Bootleggers have spent many years taking advantage of Sailormoon fans by selling fake merchandise. And we are all SICK of it! Sometimes, a bootlegged item can look convincing, and the details are done juuuust right. It may even be of a lesser known or rare character, and it gets your hopes up for a new series of toys. Other times it's painfully obvious. Some sellers even try to skirt around the legal issues by claiming that they're just selling "art pieces based on the series" and "custom" items. But the fact remains that bootlegging is just that. The manufacture of goods based on something you don't own the rights to.

Bootleg Q/A

Q: Where do these pictures come from? One of those looks like an image I posted on a forum...
A: The pictures come from all over the internet. Many people will try to take credit for some of the images, but they come from all over the world and most are as old as 1995.

You can send an email if you do find your picture on here, and if you want, I can credit you. I have credited a few people below.

Otherwise, by leaving the names off, I can protect the identity of those who bought this illegal merchandise.

It's up to you if you want your name out there, associated with the crime of purchasing a bootleg.

Just be advised, if you are credited, you could be in trouble.

It's up to you.

Q: Do you own any of the bootlegs shown?
A: Not unless noted. On my YouTube channels you will see a "Buyer Beware" Collection Earth video in case I do obtain one, but I generally try not to purchase these things.

Q: What should I do if I see a bootleg product?
A: Walk away. Do not purchase.

Q: What if I've already purchased something bootleg?
A: Well you can't sell it, because it's a bootleg. Even if you try at a garage sale, you run the risk of being caught. Might be a low risk, but not a chance worth taking. If you know someone who would use it, you can give it away for free, or you can just set it aside somewhere and save up for the real thing.

The handful of bootlegs I own exist in a tiny bin beside my computer, as a reminder to be careful. I keep them in case I have a friend about to buy one, so I can quickly grab it and show them what not to purchase.

Q: If I have a bootleg toy, can I give it to my child/grandchild/niece/nephew/baby sibling?
NO!! Although many sellers will try to tell you that the toy is safe for kids 3 and older, most bootlegs are made from low-quality materials in cheap factories. You don't know if this toy has been painted with lead paint, has needles stuck in the stuffing or if the toy has anything else wrong with it. Most of them fall apart once removed from packaging, making them a choking hazard.

Q: Why shouldn't I buy a bootleg DVD? Isn't it the same as copying a store-bought DVD?
A: It's not the same. DVD copying software often times auto-deletes content from the disc (such as extras, a menu, ect.) and usually the bootleggers try to cram more than two discs worth of content onto fewer discs.

This cramming process can damage the data, resulting in a dim, dingy look to the film, glitches and after a few years, the disc is rendered unusable.

Lower quality bootleggers try to tape the shows from TV (read: placing a camera in front of a TV) or they try to source film from VHS tapes and old Laserdiscs.

The quality is anything but HD. I've seen a few that legit had static on them.

Subtitles might be incorrect, glitches occur, and did I mention how stupid it is to buy one of these when you can LEGALLY watch the show for FREE via certain platforms?

Go back to the first box underneath Black Lady and teen Kousagi's picture on all those logos are for places you can watch Sailor Moon legally and again, for FREE. I'm constantly updating it. (I use Yahoo View, Crunchyroll and Hulu.)

Q: Where are these bootlegs sold?
A: Sadly everywhere. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are the worst offenders here. There are new bootlegs every month. Dollar Stores, Thrift/re-sale shops, Pawn Stores, Comic Shops, Garage Sales, Swap Meets and outdoor sale places are also guilty of selling them. A big custom dealer is Setsuna Kou. That dealer takes apart official merchandise to create their own.

Q: If I find a Sailormoon related bootleg and I want to share it, can I send it to you?
A: You can email all photos and links here:

Q: Soooo does this page exist to support the purchase of these things?
A: Absolutely NOT!! Actually this page serves two purposes. One is to educate new or returning Sailormoon buyers so they DON'T fall for bootlegs, and second... to make people laugh. Let's face facts here, some of these bootlegs are just hysterically BAD.

Q: I just saw a Palla Palla toy. Is it real? Which characters do not have dolls or figures?
A: In 1996, The Amazoness Quartet each had one plush doll and one fashion doll. They were Japan only. There are four prototype figures from Irwin toys of each of the four girls, but those are insanely hard to find and expensive beyond belief.

As of September, 2017, the Quartet may have Megahouse figures on the way, and we are all hoping for S.H. Figurearts releases, but nothing yet.

