sabotage
Special Strength: Ability to control henchmen
Favorite Food: Liver
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Animal: Scorpion
Favorite topic of conversation: World Domination

While the anime Senshi where trying to regain their memories, the first 13 episodes of SailormoonR were invaded by aliens. (I wish I was kidding.) Descendants from the Doom Tree, Alan and Ann (Ali and En) had drifted onto Earth with their tree in tow, after their home planet was destroyed. The youngest and only surviving children of the Doom Tree, they had not only watched on as their older brothers and sisters killed each other, but also watched their entire race die out and decay right before there young eyes, the bodies absorbing right back into their mother, as ashened flesh returns to the soil. After losing all of their family, the children traveled with their mother tree for a near suitable replacement home, Earth. Assuming human guises, they attended school with Usagi. By day, they fought with Mamoru and Usagi over who gets to date whom (Alan wanted Usagi and Ann wanted Mamoru) and by night, they would do battle with Sailor Moon and the Moonlight Night (Mamoru's subconscious) , and solicit the services of their Cardian Baddies of the day. Aside from this they had two other problems: One, If the tree dies, they die...and the damned thing's dying. So they decided to suck up bio-energy from humans to make it better. (That's like tossing a cripple down a flight of stairs.) And second, they were the only surviving children of the Doom tree and had fallen in love with each other and couldn't figure out how to tell each other...despite the fact that they're brother and sis ... sis ...Sister Mother OF PEARL THAT'S JUST PLAIN SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!! EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWE



Anyhoo, long story short, after 13 episodes of ACK, the tree is reborn and the 3 aliens decide to go bug some other planet. I need a shower.

On a side note, Alan and Ann's Japanese names FOR REAL are Ali and En.

Ali...En... ALIEN?? Who thought of that?? Shame. I wish I was kidding, but it's on the DVD as well as on the official merchandise for SailormoonR. Oh well, at least it's not as strange as "Alanann".

Incidentally, a third supposed incarnation of the Doom Tree, Fiore, was made known in the
SailormoonR movie. Weather he really is of direct relation to Alan, Ann or the Doom Tree is unknown, but his history with Mamoru would hold a major impact on the remainder of the movie.

Fiore spent his very first years of life wandering space in a literal bubble, until weakened and
Suffering from neglect and starvation, he crash landed on planet Earth. When he awoke, he found that he had landed in front of the very same hospital that a six-year-old Mamoru was staying at. Mamoru was still suffering from injuries suffered in the car crash that killed his parents and gave him amnesia, and the two boys found peace with each other for a short time. Unfortunately though, Fiore discovered that due to Earth's atmosphere and such, he could not survive for very much longer. Before he left though, Mamoru gave Fiore a rose, a gift the young alien would always treasure. Saying good-bye, Fiore promised to return one day with a flower even more beautiful just for Mamoru...

We wish he didn't.
He spent all of his childhood and teenage years searching for that one flower to give to his "special" friend, before finally finding the Kisenian blossom...a flower once banished from the Silver Millennium! (Uh-oh!)

Meanwhile, Mamoru had grown up, and could no longer remember the alien tike. Only recalling that for one week or two, he had a comforting image of a lonely little boy, and thus he had concluded that the boy was only a figment of his imagination during a time of distress. (Let's not forget just how many times he's been dropped on his damned soft lil' head and that by now he's had at least 3 bouts of amnesia.) Mamoru at this point had already met and fallen for Usagi, and together they were raising 30th Century Chibiusa as their daughter.
(Both from a biological and an emotional standpoint, and since they FINALLY knew who she was.) Fiore met up with them at a botanical garden one day, and was rather disheartened to say the least when he found this out, and was also quite jealous that "some blond-haired blue eyed twit called Bunny (Usagi) had just up and stolen his special man!". Refusing to stand for this, Fiore returned the next day, and used his Kisenian bitch blossoms to attack the Senshi, and almost succeeded in killing Chibiusa and Usagi. After a lengthy battle, Tuxedo Mask arrived and tried to coax Fiore into forgiveness. However the blossom took hold of Fiore's mind, and Fiore tried to kill Sailor Moon, only Tuxedo Mask took the blow. Fiore then kidnapped Tuxedo Mask and held him as his hostage on the comet he had hijacked as his own. (He only wanted his love slave back.) Fiore would do battle with Sailor Moon, and again almost killed her, when Tuxedo Mask shot him with a rose. (The symbol of their friendship.) Fiore now heartbroken, decided to kill the others and himself by colliding with Earth. When Sailor Moon used the crystal and was about to become Princess Serenity, Fiore grabbed the crystal, in hopes of negating that power. However, the crystal purified him, and showed him that the rose Mamoru initially gave him came from a young Usagi, who was celebrating the birth of her younger brother Shingo. Overwhelmed by this and the power of the crystal, Fiore died. But when Sailor Moon was at Death's door herself, Fiore's soul came back to give Mamoru the blossom containing his life essence. Mamoru drank from this, and used his kiss to deliver the essence to Sailor Moon, bringing her back to life.

30th century Chibiusa's first taste of "Queen Dom" came courtesy of one of the worst things to ever happen to her.

A few centuries before Chibiusa left for the past, A madman calling himself "Dictator" Death Phantom revived the crime and murder that Neo Queen Serenity had tried so valiantly to eradicate. The queen fought bitterly, and he was captured. But since he had started life as a human and still had a human heart, she could not kill him, instead banishing him to the far off, long dead planet Nemesis. Along the way to his new prison, he managed to lure away a few impressionable children of Earth, and he would turn them into the rebels of the Black Moon. So begins the tale of the Wiseman and his puppets.

In the 30th century, the group of malicious reprobates attacked the palace at Crystal Tokyo. The queen tried to fight back, but without the Silver Crystal (which Chibiusa had stolen in an effort to become a real lady) the queen was defenseless. Before any real damage could be taken though, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus cast their power, incasing her in a mound of crystal (quartz maybe?). The Senshi and King Endymion were hit badly by the attack, and several humans died in the coming days after the attack. Frightened by this, Chibiusa remembered the tales her father told her of Sailor Moon, and decided to venture to the past to find this legendary soldier, to thwart off the evil destroying her world...little realizing that the enemies were hot on her tail.

Side note: Throughout the anime and manga series, the birth orders of the Black Moon Sisters
a.k.a. the Four Phantom Sisters a.k.a. The Four Weird Sisters changes. In some moments, Koan and Calaveras swap ages. The more common birth order used for half of the anime lists them as follows:

Petz ~ First born.
Calaveras~ Second born.
Berthier~ Third born.
Koan~ Fourth born.

However, Koan is sometimes listed as second born in the North American cut of the anime, due to her more mature looks. So if this chart is at all confusing to you, I deeply apologize. Please bear the above chart in mind when reading about these Four Evil Sisters.

Catzi (Koan, Cooan Kurozuki)~Fourth born of the Four Black Moon Sisters of Deception was the first to appear. Her purple/blue cat-eared-shaped hair earned her the name Catzi for the US market, as her ugly blue tutu and horrible fashion taste would earn her the ire of fans globally. ^_^ In the anime, she targeted Sailor Mars and tried to take her out first, while attempting to abduct Chibiusa. She fought in many battles against the Senshi, but was abandoned by Rubius, with whom she had a brief fling. Heartbroken, she tried to commit suicide with the Dimensional Bomb Rubius left her as a good-bye gift. But Sailor Mars saved her, and Sailor Moon used the Silver crystal to heal her. She then went on to a normal, human life. In the manga however, she posed as a fortune teller, killed a nun and a child, and subdued Sailor Mars, allowing her to be captured by Rubius, before being destroyed by Sailor Moon.

Bertie (Beruche, Berthier)~ Third born of the sisters was second to appear. In both the anime and the manga, she challenged Sailor Mercury to a game of chess, in an effort to infiltrate the mind of Ami. For the anime, Bertie is abandoned by her remaining sisters and winds up just like Catzi. In the manga though, she uses her drones to delay the senshi, and traps Sailor Mercury in water, allowing Rubius to kidnap her, before being obliterated by Sailor Moon. She was featured with white hair and blue eyes.

