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fluffyhairearth.jpgß I wish this avatar was real… J




Earth’s bio:


Sailor Name: Codename Sailor Earth

Real Name: (Kept secret, only wrestlers and select family members know, and they ain’t tellin’.)

Aliases: Princess Earth, Earth-chan

Age: 23

Birthday: November 3

Western Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrological Sign: Fire Tiger

Birthstone: Topaz

Astrological Planets: Pluto and Mars

Height: 5'5

Favorite Colors: Pink and Green

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Least Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Subjects: Art, Social Studies

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Hobbies: Wrestling, animating, video games, website, toys, manga, Sailormoon, sewing, Pokemon, Salvador Dali paintings, Leonardo DaVinchi’s works

Hates: Bugs, Heights, Censorship, image stealing.

Talents: Cartooning, web design, animation, writing, singing, acting, psychic, controlling the flow of water

Dream: To be a published cartoonist

Blood Type: O

Family: Mama, lil' brother, various other family members, adopted wrestlers.

Senshi Attacks: Can travel through time, space and dimensions at will, disappearing using the *Bamph* ability, can control the elements. Can trap people in stone by saying “EARTH TRAPAZOID” and can form a beam made of fire, ice, water, wood and electricity by screaming “ELEMENTAL STAR BURST!”




Sailor History:

I am the soldier of the link that exists between the Earth and the Moon. At one point, long ago, the Moon and Earth were one, but in order for both to survive, the Moon split from the Earth and communication between the two became forbidden. However, Queen Serenity's people vowed nevertheless to protect this awkward blue marble in space. I was born on the Earth-Moon land, just before the split. I was slightly younger than Sailor Jupiter, but a few years older than Princess Serenity. Since by birth home was the bond that existed between Earth and Moon, I was dubbed Codename Sailor Earth. Although Earth is rather large, back then, I wasn't too comfortable there. I traveled the Milky Way Galaxy, but on occasion, I would rest on the Moon where Queen Serenity had a parlor squared off for my arrival.


While the Inner Senshi were all about responsibility from the moment of the princess's birth, I treated Serenity more like a baby sister. I used to act as a go between whenever she would argue with the Inner Senshi.


Luna and Artemis were barely more than kittens back then, but would often tell me stories about the planet Mau. I always thought it was weird that Queen Serenity would travel several light-years away, just for a pet or two, when Earth also had felines. (I guess talking ones were her faves: D)


The Queen noticed my maturity, and allowed me to attend all of the balls she hosted, even when I was a child. As I grew older, I noticed the little princess sneaking off to visit Prince Endymion. I used to lie on her behalf, so she could see the prince, unbothered. I wasn't always successful, but then to, the Inners were in love with the Four Generals, so sometimes they'd cut her some slack.


When I was in my early twenties, that's when Queen Beryl struck. I was the last branch of warriors to fall, just as the prince and princess died. My last memory is collapsing just a few feet away, hearing Queen Serenity place Luna and Artemis into their capsules, and then raising her wand. I wanted to warn her that Beryl was being controlled by Metallia, who was Chaos's daughter, but everything went black... the Moon got very cold and dark.


Time passed, and I grew up in America. I kept trinkets of my former life in various places, while my parents moved my kid brother and I all over the place, just like before.


Somehow when I was 10, I fell into a new dream state, in which I can now travel to any dimension I please. It is this way that I wound up in Jyuuban! O_o I landed there, as I could see Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn heading off to find the Amazoness Quartet. I looked down, and there was Luna!


I asked Luna to give me my pen. Baffled, she asked me how I knew she could talk and who she was. I insisted that there was NO time, gimmie!


A spin in the air, and she had my pen for me. I wiped it off, remembering she had no pockets, and yelled




In a flash, I was once more Codename Sailor Earth!


Since then, I travel between different dimensions, pooling together vast amounts of Sailor Senshi. I try to befriend all versions of a Senshi, since there's no way you can ever accept someone, without accepting all of that person.