If you are unsure of a figure's accuracy, look for the Bandai, Banpresto, Megahouse or GE Animation logos on the tag or box. And remember, you can always email me, I'll research it for you.

The following characters do NOT have their own figures, plush or dolls as of September 2017:

Queen Metalia
The Doom/Hell Tree
Ali/Alan (En actually has a mini figure.)
Master Pharaoh 90
Queen Nepherenia/Nehellenia
Sailor Galaxia and her team
Princess Kakyuu
Kousagi, her cat, Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina
Fan Made characters
Any "bad guy of the day" villain

With that said, many of them do have shirts, drinking glasses and other goods legally. Always look for the logos, brand names and tags, and again, you can always email me.

Words to look out for when shopping:

1. Factory Sealed
2. Great for kids!
3. Custom
4. OOAK (One of a kind)
5. Cosplay/for cosplayers (Unless you see a BanDai or Toei Animation silver sticker on it, it's a fake.)
6. Hentai, Doujinshi, Porn
7. Malaysia/Government approved
8. New from China/Hong Kong/Malaysia
9. Taiwan Exclusive
10. It's my art/my expression/fan art/fan made
11. Unofficial/not authorized


How to spot a REAL Sailormoon item:

1. If it's a toy from Japan, look for the Toei Animation sticker, then look for the red BanDai label.

2. If it's a Kodansha product, (they gave away bags and such) look for signs of age and a copyright date for Naoko Takeuchi.

3. Know your seasons. Sailormoon came out in 1992, meaning that merchandise were in pre-production in late 1991. R came out between 92 and 93, S in 94, SuperS in 95 and StarS in 96. The series ended in 1997. Sailormoon debuted in America in 1995. So if you see an item with a date stamp of 1990, it's a fake. Be aware of items that have the wrong logos on the merchandise. For example, Sailor Moon did not become Eternal Sailor Moon until StarS. So if you see a Sailormoon S mark on a picture of Eternal Sailor Moon, it is a BIG fake. Also, there are only 3 movies and 200 episodes of the anime. There is no episode 201. DiC never dubbed StarS. Nor did Cloverway. But Viz Media will.

4. Beware of art from the actual Sailormoon manga on non book items. If it's on Kodansha merchandise or on a book, it could be real. If it's on a bookmark or DVD, it's fake. Only a handful of trading cards, CD's and other boxes ever had the manga artwork on them, be cautious.

5. Check the price. Original Sailormoon dolls and figures start at $20. If it's expensive, it's probably real. If it's cheap, be careful.

6. Look at the store you are buying this from. If you are in America, and it's at Hot Topic, F.Y.E., Wal*Mart, Meijer, or another nationally known retail store, it's real. If it's at a mall kiosk, Chinatown, a hair/beauty store, outside, or at any shop where English is not spoken well, it's a fake.

7. If you are shopping overseas, make sure you are at a regular chain store or book store. Be aware of bootlegs to other series. (Spider-Man, Hello Kitty, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Pokemon, Yu-Ghi-Oh, Kamen Rider and Fantastic Four are the most common bootlegs.)


Very stupid excuses bootleggers and trolls hide behind:

Trolls who are dumb enough to defend bootlegging and of course bootleggers themselves try to hid behind the WORST excuses. Here's a rundown:

1. This is my interpretation of Sailormoon!! ~ You can make up as much fan art as you like. But the moment you start accepting money for it, you've crossed the line into bootlegging. Once you cross that line, this is no longer you making up "artwork", this is now you, openly scamming Sailormoon fans and robbing the show's creators of a payday.
2. This is art based on the popular series ~ Just like #1. This lame excuse usually is attached to a Shrinky-Dink keychain, made from a photo from the actual series or from a REAL trading card. Just because you photoshopped it does not EVER mean you can sell it.
3. I gave credit to the series creators!! ~ There are people, rotting in prison cells around the world, still hiding behind this excuse. You can give all the credit in the world and even post the proper copyright notice on each figure or keychain you sell, it's still ILLEGAL and you shouldn't act surprised when someone calls you on it.
4. Well.. I spent TIME on this. I WORK HARD to make this you know ~ You could spend the next 8 years working on a statue of Sailor Saturn. If you do not have permission from Toei or Naoko, it's a BOOTLEG and it's worth is absolutely nothing.
5. You are STUPID okay?? I did my research, unlike YOOOUUU. My teacher/high school club/DA group/the cop I called and totally spoke to says you're an idiot. You know what? I might even sue YOU for slander. I'M the one in the right because this is my business and I gave my credit. Everyone KNOWS who I am ~ I've seen this rant copy and pasted from every stupid, mouth breathing, waste-of-life troll you can imagine. And many of them are legit bootleggers. And oh yes, people DO know who you are if you're dumb enough to post this. They know you are a FAKE. This ladies and gentlemen, is the last-ditch-effort rant that trolls and the like post, because they're delusional enough to think it makes them look "smart". They have no clue how many of you are laughing at them right now.
6. SEE??? The copyright laws say that I can do anything. It's not a direct copy of that thing, it's my ART ~ There is NO copyright law in the world that would stand behind this claim. And again, this claim usually follows an item, made from an actual picture the bootlegger swiped from the internet. Nobody is stupid enough to believe this, especially not a cop.
7. Well they do it on Etsy!! ~ Aaaaand they keep getting CAUGHT on Etsy, which is slowly but surely cracking down on bootleggers. It's the same reason why many of them are now heading to Yardsellr and eBay.
8. But I bought the original photo.. ~ Which is NOT the same as buying the rights to it.
9. I can mod this if I want to!! ~ And nobody is stopping you, but if you sell it, you're a bootlegger.
10. So what? I can't enjoy my art EVER?? ~ Nobody said that. You can enjoy all the photoshopping you like. But if you make money from it, you're a bootlegger.
11. You're just keeping yourself ignorant, YOU need to educate yourself ~ Another stupid and desperate attack from a bootlegger. This lame, two in the morning attack is from Ms. Infidel, a supporter of bootleggers. Truth is, it's never "ignorant" to expose bootleggers and scam artists, especially not when they sport items with chipping paint. She also has an odd blog, Facebook and a sci-fi based Twitter. Isn't it completely WEIRD that she tweeted me her attack just as I was updating this page, September 22, 2012? Literally, as I was typing this, she flamed me. Never heard of her before. Creepy much? She was totally fine until I added more pictures on this page, warning you, the faithful about the latest bootlegs. Hmm.. I suppose that puts her Etsy account on watch?
NOTE: Don't flame her. BLOCK her. End of story.
12. Well... it's not like Kodansha/Toei/BanDai/Naoko really NEEDS the money ~ And that is that ignorant and stupid attitude that keeps us from having nice things. (And no, idiot. You're so-called "art" that you're charging money for isn't a nice thing at all.) Sure it might seem like fun to cheat a company out of money, but when you cheat the company, you also cheat it's workers. Your favorite voice actor in Sailormoon? The people who actually spent REAL time drawing and painting every scene? You just cheated them out of their hard earned cash. You can give all the credit you and, and you are still a thief and a scam artist. It's like this. How would YOU feel, if I took something that you actually for real drew, and made money off of it, and you never saw a dime from it? Not much fun now, is it? Don't lie and claim "well that's different" it's the same.
13. You just don't understand anything! ~ Only the most pathetic morons say this, kids. Here's what I understand. You, breaking the law, trying to make people feel sorry for you, because you want money for fan art. Yeah, that's against the law. I understand that plenty.
14. This is how I make my LIVING okay??? ~ No, not okay. I'm sorry the economy is shit, but ripping people off is never the answer. Either make up your own characters and ideas, or get a real job. And attacking me only makes you look twice as pathetic.
15. It's NOT wrong! See what I heard was... ~ And this turns into a long post that I always end up deleting. What you "hear" and the actual law are two different things.
16. Well GAWD why is it wrong? ~ Once again, it's illegal, and furthermore the materials used to make bootlegs are generally of a lower grade than what REAL merchandisers use. Oh sure, I bet you dropped a fortune at the local craft store. Wanna bet how much lead, cadmium and other toxic materials you exposed yourself to? If you think they safety test those things, you're mistaken. Same for you shoppers out there. That Hong Kong bootleg looks super cute, right? Wanna take a chance on needles in the stuffing or lead based paint?


HEY!! Excuse me Codename Sailor Earth, but what about YOU??

Q: Aren't YOU selling your OWN fan art on DeviantArt and a few other places??

A: Yes, I am. You can find the latest on my only DA page.