Prizma (Petz)~ The first born of the sisters was third to appear. In the anime, she worked together with her younger sister Avery, and aside from calling up major Baddies-of-the-day and annoying viewers, her ruthless nature was quickly overshadowed, and she was healed by Sailor Moon. Later, it was revealed that she and Sapphire were once lovers, and she was among those who mourned his loss. In the manga though, no such affair took place between she and Sapphire. She went straight for bio-terrorism, when she infected most of the surrounding Tokyo area, including Sailor Jupiter. She tried to kill Jupiter and although failed to do so, she did severely wound Jupiter, and captured her, sending to the Room of Darkness where Mars and Mercury were held captive, before dying at the hands of Sailor Moon.

Avery (Calaveras)~ The Second born of the sisters was the fourth to appear.
(Or 3˝ if were talking about the anime.) In the anime, she stayed by Prizma's side throughout their short run, and aside from whipping people and trying to either kill or kidnap Chibiusa, posed little threat to the senshi, and was purified by Sailor Moon. In the manga, only two things concerned her. Her lust for an equally aroused Rubius, and revenge for the death of her older sisters. Working as a medium, Avery captivated Tokyo television audiences by starring in a series of tapes, writing books on channeling and appearing on different broadcasts, "channeling" Rubius, trying to persuade the people to worship the Black Moon, and destroy members of the White Moon. She tried to posses Naru, Asanuma and Kotono, channeling" the Inners who were captured. After a valiant and gruesome fight, she was killed by Sailor Moon.

Rubius (Crimson Rubieus) ~ This annoying red haired idiot's goal in life was to kill Chibiusa. Now in the anime, Rubius used all 4 of the sisters, before resorting to his own trickery. He started by kidnapping and trying to crucify Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter alive. Then he kidnapped Sailor Moon and Chibiusa and tried to fry Chibiusa alive with his uber-large black crystal. (After taking them all into space of course.)He almost succeeded in killing the both of them, but was overwhelmed by their overall power, and was defeated. He cried out to Emerald to help him off of the ship as it was blowing up, but she instead left him do die, and so he did, kicking and screaming. In the manga, he had a much longer life span. He used each of the sisters to kidnap Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, and locked them away in the Room of Darkness. He tried to kill the senshi, and aided Prince Diamond on several occasions, but was killed by Wiseman when he questioned Black Lady's addition to the family.

Emerald (Green Esmeraude)~ Due to a poor dubbing actress, Emerald has gained ire in the US as most annoying SailormoonR villain, officially beating out Ann. In both the anime and the manga, she lusted after Prince Diamond, and resented the rulers of Crystal Tokyo just for breathing. (Not to mention the fact that Diamond had the hots for Usagi.) She tried to kill Chibiusa on several occasions, (What the hell is it about people and killing Chibiusa?*Dodges bullets from anti-Chibiusa occult site owners.*) and in one episode of the anime, even went so far as to poison the inhabitants of Tokyo with a terrible virus. In the anime, she was killed by Sailor Moon, after Wiseman had already weakened her by turning her into her own jealousy monster. In the manga however, she tried to strangle Chibiusa and the others, and was killed by Tuxedo Mask's "Tuxedo the smoking bomber" attack.

Sapphire (Blue Sapher, Saphir)~ The younger brother of Diamond was one of Diamond's chief advisors, second only to Wiseman, and loathed Sailor Moon. The only one who chose to use common sense when dealing with the senshi, in the anime, he tried to warn Diamond of impending doom, before he was killed trying to escape Black Lady and Wiseman. In the manga, he was power hungry, and despised his older brother's blatant stupidity, proving this by trying to strangle Usagi. Crazed and aloof over the fact that Emerald would never be his, and desiring his brother's power, the insane would be duke was killed by Diamond. Saphir was also handy in creating Droids. His best two were Veneti and Aquatici, both killed by Usagi when her brooch flashes a great light.

Prince Diamond (Demando, Dimonde, Demand)~ Possessed by his passion to rule (or destroy) Earth and sleep with Neo Queen Serenity, Diamond was relentless. At one point, he even kidnapped Sailor Moon, and attempted to seduce her. Weather or not he succeeded is up for debate, but the fact remains that he did redress her while she was unconcious.O.O In the anime he was killed by Wiseman while trying to protect Sailor Moon. In the manga, he tried to fuse the crystal of the 30th century with the crystal of the present and almost succeeded in terminating the ENTIRE space-time continuum, causing Sailor Pluto to give her life by performing the last taboo, stopping time. He was obliterated by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. The Materials Collection artbook lists his age as 18.

Black Lady (Wicked Lady, Dark Lady) ~Tormented by fears of neglect and falsehood over her powers not yet having awakened, Chibiusa allowed herself to be taken in by Wiseman, and he used his powers to help her achieve her dream of becoming an adult. (Get your head outta the gutter!>_<) Thus was born Black Lady. Although she used Luna-P as a Swiss army weapon in the anime, Black Lady pushed back the toy in the manga, and instead decided to kill on her own power. With her mother the only one to predict the coming of the renegade princess, very few actually could believe that Chibiusa could
A. Have this much power
B. Know how to use all of it
C. Actually be very good at it.
And as Sailor Moon was torn between grief that her daughter was now an evil murderess and the obligatory happy-happy I-told-you-so dance, Black Lady hop scotched between timelines and broke into the palace of 30th century Crystal Tokyo in the manga. She also tried in both the anime and the manga to wipe out the planet with the powers of the Black Poison Crystal, being one of three people to realize that the Black crystal hold almost the same amount of power as the Silver crystal ...'cept different, and she also knew how it could be used to negate the effects of her soon to be heirloom crystal. For more information on adult Chibiusa, please see my page on her

Wiseman (Doom Phantom, Death Phantom) ~ Surprisingly, Wiseman is the FIRST character to realize Chibiusa's incredible power. (Oh c'mon now people, really!) His original goal was to take over and annihilate the world. (Duh.) His plans were altered when he discovered Chibiusa's latent powers, and he decided that not only could he rule the world and torture King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity by killing them with their own child, but she could also be a much more competent puppet than Prince Diamond. But by the time she had gone back to being herself, Wiseman had gone to his backup plan of
"Aw screw it, let's just blow the whole thing up before that rerun of Diagnosis Murder begins."
He once more became the Dictator Death Phantom, and although differing greatly, his demise in both the anime and the manga was explosive, and came at the hands of Chibiusa and her mother.

Upon her return to the 20th century, Chibiusa found that while she was out, chaos once again broke out amongst her future people. What the young princess did not know was just how much she'd be involved in the soon to unfold plot.

Just a scant few years previous, a brilliant scientist by the name of Professor Souichi Tomoe, was working hard on a new project alongside assistant Kaolinite (Kaori Night).
Just as he was debuting his findings to other esteemed scientists, the experiment exploded, killing all but a dying Kaolinite and the "good" doctor himself. Among the casualties were his 32-year-old wife Keiko, and their daughter, 8-year-old Hotaru Tomoe.(Though in the anime, Keiko was nameless, and probably already dead, supposedly prior to the accident.) Heartbroken by the loss, Prof. Tomoe begged for his child to return to the world of the living. Enter Master Pharaoh 90. The third "incarnation" of Chaos. Albeit strong, Master Pharaoh 90 was himself doomed to die if he could not find sustainable energy. Lurking from the shadows of the Professor's damned experiment gone awry, the Master
(Not the Doctor Who variety, sit down fellow Whoites. ^. ^) struck a deal with the grieving "doctor". He agreed to bring Hotaru back to life, in exchange for the Professor's, Kaori's and Hotaru's hosts. The doctor agreed, and the plan went accordingly. The doctor fused with one of the Master's minions; Germatoid, and Hotaru's young body would house Mistress 9. So begins the plot of Sailormoon S.

For the anime, they were charged with the duty of obtaining the three Talismans via revealing which Heart Crystals housed them, getting the Holy Grail and eventually finding a sizable enough power source to sustain Master Pharaoh 90's existence on Earth. In the manga, they were doing pretty much the same thing, minus the Heart Crystal bit.