Growing up, when I wasn’t in my home dimension, I played with Hotaru and Chibiusa a lot, but would spend part of my summers with Lethe and Mnemosyne, who looked after me like a sister.


Now, I bet you are wondering who some of these people are attached to my avatar, right? Well here we go:


These are my pets. I own them. From left to right: Calumon Shiro, Ishmael, Big Bird, Fushicho, Akachan and Tanjo, Jon Tailbain, Darryl, Llalandra, Darrel, MackDaddy Twiddles, Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper, Rajah, Sweeney, Joxer, Petrie,  Whipwreck, Azure Lazurite, Nadeshiko-Aurora, Akihiko Chikara, Midori, and The Octopi Triplets Winken, Blinken and Nod, Alowicious, The Motley Crude, Jingle Ginyu, Kagayaku, Kagayaki, Hebi and Maku, Helios and Hotaru.



Calumon Shiro (Item: Magical Girl-Phee-chan) :

An odd character I met on Gaia, who resembles several Digimon. He appears when I use the Magical Girl item. Quiet, shy but loves to have fun, speaks Japanese and wants to learn Chinese someday. Likes sweets and milk.

Likes to play with Joxer and MackDaddy Twiddles. His favorite anime is Pokemon.


Ishmael Triton (Item: Tuga the Narwhal Plush) :

A cuddly Narwhale, found off the coast of Greenland. Very playful, loves cold weather and Christmas specials. Sleeps on my head to keep warm, and loves dressing up. Loves playing with Joxer best.


Big Bird (Item: Wild Things-Roc’s Call) :

A Chocobo I met while traveling on Gaia. He found me wondering lost in a forest, and gave me a ride back to civilization. Hates loud noises and is sensitive to smells. He is rather well educated, and often reads books to me before bed. He is easily startled and has a short temper. On occasion, he produces flames. Likes to serve me candlelight dinners, which he cooks himself. Does not get along with the other pets. Is great at finding caves when we’re out.


Fushicho (Item: Chubbi Chicky) :

One day, I awoke tired and achy all over, and rather early to find a small green, blue, pink and yellow egg under my skirt. Big Bird said it was his, but no mate could be found. Also, Big Bird can’t lay eggs, because he’s a dude, so I don’t know where the egg came from. Hmm. I kept the egg warm, and eventually it hatched into Fushicho. I named her after the Japanese word for Phoenix. Just like Big Bird, she can on occasion set fire to small leaves and has a short temper. She likes to snuggle up into my old clothes, and looks up to MackDaddy Twiddles like a brother figure. She has a boyfriend chick named Griffin, who occasionally appears beside her. She can also access different dimensions, but because she’s still a chick, she can only go half way. Her blank stare resembles mine when ever I am miffed. Hmm.


Akachan (Item: Baby Chicky)

Fushicho’s youngest sister. Akachan and Tanjo are actually twins, but Tanjo hatched earlier than her sister. Like Fushicho, I awoke to find eggs beside me while traveling with Big Bird once. He admits that the chicks are all his, but I’ve never seen a mate for him. Hmm. Akachan sometimes gets jealous of the attention Akihiko gets, and she tries to mimic him. She has some powers, but because she’s still a baby, her abilities are stunted.


Tanjo (Item: Cutie Chicky)

Fushicho’s middle younger sister. Tanjo often squabbles with Akachan, upset that her baby sister has no manners. Aside from that, Tanjo has no large temper. She has power over fire, but like Akachan, her powers are stunted. Tanjo wants to become a nanny someday, and she practices on Akachan. She likes to play with Akihiko.



Jon Tailbain (Item: Wild Things-Fenrir’s Call) :

A stray werewolf I found on my way to a quest one night. He’s lost the ability to become human, but is skilled in magic. I named him after a Darkstalkers character. Very protective, doesn’t get along with Big Bird, and hates Fushicho, claiming her existence came through vile means. Hmm. Looks mean but is as tender as a puppy, speaks some English with a French accent, but mostly barks.


