Quirkalicious ~ Sailormoon in-jokes!

How many differences can you spot in this picture?
Welcome to Quirkalicious, a collection of REAL (and NOT fan made) Sailormoon oddities. Please select your gallery below:

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The Bratz Kids Kousagi/Ami/Hotaru/Mnemosyne doll

Skin tags and other body issues

Even MORE Disturbing Facts

Codename Sailor Earth sightings


Disney SightingS

Falling Apart

Flat Sailor Senshi

Funny Faces

The Lost Children of Helios and Peruru

Hidden Scenes

Pac-Man and Bomberman Sightings

Look Closely

The Lost Dolls of Irwin and Bandai

Magical Item Mishaps


Odango Ni Atama

Parallel Sailormoon SightingS

Product Placement?

Seat Belt Drama

Senshi look-a-likes


Codename Sailor V

Watch the Moon

The anti-Chibiusa Gallery