Professor Souichi Tomoe (Dr. Tomoe, Doctor Souichi Tomoe, Megalomaniac Extraordinaire, Codename Sailor Earth's Favorite Anime Sailormoon villain.)~ Ah, our dear Tomoe. In the anime, after tormenting the senshi, and confusing the hell out of his daughter, he stole allowed Mistress 9 to take Chibiusa's heart crystal, killing Chibiusa instantly. He was able to recover from the Master's grasp, and tried unsuccessfully to call back his child from the body of Mistress 9. After Hotaru's rebirth, he was sent to live in a home with his child, until Sailor Pluto took the baby from him. Though adorable, flirtatious, hilarious and still alive by the end of Sailormoon S the anime, the manga version was much, much darker. Completely under the spell of Master Pharaoh 90 and almost completely fused with Germatoid, after his daughter's resurrection, Tomoe used Hotaru's body as a living experiment. Realizing her body was fragile and on a continual basis of re-dying, he rebuilt her body with robotic limbs and eventually other parts of her skeleton, turning her into a cyborg. He used his genetic engineering to speed her through puberty, allowing his now 12 year old daughter to have a 16 year old's body.(All in preparation for Mistress 9.) After causing more hell than a grown man should be allowed to our team of minors, he was killed as Germatoid (Gelmaido.) by Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus. The Materials Collection artbook lists him as being 35.

Kaolinite (Kaori Night.) ~ In the anime, This she-devil stole the heart crystals of several victims, including Sailor Moon, but mysteriously vanished, assumed dead...

"Never make assumptions. It makes ann ass out of u... and umption!"~Samuel L. Jackson, The Long Kiss Goodnight.

She reappeared later as Tomoe's assistant and Hotaru's spiteful caretaker. Desperately in love with the philandering Prof. Tomoe, she did all she could to tolerate the Witches 5, and even turned a blind eye to Mimete and Viluy's passes to the good doctor. She made Hotaru's life a living hell however, reminding the girl of her limits and attempted on several occasions to keep her locked away in her bedroom, a prisoner in her own home. She later kidnapped Sailor Chibimoon, and was partly responsible for the girl's death at the hands of Mistress 9, but as thanks for her services, was killed by Mistress 9. In the manga however, she held a much more powerful standing than the doctor. Power hungry, she wanted to be elevated to Master Pharaoh 90's mistress and become his Tsarina.
(...I don't even want to imagine what their sex life could have been! >________<)
She was however, kinder to Hotaru than her anime counterpart, and tried to act like a surrogate mother to the wayward adolescent.
Hotaru rejected her.
Ruthless and cunning, when Mistress 9 was revived, Kaori's plan was to do away with her, in order to take her place as "rightful" mistress to the Master, but was killed by Super Sailor Moon.
Estimated age is 28 in the Materials Collection artbook.

As accessories to their plot to take over the world ... and kill it dead (-.-why?), Tomoe in the anime, (and Kaori in the manga) enlisted the help of the Bitches ~ oops... Witches 5. Posing as everything from students at
Infinity College, the bitches served as appetizers to Hell's main course. Though their reigns were shorter in the manga, and difficult to watch in the anime, an overview of these 5ish is of some importance.

Eudial (Eugeal?) ~ The lady in red on the far left on the picture was the first to be commissioned. In the manga, she attacked Infinity College's camp for new students, where Sailor Mars was training nearby. After possessing the students and causing mayhem, she was killed by Sailor Moon. In the anime however, the assassin performed many drive-by shootings, shooting people's heart crystals out of their chests, and leaving deadly daimons in her wake. She successfully maimed and battered Sailor Neptune before shooting out her heart via her gun, causing enough distress to Sailor Uranus that Uranus shot herself to be reunited with Neptune in Heaven. After Eudial stole the two talismans that came out as Neptune and Uranus's crystals, she got into a nasty fight with Sailor Moon, and by pissing off a returning Sailor Pluto enough to reveal her own talisman, unwittingly unleashed the Holy Grail, and was partly responsible therefore, in allowing Sailor Moon to become Super Sailor Moon and also allowing Chibiusa's powers to upgrade slightly as well. She was later killed by Mimete, via rigged car.

Mimete~ Stupid bitch in yellow who couldn't keep her damn mouth shut. A boy-crazy ring-rat slut in the anime, Mimete's time was mercifully reduced in the manga. Egotistical, Mimete's dream was to be a star, and be worshipped by adoring groupies worldwide. Her own Narcissus like behavior, led to her demise. Though trapped forever in the world of dark and gloomy Never-ever-again land by her successor Tellu, she was killed by Sailor's Moon, Neptune, Venus and Uranus.

Tellu~ Next in the anime, but in the manga she did not appear until after Viluy. Tellu had an undying love for plants, and she tried to use this to her advantage.
Dressing in green and black hues, for the manga version, she tempted Sailor Jupiter with exotic yet deadly plants, and attacked the newly reborn Setsuna. She was killed by Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Pluto. In the anime, she sold Hotaru a very deadly crystal-sucking plant, which the unwitting Hotaru gave to Chibiusa. Tellu almost succeeded in destroying Moon, Chibimoon, Tuxedo Mask and Pluto, but was eaten by one of her plants.

Viluy~ Powder blue bitch. Viluy tried to lure away Sailor Mercury, by tempting her with what Ami craves ... higher learning. She possessed several students, and could have become a much more influential foe, but her life was cut short, in the manga by Sailor Uranus and in the anime by her own ignorance.

Cyprine~ Cobalt haired bitty-bitch, second to last in the pic above. Though famous in the anime only for stalling the senshi before they could find Sailor Chibimoon's body, in the manga, she warped the minds of each of the inner and Outer Senshi, forcing them to fight each other. But in their hour of need, Sailor Chibimoon and Tuxedo Mask forged their power with Sailor Moon, creating the first Holy Grail. As Sailor Moon drank from the grail, she became Super Sailor Moon. And with the power gained by both the grail and her lover and daughter's respective powers, Super Sailor Moon defeated Cyprine and...

Petite Roll (Pitiol, Petiroll) ~The quintessential Ritz cracker of evil. Weather you count her as Cyprine's dumber, redheaded twin, her other self, soul mate, or her clone, I'm sure the first words outta your mouth upon seeing her is "a-whut the fuck?". Since apparently Cyprine's power is not enough to defeat anyone stronger than a cocktail weenie, Petite Roll has the power to split from Cyprine for a double-teamed fight against her adversaries, or fuse with Cyprine, thus making the two of them count as one witch instead of two.
(The fact that everyone falls for this is proof positive that although cool, our heroes are not
the sharpest knives in the shed.) Unfortunately, Cyprine was much better off as a singles competitor, as Petite Roll wasn't even an appetizer for the senshi.

Cyprine was the elder and Pitilol the younger of the twins.

After the defeat of the Death Busters, Master Pharaoh 90's body had grown to unbelievable proportions, engulfing most of the Tokyo Bay area. In the anime, both Sailor Saturn's spirit and Super Sailor Moon ventured inside the blob of damn that's ugly, and after the mists cleared, both Moon and the newly reborn Hotaru exited, weary, bloodied, but alive. In the manga though, he had fused with what ever was salvageable from Mistress 9's soul, and was sucking in all of the power Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon were dishing out at him. He had tried to kill Chibiusa's mother, but Super Sailor Moon returned as Princess Serenity, to try and blow back the hellish blob. But by now, Sailor Saturn had already dropped her glaive, and the monster's world was dying. Saturn sacrificed herself when she ordered Sailor Pluto to use her forbidden Dark Dome Close attack, to forever destroy the Master and his galaxy. But Hotaru was reborn, and the outer senshi promised to raise her as their own daughter.

Before I introduce the next set of Baddies, I'd like to point out something. Has anyone else noticed the lack of parenting skills that Ikuko has in the series? I mean, think about it. In more than one episode (anime and manga), Chibiusa and Kousagi's grandmother is greeted at the door by

Minako (a confirmed slut)

Makoto (a karate expert with a well known violent past)

Rei (an archery expert priestess with a fiery temper)

Mamoru (a college-age man with a perpetual hard-on)

Setsuna (a Goth chick in a lab coat)

Michiru (a moody rich lesbian)

Haruka (a pissy athletic, moody rich lesbian)

Hotaru (Little Miss Multiple Personalities and possible moody rich lesbian)

And Ami (a little girl with a physics book), pictured above with daughter, Ami, Jr.