Darryl (Item: Misasma) :

One of two polar bear cubs with Llalandra. Darryl is chronologically 903 years old, but is considered a cub where he comes from. Has a high I.Q. and can open portals to different dimensions. He also creates a playroom dimension when he’s board. Likes to read the encyclopedia and watch documentaries. He is gifted in holistic medicine, and makes me hot tea whenever I fall ill. He loves to play house with Llalandra, and treats her like a baby sister.


fulllalandra.jpg Llalandra (Item: Misasma) :

A strange girl I met after coming out of a non-ageing stasis after a bad fall. Happy and loud, she likes to play with everything, and really loves MackDaddy Twiddles like an older brother. The polar cubs are her very own pets, but I feed them so I count them as mine. She hates bedtime, loves hot cocoa and insists on calling me “Mommy”. Hmm. She barely listens to me, but will obey anything Darryl or Darrel tell her. The polar cubs can create small universes to play in, and the three are often making vast playgrounds in these pocket dimensions. She looks to the cubs as her special posse. Her favorite thing to do is to baby her three younger siblings; Azure, Nadeshiko and Akihiko.


Darrel (Item: Misasma) :

Darryl’s younger brother by two years. Darrel is more laid back than his older brother, and is constantly sleeping. When he is awake, he loves to play with Llalandra and especially loves swing sets and slides. On occasion, he tries to sneak off to parties, but he’s slow, so he’s always caught.


MackDaddy Twiddles/Usagi jr. (Item: White Bun-Bun Plushie) :

A sweet little bunny I bought from Kousagi in an alternate universe. Loves sugar and caffeine, speaks Japanese only. Looks to Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper as a father figure. Likes to read manga.


fluffyandpet.jpg   Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper (Item: The Lusty Scoundrel-Beresford) :

A man pet I bought on the distant planet of Otoko. He’s been trained to wash dishes, mow the lawn and do any chores that I can’t stand doing. In his down time, he loves sugary anime and wrestling. One day, I fell into a dark and cold dimension with just Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper at my side, and bumped my head. A science facility was just around the corner, so Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper carried me over there, where I was put into a non-ageing stasis field, until I woke up. I’m not sure how long I was out of it, but I came out of the stasis field no different than how I was prior to my injury. True to the scientists’ word, I wasn’t even a minute older either. But I had the distinct taste of sugar in my mouth, and I felt funny all over. And achy. As soon as I got out, Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper introduced me to Llalandra, who insisted on calling me “Mommy”. Medically, the stasis kept me just as I was before the fall (virgin), but still I wonder about this child he brought me, since she has his hair, my eyes and… well. Anyway. He spends time with Llalandra, and helps her with her schoolwork. (We home school.) He stayed by my side when I was in stasis, and won’t say where Llalandra came from, but she calls him “Daddy”. He’ll only smile at me whenever I ask him, and the other pets never speak of it, since they were not present during the incident. Hmm. Then sometime ago, I was put into stasis again, after a nasty battle. I was not in stasis as long this time, but like before, I awoke in pain. But there waiting for me were the twins Azure and Nadeshiko. Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper only smiled at me, and offered to take me to dinner. He has yet to fess up on where the children came from; he only smiles at me when I ask. The same thing happened when Akihiko was born.
Some people suspect that my man pet is not as simple as he seems, and that these are our blood children, but he is constantly affectionate towards the kids and I, and would do anything for us, so it hardly matters anymore.
I recently discovered that I originally met him back during the Silver Millennium! He is the reincarnation of the prince of Otoko, but even back then, men were pets on this planet, bred to be humble companions. He had traveled to the moon for one of Queen Serenity’s balls. He taught me the waltz in my former life when I was very small, and remembered me when I bought him. He insists on ruling Otoko and my parts of the Earth and the Moon with me one day, and views my princess self more than my Senshi self.