Now, if this were your daughter, and a karate expert, a priestess, a slut and a little girl with a physics book, not to mention the college-age man with the perpetual hard-on, the two angry lesbians, the Goth 30-something in the doctor's outfit or that little freak kid with the multiple personalities came to your door, and this lovely cast of characters asked to hang out with

your child, with the possibility that if you EVER see her again,

it won't be until at least 5:30 tomorrow morning...
would you let her out?

The one I'd be most worried about is not the slut, Captain Hard-on, or even the violent lesbians, but instead Ami.

Think about it, she's a little girl, who knows the ins and out of every last being and building in Tokyo, who's parents are loaded AND she never leaves home without her physics book?!? And she stays out till all hours... Aaaaaaaaand nobody thinks this kid's about to start some shit?

And with her daughter Ami, Jr. being a carbon(ated) copy of her, physics book and all, I can't help but wonder if perhaps Usagi, Chibiusa and Kousagi's first threat was not so much Chaos and his minions...but perhaps the Mizuno clan.

Way back during the era of the Silver Millennium, Queen Serenity rejoiced over the birth of the royal heir, her daughter: Princess Serenity. The queen threw a lavish party, and invited all she knew, including four tiny princesses from the planets Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. (Guess who!) Though the girls were at the time, no older than a Powerpuff Girl, the queen believed in their power enough to bestow them the eternal duty of protecting the newborn maiden from all who would do her harm. (Geez! Pressure much?)

But as the young princesses accepted their newfound duty, and the other guests drank in merriment, a dark shadow protruded forth from the mirror. With an attitude similar to a certain Sleeping Beauty character, the jealous shadow revealed herself as Nepherenia. Envious of the love and support that the members of the White Moon received on a regular basis, the wicked queen of the Dead Moon wanted to either share the crown with Queen Serenity or just take the damned kingdom all at once. After a battle with the young senshi which left her weakened and battered, Queen Serenity sealed her away with the Silver Crystal, back into the mirror. But before she was returned to her hellish mirror world, Queen Nepherenia placed a curse upon Princess Serenity's head, damning her to die before she were to see her throne. Thus starting the chain reaction that would cause the death of the Silver Millennium, but also the birth of Crystal Tokyo.

...Okay, that was the manga version of the story. Now let's see the anime tale.

In the anime, (though most of the series would have you believe otherwise) Nehellenia was a beautiful young queen, who ruled over the dark side of the moon. Though her kingdom was unheard of outside of her court, the queen was very happy and content with all whom stayed with her at her castle. Until
~DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN~DRAMATIC REVERRRRRRB~ a power hungry, gender challenged sorceress named Zircon, appeared to Nehellenia through the mirror and possessed the body of the virtuous young queen, and her court. As the "new and improved" Queen Nehellenia, she plotted to take over the Universe as a whole. And in her lust for power, she tried to take the Golden Crystal that Helios was trying to protect. She also desired the young priest sexually, but he refused her both the crystal and his body, citing that she was far too evil to hold such power. Pissed, she abducted Helios, stripped his body bare, and hung him upside down to gawk at, until Sailor Chibimoon could stop her.

For those keeping score, that's about 1000 or so years with his no-NOS hanging out for all to see. That's probably the reason why we see him in this form half asleep, since the shock of all those Dead Moon Bastards staring up at his package and wanking off in front of his naked-assed self probably made him pass the wholly fuck out.

Regardless of her origins, what she did for the most part stays the same. Queen Nepherenia abducted Helios and the Amazoness Quartet, and began her reign of terror shortly after a certain full moon eclipse, by invading Earth with her Dead Moon Circus minions.

Though most of her time in the manga was spent contemplating how to get that damned Golden crystal so she could free herself from the Dead Mirror world that Queen Serenity put her in to begin with, in the anime, she also occupied herself with finding the Golden Mirror. She realized that Helios could leave his body at will, and while disguised as Pegasus
(Himself in the anime, his pet in the manga) was able to hide out in one special mirror, belonging to someone with beautiful dreams...

Do you know how many freaking people in the Jyuuban district alone have beautiful friggin' dreams????

Realizing that this was far too large a job for one tiny evil queen, and that she's incapable of going out into the regular world anyway, the task of searching went to the Amazons.

Now, in the manga, the vivacious chibi vixens that made up the Amazoness Quartet were around from beginning to end, the animation staff at Toei decided that the first half of the anime should revolve around the Quartet's pets, the Amazon Trio.

Tiger-Eye (Tigers eye)~The blond haired 80's hair-band wannabe. In the manga, we first see him as a tiger following Ves Ves's order to scout the area for the intruders. (Chibiusa and her family, of course.) After Palla Palla transformed his body into human form, he aided the the blue haired maiden, by trying to warp the mind of Sailor Mars. He tried to show her a younger, more selfish version of Rei, and even went so far as to make out with and caress the image of child Rei, while the young girl was dressed as his sex-crazed bride. He was murdered by Phobos, Deimos and Super Sailor Mars. In the anime however, he spent countless hours drinking whiskey, whilst pruning through pile after pile of pictures of young girls, insistent upon the ideal that the mirror would be found in the heart of a child mistress. (Oddly enough, he was very close...) He tried to woo the hearts of many young girls (most of whom went to school with Chibiusa), but occasionally dated slightly older women, such as Naru, Ami and Makoto. Both he and Hawk-eye dated Minako in one episode, with many wondering if she let either of them make it past 3rd base. (Sluuuuuuuuuut.) Though I'm sure that the Cartoon Network censors threw a conniption fit after the initial run of the series, inadvertently, Tiger-eye's character served as an excellent warning against sexual predators.

Hawk-eye (Hawks eye) ~ Transformed from the Quartet's pet hawk to a human, his reign in the manga was very brief. Posing as a cross dresser who owned his own herb shop near the Crossroads/Jyuuban district, he tried to lure Makoto away from the life of a Sailor Senshi, and gave Makoto and Chibiusa Amazon gem rings as tokens of their newfound "friendship". Though Chibiusa was smart enough to take it to her father first, Makoto wore it, and was sucked in to Hawk-eye's possessive powers. However, this possession lasted all of 5 minutes, and he was killed by Super Sailor Jupiter. In the anime, he split his time boozing it up with, and then fighting with Tiger-eye, and chasing the skirts of older women, senior citizens and housewives, some of them desperate. (Ha ha.) His first target was none other than Ikuko Tsukino. He tried to entice her, and when that failed (immediately, I might add.), he produced a phony photograph, claiming that she resembled his "long, lost mother". It was because of his attack on Ikuko, that allowed Pegasus to bestow Sailor Chibimoon and her mother their next transformation on a slightly more permanent basis, as Chibimoon's desire to save her grandmother was what called him forth. Hawk-eye almost never went after anyone under the age of 36 (Ikuko being said age), but on occasion would go after someone younger, if she were extremely desperate, as he thought desperation was indicative of a stronger dream mirror, hence his brief affair with Minako. Though docile and sensitive in the manga, he will be remembered in the anime for being hot-headed, cold-blooded...but highly talented for being able to run in high heels.

Fish-eye~ Originally a heterosexual male in the manga, he was transformed by Palla Palla from one of the ugliest fish I've ever seen, to a severely fashion-challenged human. He tried to immobilize Ami on a mental level, by creating an illusion being to "spend the night ^.~" with Ami's mother, while disguised as Ami's new pet fish. He plagued her mind with images of her divorced parents abandoning her and her friends deserting her, and sucked her through a mirror, into his nightmare mansion of water, in an attempt to seduce her. He was killed by Super Sailors Moon, Mercury and Chibimoon. But in the anime, he was a flamboyantly happy, gay cross dresser.(Though in the US dub version, he was given an unnecessary sex-change, to pander to a very homophobic set of network censors.) He prowled the streets of the Jyuuban district, trying to find the men that matched the pictures he was given. He posed as a women on several occasions, and unlike his two "brothers", actually tried to start relationships with each of his victims. In one episode, he was seen stripping down to his Speedo, in protest of one of his lover's crew of dressmakers. (Cartoon Network censors couldn't WAIT to cut the crap out of this episode!) Eventually, Fish-eye targeted Mamoru, and tried desperately to take Mamoru away from his happy family. After this failed, he figured out the identity of the girl who held the Golden mirror...Chibiusa. However, since Tiger-eye and Hawk-eye have the comprehension skills of a rose petal, they wound up taking Usagi's dream mirror instead, causing Usagi to be in a state of limbo between life and death, which almost put Chibiusa out of existence. Though the Trio were killed in battle, Pegasus revived them, gave them each new dream mirrors, and transported them to Elysion, to live out their days as peaceful sprites.

Aside from the Amazons, Nepherenia also had Zirconia and Zircon to rely upon.

Zirconia~ The Soul Hermit. Throughout the SuperS series, Zirconia was in charge of the Amazons, and was responsible for sealing the Quartet away in the manga, when she felt their time was done. Zirconia acted as right-hand woman to Nepherenia, though in reality, she was the one calling all of the shots. It is mentioned in the anime that Zirconia has long since possessed the youthful body of Nehellenia, but manga readers were probably shocked to read that Zirconia was actually the REAL form of Nepherenia, and that the youthful image was just that, a superficial mirage created by a jealous maiden, hell bent on domination.

Zircon~ One of the most pitied and lovable of the villains, Zircon was the faithful flying eyeball that aided Zirconia and the Amazons, every chance it could. In the anime, Zircon scouted various areas in and around Tokyo, in search of more targets with potential dream mirrors. Zircon also doubled as a handy-dandy weapon, and in the manga, he reverted Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask back into children, and even imprisoned Super Sailors Chibimoon and Saturn into shards of a mirror. His exact defeat is not shown, but it is assumed that he either died or was re-imprisoned into the mirror of the Dead Moon by the end of his tenure.

In the manga, the effects of her slowly destroying Elysion were felt by Mamoru and Helios, through a deadly illness, caused by a black rose in their chests. The illness even spread to Usagi, and as if this wasn't bad enough, through the image of Zirconia, she reverted Chibiusa's parents into children and tried to put them out of existence right in front of her. Later on (after telling the senshi of her tale) she ripped the Silver Crystal straight out of Super Sailor Moon's brooch, almost killing her. In the end though, Queen Nehellenia was killed when Tuxedo Mask and all of the senshi combined their powers into Eternal Sailor Moon's attack.

In the anime, she tried to kill Helios by taking his crystal, and threw Super Sailor Chibimoon off of a balcony. When she returned in StarS, she was pissed as all hell that Chibimoon and her mother survived the fall. So pissed in fact, that she broke her own dream mirror, scattering pieces all over
Tokyo, even into Mamoru's eye. After the outer senshi reunited with the inner (and Mamoru went insane), Nepherenia kidnapped Mamoru, and managed to send the senshi into various portals, trapping most of them into mirrors in her wake. The space disturbances she caused disrupted Chibiusa's existence, making it crucial to save Mamoru, or Chibiusa would fade into nothingness. Eventually, she killed Mamoru, causing Chibiusa to cease to be, but Usagi took pity on the deranged Nepherenia, offering her own life instead of taking her enemy's. Soon, Nepherenia would turn good, and she reverted to being a small princess again, being waited on by her own court.

Though Kousagi would take after her mother Usagi, in the way that she was allowed to be born with (and grow up with) her own Sailor Team, like their father Mamoru, Chibiusa would eventually fall briefly into the possession of evil, and just like Mamoru, would have to suffer through the pain of her own team being in the clutches of evil, and defend herself from them as her enemies. However, unlike their father before them, she would be allowed to see them reborn, and be able to fight alongside her resurrected senshi.

The first of which was Sailor Saturn.

Born into the arms of a future madman and his ailing wife, Hotaru Tomoe was killed at the age of 8, when her father's experiment exploded, wounding Kaolinite and Professor Souichi Tomoe and killing several others, including Keiko Tomoe, the child's mother. Though Hotaru was resurrected by Master Pharaoh 90, her return to the world of the living came at an awful price, her body, mind and freedom. Her body was already home to herself, Sailor Saturn and now, Mistress 9, and to accommodate the latter of the 3, Hotaru would undergo several surgeries, all performed exclusively by her father and his minions, thus giving her the much older body of a 16 year old, by the time she was only 12. Not being content with the prospect of waiting, Mistress 9 would often take over Hotaru's mind without warning, and each time Hotaru awoke from these "flashes", the social mayhem of battered faces surrounded her. What was worse for her though, was that her body was already rejecting the changes made by Prof. Tomoe, and was dying. She was subject to attacks and seizures, and collapsed frequently. In the manga, she often had to rely upon a dark crystal amulet for strength, after her father lied to her, saying it was her mother's. The girl believed that she would be doomed to die in a friendless world...

Enter Chibiusa.

Chibiusa was the only person alive, who could see through the darkness and loneliness of Hotaru's life, and saw her not only as a friend, but something she had not been called in several years...


The outer senshi feared Hotaru though, realizing that Sailor Saturn was in the process of awakening. Saturn you see, is the soldier of death. When she drops her mighty glaive, it causes the world she drops her staff onto to die, along with all in, on and around it. It was she who dropped the glaive over the Silver Millennium, allowing Metallia, Queen Serenity and all of that galaxy to die, leaving only the cats, who were transported chronically to the present, to find the reincarnated Princess Serenity. However, she only kills what needs to be killed, in order for necessary births. And though Chibiusa realized that Hotaru was now in constant danger, and that the Outers were as good as her enemies, and that Hotaru's people were probably out to kill them both as well, she bucked the authority of all around her, and continued to visit and play with her new friend.

However, their happy days together would be temporarily cut short, as the embodiment of Mistress 9 could feel the power of Chibiusa's crystal, and she eventually took hold. Mistress 9 swallowed Chibiusa's stone of empowerment (Silver/Pink crystal in the manga, Heart crystal in the anime), thus killing the young princess while gaining an unbeatable power in the process. However, Hotaru had grown to love the little pink child as a friend and with her last ounce of strength, rescued her, and returned both Chibiusa's soul and her crystal to her body, restoring her back to life, before crossing over to the other side.

But the Sailor Saturn half of this soul still had one more thing to do.

Saturn's soul came to the Senshi’s aid in the nick of time, and duked it out with Master Pharaoh 90. In the anime, she died together with the Master, and her soul was rescued by Super Sailor Moon. In the manga, she pushed the Master and what little grouping of minions he had left, back into his original zone, and ordered Sailor Pluto to close forever the portal to this area, killing all inside. Though hesitant, Pluto obliged, and Sailor Saturn died along with all of the evil.

But with each death comes birth, and in both versions, she was reborn almost instantly.

Though in the anime, she was allowed a few more months time with her father, the orphan Hotaru was ultimately raised by her new parents: Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna.

After the eclipse of the Dead Moon, Hotaru's body began to grow rapidly, as the child could sense the danger her world was now in. Hotaru knew that Chibiusa and her mother's team were in great peril, and that Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka had lost their way. So in return for their raising her, Hotaru awakened her new parents’ powers as Super senshi, and aided them in battle.

Her body only ages with Chibiusa, possibly due to their strong bond and she is seen in the Parallel manga, attending the 9th grade with her best friend.

Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Aliases: Sailor Saturn, Mistress 9, freak kid with the multiple personalities, Lucy-fer.
Body age: 16 in SailormoonS, 0-10 in the StarS anime, 0-13 in the normal manga and 15 in the Parallel manga.
Real age: 12-13 in the normal manga, 28 in the Parallel manga.
Favorite color: Violet
Favorite Food: Japanese Soba
Birthday: January 6,1984
Birthstone: Garnet
Chinese Astrological Sign: Water Pig
Height: 4'9-4'10 as an adult.