Rajah (Item: Wild Things-Kahn) :

A tiger I found behind an ice cream parlor. Rajah does not get along with Big Bird or Tailbain, and has tried to eat Fushicho, but does get along with the other pets. Rajah is very protective of me, and often falls asleep curled around me. Loves to play dress up and Halloween. Is actually great at baking cookies. He is the father of Kagayaku and Kagayaki. The cubs were born while I was a tiger. Hmm…


Sweeney (Item: Langer the Dragon Plush) :

A half lizard half dragon hybrid and friendly nemesis. Sweeney slithers around and coils himself around me, and challenges me to completion when he feels brave. Loves R&B music and Katt Williams. Will watch quietly with me when I play a Katt Williams DVD. Likes Sweet and Sour sauce.


Joxer (Item: Kappa Plush) :

A sweet and friendly Kappa who loves cucumbers and gyros. Loves to tell jokes and cuddles like a baby. He loves to play and often finds himself with MackDaddy Twiddles and Llalandra as his playmates. Likes to comb his hair like Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper, and idolizes him. Gets along best with Fushicho.


Petrie (Item: Panda Plushie) :

Named after Rob Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show, Petrie is a toddler Panda. Petrie was a birthday present from a very good friend on Gaia, and he’s befriended all of the other pets already! Petrie loves to snuggle, and often times sleeps on my lap when it’s too cold. He loves to explore, and is often sneaking off to play with Llalandra, who treats him like a little brother. Darryl plays with Petrie when Darrel and Llalandra are on the teeter-totter. Petrie loves blocks and picture books.


Whipwreck (Item: Larry the Rubber Ducky) :

A demonic duck I found on the side of a black pond one day while I was walking with Llalandra and Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper. He was lost, and couldn’t return to whence he came, so I adopted him. I named him after wrestler Mikey Whipwreck, who played with a devil duckie once in an MLW taping. Whipwreck (the duck) is delightfully evil, and idolizes Sinsister Minister. His best friend is Sweeney, and he acts as a go between for Sweeney and I. Whipwreck is currently trying to get Llalandra to follow the dark side, but I won’t let her do any such thing, at least until she’s 18 or so. I do allow her to play with him though.


Azure Lazurite (Item: Changeling Baby Boy) :

Llalandra’s younger brother. The circumstances of his birth are as mysterious as Llalandra’s, and he appeared to me only after I awoke from a long slumber. Azure doesn’t speak much, but is his first word was his sister’s name, much to her delight. Like Llalandra, he calls Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper and I Mama and Dada, and has no intention of listening to a word I say. He is very playful, and likes to be read to. Llalandra plays blocks with him, and he often is seen napping on Darrel. He doesn’t like his crib, preferring my arms to the bulky furniture piece. He likes listening to classical music, preferably Mozart and Beethoven. Although picky at times, Azure is a sweet tempered child. At the moment, he seems more fascinated with his brother Akihiko than his twin. He and his twin sister are going through an odd stage. When their transformation is complete, they will revert back to their normal infant size. This is a magical equal to the terrible two’s or three’s.
Update: Azure has completed his change and is now back to his baby form. While he was not as rambunctious as Nadeshiko, his change was very painful, and he is now happy to be back to normal.


Nadeshiko-Aurora (Item: Changeling Baby Girl) :

Azure Lazurite’s twin sister, younger than him by 18 hours. (Or so I was told) Nadeshiko doesn’t speak at all, except to call Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper and I Mama and Dada. He refuses to say where the twins came from, just as with Llalandra, and again I only saw them after I awoke from another stasis sleep. (I wonder about my man pet…) Llalandra likes to play with her siblings, but takes more to her brother than her sister. Nadeshiko has little interest in playing with her elder brother and sister, and seems more fascinated with anything I do. While Azure likes to play with blocks, Nadeshiko prefers plushies. Unlike Azure, Nadeshiko sleeps in the crib, preferring quiet solitude and jazz music. Nadeshiko has a short temper, and gets into more things than her elder brother, but means well. She does however love to play with her younger brother Akihiko. She and her twin brother will be undergoing an odd stage. When their transformation is complete, they will revert to their usual form. The skin change is not a part of this change, but a natural part of their development, as they are of mixed race, like me. We mutts tend to change color! J Update: Her growth is complete at last, and she is now back to her baby form. And thank God too, those terrible two’s were just… hidoi!!


Akihiko Chikara (Item: Holy $#17)

Llalandra’s youngest brother. He was born after the twins. Akihiko Chikara’s natural hair color is dark brown, but he uses magic to dye his hair blue. Akihiko doesn’t speak at all yet, but is very active. Like his elder siblings, I first saw him after awaking from slumber. He was born in a distant galaxy while I was recovering from another battle. Once again, my man pet refuses to tell me where this one comes from, only grinning at the mention. Hmm. Akihiko can sprout wings, just as I can, and can travel to distant planets. Hmm. Llalandra babies him just as she does her other siblings, and Akihiko loves to play teddy bears with her. The twins get along well with Akihiko, and Nadeshiko sleeps next to him on the floor when it’s cold.


Midori (Item: Dandidoodad spore 2nd gen)

Midori is neither male nor female. Midori is a shape shifter and loves to change into Pokemon and Digimon shapes. He is Calumon Shiro’s best friend, and loves to make me laugh.  His favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, and his favorite food is chocolate oranges. He has a smooth, blubbery skin which feels like hard boiled eggs, but he’s surprisingly soft and cuddly. J


The Octopi Triplets Winken, Blinken and Nod (Items: Red/Blue/Green Octopus on my head) :

I saved these three siblings from being on a chef’s plate while exiting a lush restaurant after the twins were born. Winken is the red one, Blinken the blue and Nod is the green one. The three have zero in common, and are the most argumentative trio of siblings I’ve ever met. Winken is a PH.D scholar, who is leaching knowledge off of me in order to finish his B.A. in medicine. Blinken is a hippie who is into tye-dye fabrics and dream journals. Nod is a daredevil who wants to go into extreme sports. The three can leech off of people’s brains, which is why I try not to let them near Llalandra, Azure or Nadeshiko for too long.



A sweet puppy dog Jon Tailbain surprised me with as a Xmas gift! He found the stray wondering around lonely, and remembered my love of dogs, so he brought him. My mom actually named him! J The puppy is quite brave, and loves to get into things. He’s a curious pup who loves to lick my face. I adore him!


The Motley Crude:

After I adopted Alowicious, Jon Tailbain discovered that the puppy had a whole family! These are his cousins, mom, dad, siblings and various friends. They always travel in a pack, while Alowicious likes to play separately.


Jingle Ginyu:

A magical cow who thinks he’s Santa Claus. He doesn’t leave presents though. Through genetic alteration, he’s a boy with udders! He produces fine dairy products whenever I ask him to. He can also change me into a cow for a few minutes at a time, which let me tell you feels weird! O_O Mr. Twinkleflowerthumper thinks it’s weird, but it is a quick way to feed the babies. Hmm…


Kagayaku (Item: Kaya the Cat)

Rajah’s daughter. She appeared as a tiny kitten beside me, after I discovered a temporary power to turn into a tiger. Her existence is as mysterious as the other children, causing me to seriously wonder about my male pets’ abilities when I sleep. Hmm. Kagayaku does not act like a normal kitten, instead she can speak, and enjoys reading mystery novels. She can also make small jumps in time. Hmm. Rajah and Kagayaku get along very well, and Kagayaku loves to play with Rajah’s tail. She doesn’t play well with Fushicho or her sisters, but does seem to like Big Bird. Llalandra likes to carry her around, but Kagayaku is big enough to let Llalandra ride on her as I do with Rajah.


Kagayaki (Item: Kaya the cat)

Kagayaku’s younger twin brother by a few hours. He is more shy than his twin sister, and often hides behind me. He does get along with Fushicho and her sisters, and loves to cuddle with Akihiko, Nadeshiko and Azure. He wants to copy what Kagayaku does, but he’s not as strong yet. He can read Hiragana and likes Haiku.