Family: Souichi (Father), Keiko (Mother), Kaolinite (Would-be step mom), Setsuna (Surrogate Mommy #1), Michiru (Surrogate Mommy #2), and Haruka (Surrogate Mommy#3/Surrogate Daddy)
Friends: Chibiusa, Setsuna and for a while, Usagi.
Loves: In one episode of the anime, she crushed on a victim of the day (a dude), but for the most part, it seems she pines for her best friend Chibiusa.

Although once feared for being the harbinger of destruction by Haruka, Hotaru would also aid Chibiusa by awakening the rest of her team.

Long ago, four lovely Amazon maidens slept peacefully under the protection of the four Sailor Asteroids: Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

However, as they slept, awaiting their princess to awaken fully, Nepherenia sensed the power of the stars, and forced them to awaken, enslaved by her will.

Now fully under her control, the Amazoness Quartet wreaked havoc, and cared little for the health of their victims.

In the anime, they were the first to figure out that searching for the Golden Mirror one victim at a time was time consuming and very cumbersome. So usually they would take out several victims at once, in a time saving measure. In the manga though, they were just ordered to get rid of Chibiusa and her mother. The quintet always performed their trickery together and often lured in their victims through circus acts and false friendships.

They are listed by Naoko Takeuchi as four sisters in this birth order:
Cere Cere (First Born)
Palla Palla (Second born)
Jun Jun (Third Born)
Ves Ves (Fourth born)

Ves Ves (Besu Besu) ~ The fiery red head of the amazons, Ves Ves is often compared to Sailor Mars. But though Ves Ves's temper was seen from time to time, for the most part, this crafty maiden stayed in the background, awaiting the right time to strike.

Cere Cere ~ The youthful lady in pink and yellow, Cere Cere was super careful about her looks in the anime. The leader of the amazons appreciated well timed attacks and carried out her missions with grace. She is equivalent to Sailor Venus.

Jun Jun ~The tomboy in green, Jun Jun is no stranger to combat, as she usually likes a good fight. The no-nonsense member of this group of acrobatic ruffians also had a kinder heart than most give her credit for, and although seemingly brash and uncouth, she was the first to listen carefully to the pleas of the senshi.
She is still compared to Sailor Jupiter.

Palla Palla (Para Para)~"  ' is best to be silent and let one think you a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." This quote from Abraham Lincoln applies directly to Palla Palla. The cutesy-pie maiden in blue, Palla Palla was more devious than she let on. Though she acted childish and rebuked adulthood whims at every chance, this calculating beauty had brains to match Sailor Mercury. She was able to figure out the weaknesses in each Sailor Senshi, plot out perfect attacks, and had an extensive knowledge on her own powers. She is most famous for altering the ages of Chibiusa and her mother and for giving the Amazon Trio human form.

Though loyal to Zirconia and Nepherenia, as soon as the Amazoness Quartet began to hear the senshi out on their ideals of peace and freedom, the spells began to wane in strength over them, and Zirconia betrayed them by locking them away. In the anime, they freed themselves from Nehellenia's grasp and aided Chibiusa and her mother's team by using their magic to trick Nehellenia, and return the Golden Crystal to it's rightful place, thus saving Helios, Chibiusa and the world.

Though they then left to live freely, in the manga, their adventure was only beginning! ^_^

After the battle with Nepherenia, the senshi each played roles in a pseudo coronation of Chibiusa's parents, as Chibimoon, Saturn, Helios and the cats watched on. Sailor Saturn then asked Princess/Neo-Queen-to-be Serenity to use her crystal on the four Amazon spheres that she had salvaged. When Serenity obliged, the Amazoness Quartet were reawakened, this time in their true form...The Sailor Quartet.

As Sailors Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, they informed the team that their true mission was to protect and serve their future queen: Princess Lady Serenity, or Chibiusa!

After a cheery farewell, they then returned to their peaceful slumber, and remained asleep, until the desire to save her loved ones, and restore both the 20th and the 30th century to its rightful place caused Chibiusa to FINALLY awaken fully as a proud senshi in Sailor StarS.

Realizing both their real loyalties and their destiny, they proudly followed Chibiusa through time (being guided somewhat by both Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi) and finally to the end of the universe. They helped Chibiusa kill Heavy Metal Papillion, saving Eternal Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi and Princess Kakyuu. They followed their leader and her predecessor all the way to the opening of the cauldron, and battled bravely against Galaxia's minions and the reanimated corpses of our usual senshi. Though ultimately their king, queen and princess were sacrificed during the battle, Sailor Cosmos assured them that the royal family and their court would soon be revived, and they were sent back to their rightful time.

The StarS anime only featured 5 of the 10 Sailor Animates, including Sailor Galaxia, but their impact upon the last season cannot be ignored. Today, I shall introduce you to the ANIME version of the "final" senshi. To read about the manga version, click here.

Following the end of Nehellenia's tale, the woman who freed her, Sailor Galaxia, intensified her search for the last Star Seeds to round out her collection, and finally become the "true" ruler of the entire universe. To finish this goal, she enlisted the aid of 4 strong senshi from an outer galaxy, to hunt down potential seed holders, and find her desired life gems, contacting them via rotary phones, able to transcend time and space, the cord leading to Galaxia's lair. Their lives were controlled by the bracelets Galaxia places firmly around their wrists, with the certainty of death, should they be cut.

Her lair of course, was hidden via another dimension within the confines of a television studio.

Sailor Iron Mouse~ Certainly the least liked of the animates, Iron Mouse spent most of her time scouting out different sections of Tokyo for potential seeds. The shortest animate, randomly targeted superstar idols, law enforcement and different "cute" male specimens, failing at each attempt. On her last mission, she tried desperately to avoid Galaxia's incessant communication attempts, while chasing around her would-be victim Seiya. She was brilliant enough to figure out the identity of the Starlights, and had become quite athletic, but her talents were cut short, when Galaxia cut off her bracelets. The witty Sailor Iron Mouse, clad in vanilla and ivory died screaming.

Sailor Aluminum Siren~ Unlike her manga counterpart, Sailor Aluminum Siren was almost lovable...if not deemed way the fuck too stupid to be a villain. With all the charm of a newborn kitten, Siren would've been more likely to befriend Sailor Moon, had it not been for her trusty rival/friend Sailor Lead Crow. Siren enjoyed eating, sleeping and playing around, but did have a small sense of duty to her cause, and did expose the Starseeds of many a victim. Siren could see the good in people, and was somewhat reluctant to kill any potential victims. She was sweet and beautiful (ugly-assed blue costume aside), and had even uncovered the identities of all the senshi, as well as the whereabouts of Usagi, Chibi Chibi and their kin, but was killed by an impatient Sailor Galaxia. Poor dear, she was loyal to the wrong Sailor Team.

Sailor Lead (Red) Crow~ Just as pissy as her manga counterpart, Lead Crow had followed Aluminum Siren at first out of mild jealousy ... but then out of concern. Though she wouldn't admit it until after Siren's death, Lead Crow admired Siren, and enjoyed her friendship. Lead Crow tried to help out her partner on more than one occasion, and even found targets of her own to attack. Ruthlessly strong, Lead Crow would whip her enemies, or shoot them with her bracelets, exposing their seeds. Mayhem and destruction were her favorite games, and she could have succeeded ... if not for her second partner, Sailor Tin Cat Nyanko. Lead Crow hated Tin Cat, having dealt with her before, and died craving Tin Cat's blood, when the nasty feline senshi sucked her into a black hole.

Sailor Tin Cat Nyanko~ A feline miscreant, the somewhat lazy Tin Cat wished for only the spotlight. Her one goal was to be her own senshi, and she chose to join Galaxia to obtain that dream. (Baka.) She attacked Usagi's school with her wickedness, and her reeeeeeeeeally bad taste in fashion, and in one episode, tried to assassinate Usagi with a bazooka, but shot Seiya instead. (Poor Baby.) She was responsible for Lead Crow's brutal death, and in a small way, can be somewhat blamed for furthering the ever growing gap between the Outer and Starlight senshi. Her bizarre antics however, did little to please Sailor Galaxia, as Tin Cat's life was threatened at each and every corner. Eventually, her antics lead to a showdown with all 3 teams of the senshi, and Tin Cat lost one of her two bracelets, thus turning her half good! Here we had a quick glimpse into her "true" personality, when half of her costume turned white. She tried desperately to overcome her dark side, and warn the senshi of Galaxia's impending dominance, but Galaxia grew tired of Tin Cat's cries for help, and destroyed the other bracelet, killing the curious cat once and for all.

Sailor Galaxia~ Ahh the evil one herself. The anime states that she was a lone soldier. The long haired Ronin senshi believed that she was the only senshi in the entire universe, and "vowed" to gain respect by her own merits, by defeating "evil" alone. Thus, she met up with the unruly Chaos, and fought against him long and hard, before getting the "bright" idea of sealing away Chaos within her own body ... note how I never once accuse her of being brainy? Like any of you at home would have guessed, it took absolutely no brain power at all for Chaos to overtake Galaxia's skinny, malnourished body, and use her as his puppet. Their first rule of order was to reawaken Queen Nehellenia. They used her to break her own Dream Mirror (and subsequently her spirit) and thus to fight the senshi of Earth. The only good this seemed to do Chaos though, was that now the outer senshi including Saturn had now made themselves stronger, and easier to pinpoint. Their next mission, was to gather the Sailor Star Seeds, in order to rule the galaxy. Galaxia's first battle was with none other than Tuxedo Mask, having attacked him on his flight to
America. But after her victory over Tuxedo mask, she felt bored, and enlisted the aid of the anima-mates, to finish her work...she soon learned that that was a right turn down Wrong Idea Lane, and managed to lure all of the senshi to her lair behind Galaxy T.V. She took the turncoat Sailors Uranus and Neptune under her wing, and delighted in watching them kill Sailors Pluto and Saturn. But when the two remaining outer senshi tried to shoot out Galaxia's seed, she killed them both, but allowed them to die holding hands. To fully understand how her twisted tale of evil unravels, please read Chaos's box below.

The one who failed to become a star, the ruler of the dark stars from within the Cauldron...Chaos.

Ah yes, the main villain of the entire Sailormoon series. Though the true form of Chaos would not be revealed until Sailormoon Sailor StarS, his presence has always been felt. He embodies the truest form of evil, and has always despised the purity of the members of the White Moon Kingdom.

During the series, he sent forth each of his incarnations ala the Inuyasha character Naraku, to wreak havoc and try to destroy the inhabitants of the White Moon. he forewarning sign of his next strike was often either an eclipse of the moon or a new dark spot on the sun.

His "children" in birth order are:



Master Pharaoh 90


He had also adopted Sailor Galaxia, a ruthless killer and defiant brat of sorts, who's main objective was obtaining all of the power in the universe. She figured she could accomplish
this faster if she stole the "Star" seed out from the bodies of other senshi.


Anyway, now that he was fully fused with Galaxia, this makes Chaos and ONLY Chaos responsible for all of the senshi deaths, including Mamoru. He is also responsible for Chibi Chibi's demise, after she had changed herself into a sword, when he broke her. After showing his true form though, he was defeated in less than 40 minutes, when Usagi healed Galaxia, and helped her force out the evil, once and for all. The naked Galaxia thanked Usagi as the star seeds of those lost were released, and Mamoru and the other senshi returned to life. Including Kakyuu.

Okay, enough with the K-rap portion of the tale, let's go to the manga story.

Chaos stayed within the boundaries of the Cauldron at the end of the Universe, the place where all stars are born. It is also the place where some stars die. Realizing this, he viewed all of the others born here (including Usagi and her descendants) as his "brothers and sisters" and eagerly awaited the arrival of Eternal Sailor Moon. He fused with said Cauldron, and watched from afar the death and destruction wrought by his tyrannical incarnations, and in an alternate universe, killed all of those Sailor Moon held dear, traumatizing her enough to run away. When that version of Sailor Moon went back through time and space into "our" reality, disguised as Chibi Chibi, she pleaded with "our" Usagi to destroy both Chaos and the Cauldron to save the galaxy. By this time, only Usagi, Chibi Chibi and the technically undead Amazon senshi were left, as while Chibi Chibi began to plead with Usagi, Galaxia was disintegrated by being overwhelmed by both Chaos and Usagi's power. Usagi absorbed what little power remained of the senshi (alive, dead and undead), and dragged leapt into the Cauldron, melting with Chaos and anything else in there. In the end, everyone was reborn, 30th Century Chibiusa went
home, and her parents wed.
At the wedding, Usagi also informed Mamoru that their timeline's Chibiusa was already on her way. ~_^

Long ago, an uppity ice royal named Kaguya desired power over all she surveyed. However, upon entering the atmosphere of the Silver Millennium, she was blown back by a powerful white light. That of Queen Serenity. After spending a near millennia caressing her "light inflicted" wound and downing her version of aspirin, she crash landed on Earth, and appeared to a little known astronaut wannabe named Kakeru. So begins the tale of the snow princess.

Surprisingly, her tale is almost exactly the same in both the anime and the manga, with only a handful of scene alterations!

She used Kakeru's place as a means of temporary home, while her snow dancers ravaged Tokyo's inhabitants. She fed off of his energy slowly, almost taking his life-force from him. (An all too easy feet mind you, as he was already a sickly man to begin with.) Changing Kakeru's body and mind also hurt Luna and Kakeru's uptight woman Himeko, thus harming even more lives than originally planned in her quest to control the universe and freeze to death any who disobey her bitchy command.

When she fought the senshi in the manga, she even went so far as to encase the senshi in ice tombs, until Chibimoon and her father arrived. In both versions, her death came as a conglomerate attack from the Senshi through Super Sailor Moon. To her dismay, the white light that hurt her before was also the same light that would kill her now, the light of the Silver Imperium Crystal.

Though Kaguya was evil, through her own unwitting fashion, in the manga, she may have just been the catalyst behind the conception of Kakeru and Himeko's child. Her body age is 29.

Once upon a time, four fairy brothers were entrusted with keeping watch over the innocent and sweet dreams of children. Their names were Poupelin, Banane, Orengeat and Peruru. One day, the boys were lured away by a wicked queen, who wanted to lock the children of Earth away in dream coffins, in an attempt to feed off of their sweet sugary energy and fuel the Black Dream Hole. Having fooled the brothers into believing that she was in turn giving the children a sweet, safe haven where they could remain happy juveniles for all time, thus making it super easy to watch over them, the three eldest brothers used special flying ships to escort the children away. They played on their flutes, luring them out of bed at night, as their unsuspecting parents and elders lie asleep, unaware that the future of humanity was carefully being taken away. And though he adored his brothers dearly, the youngest brother Peruru escaped, and vowed to bring the children back and stop their leader, Queen Badiyannu. So begins the SuperS movie.

The older three lured away Chibiusa, after she had befriended Peruru, and they severely wounded the young maiden's father. Desperate for retribution against his traitorous brothers, Peruru and Super Sailor Moon led the charge aboard a ship Peruru had stolen, and followed the band of miscreants to Badiyannu's hideout in space.

The three battled the senshi, and could have done away with them, had it not been for the fast acting outer senshi, who already knew about the endangered pink princess. Soon, the three were attacked by Sailor Uranus, and they were transformed into birds. But the battle was not yet over.

Meanwhile, Queen Badiyannu had abducted Super Sailor Chibimoon, and was holding her high above the children's' dream coffins, in a prison made of the wicked queen's own power. When the other senshi and Peruru had finally caught up with them, Badiyannu began to squeeze the pink sugar energy right out of Chibiusa's body, reversing her transformation, and causing her to pass out from shock. Fearing that Chibiusa's mother would interfere, the queen blasted back Super Sailor Moon and Peruru and then took Chibiusa's body up into the Black Dream Hole. The child's mother followed.

Deep inside the Hole, the future Neo Queen learned that her daughter's kidnapper and the Dream Hole were one and the same! But as she obtained her child's body, the two were sealed away into one of Badiyannu's coffins. Luckily, Super Sailor Moon was able to see through Badiyannu's evil plot to kill the future rulers of Crystal Tokyo, and was able to break free. She then absorbed as much power as she could from the other senshi, and shared both that energy and her own crystal's energy to reawaken her child's crystal and subsequently Chibiusa.