Hebi and Maku (Item: Green Corallus Egg)

A Father and Son team from the Hachurui nebula. During an expedition to find cacao fruits, I stumbled upon a cult of snake men. It was here that I met Maku, the cult’s leader. Maku was a fan of Chaos, and naturally viewed me as an enemy. We did combat, and I was victorious. He offered me his crown as a spoil of war, but I refused, stating that his only crime was that he didn’t know Chaos’s true universe dominating motives. Once Maku learned of the battle at the Cauldron, Maku taught his people a peaceful new way of life. Maku then produced a small white egg. When I held it, it absorbed a little of my power and turned green. The egg hatched and became Hebi. Hebi and Maku still reside in the Hachurui nebula, but on occasion, Hebi uses his powers to travel to my dimension.


Helios (Heavenly Awesome Item)
The very same Pegasus we first see in Sailormoon SuperS! On occasion, Helios scouts the area in Pegasus form, and he does help out from time to time. When I was younger, I traveled to Elysion many times to help at the shrine.
gaiame521.gifErr… my parallel universe self met Helios on the day that he found out about Peruru dating Chibiusa. … The little one is named Chikyu.


Hotaru Tomoe (Sunako Item)
Hotaru and I grew up together, while Chibiusa time hopped. She insisted on not aging again until her BFF could catch up in our normal timeline. Sometimes when it’s my turn to time hop, I run into Hotaru when she was younger. I have to be careful not to meet myself in the process!




Another site I love is where you can preview what your avatar will look like with different outfits. I make almost all of my Gaia shopping decisions using tektek. All of the above pics are of stuff I have right now, and below are some shots I got from tektek:


You CAN’T do that on Gaia, since Gaia believes in decency, but tektek doesn’t!


A HUGE Thank you goes out to [GS] Sailor_Uranus, Captain Willow/Codename Sailor Water, [GS] Parallel Moon, Sir Blaire of Socks, Seung Mina56, The Gaia Angels and everyone else whom has been so kind as to bless me with my avi’s pets and outfits.



Oh! And on Gaia, Apperantly I have a goddaughter.


^.^ This is Princess Elysion Serenity aka Ellys.
She is the future child of Helios and Chibiusa. Her blue eyes are a recessive gene she got from Mamoru. Her dog is Bealzabobblez. Isn’t he cute?
J She can transform into Sailor Elysion Moon, the senshi of love and dreams. Somewhere near the end of the 30th Century, she is to marry Kokuo Tomoe, future son of Hotaru. And together they will have one daughter, Princess Maiden Serenity, aka Sailor Silence Moon. Maiden experiences rapid growth, just as Hotaru did in the SuperS manga/StarS anime, and she eventually has a child of her own named Princess Otome Serenity Tomoe. She will become Sailor Chibi Silence Moon. Trippy eh? So before Ellys is even out of grade school, she finds her husband, daughter, and then has a granddaughter! Effectively Ellys can now act as a child grandma! For a while before she met Kokuo, Ellys also had a crush on Sonic. Not surprising considering the fact that Ellys can also become a Pegasus, just as Helios did when he was fused with his pet in the manga. After living with her mom for a while in the past, she even lived with her universe’s Sonic for a while, until Kokuo appeared. She moved in with Kokuo shortly thereafter.
From left to right, that’s Maiden as an adult (Celebrity Date item), Maiden as a child (Sunako), Kokuo (Hotaru’s son, Celebrity Date Item), Otome (Sunako), Sonic (Sonic Black Knight Buddy), Bealzabobblez(Hotel for Dogs White Terrier) and Helios (Pegasus Mode, Heavenly Awesome item.)
You can find pics of Ellys and her growing family in the Gallery.
Also, you can check out her full bio here:

teehee.jpgteehee2.jpgß These are pics she shares with me! J


GreenFamilyß Hand drawn by me.
ß Codename Sailor Earth, first edition. Make your own Gaia trading cards at Gaia Cards. J
I wonder how many people on Gaia wed during Prom? It seems like a good use of the costumes.