Together and at full strength, both mother and daughter avenged the innocence lost of all harmed by Badiyannu, and destroyed the wicked queen and her Black Dream Hole, once and for all. They then returned to Earth, with the children all sent back to their families, and Chibiusa thanked Peruru with a good-bye kiss.

Aside from the regular Baddies, we were greeted by a cast of unusual yet memorable villains that not only promised death and destruction, but like wrestling personalities Eric Bichoff, Jeff Jarrett, Paul Heyman and R.O.H. talents Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave, touched our hearts in a way only they could. To this end, I dedicate a small portion of this site to them.

Ririka (Lyrica Hubert)~ Ririka was an incoming young kindergartner in her manga debut during the SailormoonR series. As a weak child by day, she flirted with many of the young male classmates Chibiusa had, and would ask to be walked home by one of them before nightfall. But by night, she was a bloodsucking vampire who wanted nothing more than eternal life via her new food supply. Her other favorite snack were white roses, picked fresh by her in the garden. After Chibiusa noted that her classmates were disappearing, she told her mother and her court, and decided that Ririka was indeed a vampire. Chibiusa then decided to further investigate the situation on her own. When she followed her friends to Ririka's house, she discovered that her mother's friends were right, but before any danger could befall her, Chibiusa bravely distracted Ririka with her garlic breath, long enough for her mother to finish the vampire child off. She was seen in one of several SuperS specials never aired in the US, as Lyrica Hubert, a popular and wealthy preteen who had boys fawning all over her. Though in the manga, Chibiusa's friend Momo seemed more frightened by her, the anime depicts a slightly more jealous relationship between the girls. Lyrica was possessed by a vampire-like creature, but her soul was saved by Chibiusa and her mother.

Lyrica's mother~ A vampire in her own right, Lyrica's mother liked two things: Sugar covered roses and fresh victims. In the manga, she lured Chibiusa and her friends into her and Ririka's house with the false offer of milk and cookies, after lying about her child being ill. She sucked the blood of many of Chibiusa's classmates, turning them into creatures of the undead. The zombie-esque children even tried to attack Chibiusa and two of her friends. However, Lyrica's mother was killed by Sailor V and Sailor Moon, and the children returned to life. The next day, they were lied to, with the belief that Lyrica and her mother had moved away, when they were already dust.

Shokujo (Vega)~ The daughter of the Lord of Heaven, she loved to weave cloth and did so every day. She was married to the cattle herder Kengyu from the bank across the Milky Way. However, the two were so much in love, that they ignored their duties, in favor of their play. This angered the Lord of Heaven, and he separated the two. But they still did not do any of their work, for now they had grown so very despondent over not seeing each other. So, the Lord of Heaven agreed to let them see each other once a year on July 7th, otherwise known as Tanabata. This story is known the world 'round, and even made it's way into one issue of the manga. Shokujo was upset, since one year on Tanabata, her husband caught her without all of her makeup on. And since then, he could no longer contact her on a regular basis, and it rained each year on Tanabata, flooding the Milky Way and making it impossible for the two to meet. She was then controlled by her jealous fellow weavers, Zeta and Epsilion. While under their power, Shokujo posed as Sailor Moon and brainwashed young girls that she had lured away,to fight and live against men. However, she was saved by Sailor Chibimoon, and was able to see her husband once more. Shokujo's other hobbies for the manga involve eating and watching television.

Kengyu (Altair)~Not really a villain per say, Kengyu's crime was making his wife Shokujo worry. He appears only for a few panels and professes his love for Shokujo... however, he also mentions his ideals on a perfect wife being slender, but he prefers his wife being strong...honest!

Epsilion and Zeta ~The other two weavers in the constellation of Lyra. The two despised men, and probably envied Shokujo's marriage. The two desired the energies of all the young girls of planet Earth, and even had a plan set for Shokujo's demise as well. They preyed on Shokujo's emotions, awaiting the day she'd be fat enough and vulnerable enough to strike. But Diana and Sailor Chibimoon saw through that, and the two were destroyed by Sailor Chibimoon. Though they were never seen again, one cannot help but notice that they bare a striking resemblance to the ruthless killers Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi.

Toohiichan (S. Cape)~ A 4000 year old spirit who dined off of the energies of young escapists, Toohiichan possessed one of the shops frequented by Makoto and Usagi. She infected the food and drinks there, and even cursed the minds of her customers. She was dispersed quickly though, by Sailor Jupiter.

Bonnoon (D. Zire)~ A centuries old spirit, she fed off of the thoughts of love and study plaguing Sailor Mercury over a boy named Mercurious. She smacked Sailor Mercury with demonic "Love Letters", and used them to suck both the knowledge and life from Ami's brain. But in a fit of confusion, Sailor Mercury mistook her for Mercurious (whom she never met) and dispersed her.

Cistern (Barbara S.)~ A perverted spirit haunting Rei's school, she was freed by an emotionally distraught Minako, who was suffering from a very loooooong day. Cistern admired Rei's beautiful looks, and possessed her, using her as a shell, in an attempt to flirt and kiss every girl on campus. She was attacked by Sailor Venus, and almost managed a kiss from her, but was blown away when Venus used Rei's sutra.

Resin (Regin)~ An evil ghost who lived off of the pain of those living with cavities. Upset at a severe lack of victims, she transformed the old Crossroads/Jyuuban dentist's place and reverted the old man there into a much younger, hipper state. She even caused a few more toothaches across the land, and eventually met up with Chibiusa, who had a real cavity. Resin fed Chibiusa, her mother, Minako and Chibiusa's grandfather Kenji tainted snacks of chocolate and flan, and even offered them coffee and booze. When she called in Chibiusa, she addressed her by her mother's nickname, and even prepared a special chair...only to have it strap Chibiusa down, while she prepared to attack her. Diana freed Chibiusa, and as Super sailor Chibimoon, she fought in a desperate battle against Resin and her indentured (ha ha) dentist servant. However, when Sailor V and Super Sailor Moon distracted the duo of evil, Super Sailor Chibimoon used her attack to destroy Resin, and return the dentistry to normal. Though never appearing in the anime, Resin's story was parodied in one episode of Sailormoon SuperS, as she was replaced by Palla Palla and her dolls.

Otakura ~ When a couple of evil contractors rammed a truck into the storage house of the Hammer Price Pawn shop, it awakened a nasty demonic being. The pretty ghost Otakura possessed Hotaru's body, and showcased herself as a more comical, equally deadly new-age Mistress 9. Annoyed by the ignorance that are Ruruna and Naruru, Otakura tried to suck the girls, Eternal Sailor Moon and "Eternal, Upgraded, Super-Super and or Star" Sailor Chibimoon, as well as all around her into a vortex of void. But thanks to a little time bought by "Fatty Mask", Eternal Sailor Moon and "uhm...Sailor Chibimoon Extended bonus version " blew Otakura away, thus saving Hotaru.

No name is ever given for this monster of the dark, but he/she/it will forever go down in history as Kousagi's first enemy. Though it is never stated that it is or is not an offshoot version of a could be reincarnated Chaos, the power it possesses is not one to be laughed at either.
The rabbit head first appears in the Parallel manga as a shining light. However, the invader brings a loud roar, signaling danger, and begins to plummet towards the Earth in a comet-like form. He/she/it's power is immeasurable, and blows back Kousagi, almost killing her, while blowing away the surrounding inhabitants. When the Parallel senshi arrive, it makes itself known as a large ball composed totally of rabbits. Thinking quickly though, Kousagi rallies up the neighborhood cats through the other senshi, and transforms them into her massive cat based attack. To see the defeat of the creature, please visit my Parallel manga site here, and click on the numbers (one at a time, of course) to see the manga in full. Though it appears to be the final villain for now, the eternal struggle between good and evil will never die, and perhaps one day, this tiny little manga may not be the only place we see Chibiusa's forgotten hero of a baby sister.