Q: Oh, so let me guess, you're gonna say "it's different" right?
A: Nope, not at all. Parody or otherwise, it's just as wrong for me to do this as anyone else. I'm not going to dole out any excuses or pretend that I'm somehow "better" than everyone else. The above box applies to me as much as it does the rest of us.


Q: Well, if you KNOW this is wrong, WHY are you doing it?
A: People actually wanted me to draw certain characters for prints and posters. Myself and thousands of other fan artists have been approached for years. As long as DA refuses to do anything about it, the art stays up. It's one of those "If you can't beat 'em" kind of things.


Q: So then is your fan art bootleg like you labeled everyone else's?
A: Unless Toei or Kodansha hires me, yes. Absolutely. I am not different.


Q: Well, um, I'm gonna expose you then! I'll totally steal your work and slander you! DIE BITCH DIE!!
A: Go right ahead. But be warned, I'm not afraid.


Do you honestly think I would be?


News flash, I am the 102,224th person to claim the name of "Sailor Earth".


I'm mixed race, and although no longer religious, I was raised a Jew.


Since 1996, I have had complete and total strangers gunning for my head.


I was born in 1986.


Do the math. I've had grown adults come after me online since I was turning 10 years old.


I've been hacked multiple times.


I've had wastes of life tell me the same thing as you, that I was going to be "exposed" and that nobody would love me, hire me, my name was mud, etc. etc.


I had a hate shrine devoted to me, had my inbox flooded with rape and death threats.


I've had family members ditch me because of strangers online, after they were harassed on my behalf.


Had people photoshop fake porn and fake Facebook posts with my face and name on them.


I've had three men pose as me online.


Had a cop and an FBI agent tell me I "deserve it" the last time someone told me to hang myself on camera, nude. Yes, their offices did apologize and fire those involved, but nothing was ever done.


Hell, I even pissed off a music teacher so bad because of Vocaloid that he stalked me and tried to claim copyright on pictures of my own face, until my husband threatened to shoot him.


You can't "expose" someone who is on here, right now, exposing herself on purpose, especially when they make backups of their own self-exposure.


Go right ahead, screen cap this. Lie. Make up stories about me. Pretend you have the right.


You never will, but it's not like you can scare me at this point.


Q: Well um do you do requests?
A: Sometimes. Usually, I'm too busy working on my own stories and characters, but if the right idea floats by, then sometimes.


Q: Why is this page soooooo loooong?

A: Because I felt like it.


List of terms for those new to internet shopping:

NSFW: Not Safe For Work ~ Adults only!!
OOAK: One of a Kind ~ Blatant Bootleg
NRFB: Never removed from box
MIB: Mint in Box ~ May also mean the item is in mint (un-touched) condition, but is missing it's original packaging.
As-is: What you see is what you get. Broken or not.

REAL new Sailormoon merchandise can be legally bought using the links on this page:

Many of the bootlegs seen are now being covered by the famous Facebook page, Sailor Moon Memes:
New pictures are at the bottom of each list.

This page on Bootlegs is actually dedicated to a long-gone website from Bobagirl. She was the first to document bootleg Sailormoon goods. Check out what she found:
Sailor Neptune candy topper?
Sailormoon R watch
Sailor Mercury Beauty Warrior playset These heat packing cosplay sets also came in Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars and have been spotted on eBay as late as 2012.
Chibi Mako pin
Chibi Ami pin
Chibi Michiru pin
Chibi Minako pin
Child's Usagi outfit
Sailorbikes in Mars, Mercury and Moon. (Check adult Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon in the picture!)
Sailormoon Fly Dancer. (It's half Uranus and half Venus)
Backwards "Magic Feeling" Sailor Chibi Moon wand
Sailor Uranus figure
On the left is a REAL Tuxedo Mask figure. On the right is a fake "Pretty Fighter" Prince Endymion... playset?
Custom Black Lady.... with Kousagi's hair??
New additions to these products started creeping back onto eBay in 2011 and in 2012:
Chibi Super Sailor Moon set?
Sailor Moon Sailorbike


Planet Girl Bootlegs:
Planet Girl Moon Figure
Sailor Moon Planet Girl up close
Back of the Planet Girl box
Moon, Jupiter and Venus "Planet Girl" dolls with Codename Sailor V style outfits
Planet Girl Chibimoon Wand and Sailor Venus
Planet Girl Sailor Moon
Planet Girl Figure Set
Planet Girl Sailor Moon and Wand Set
Planet Girl Neptune and Mars
Planet Girl Dayglow Mercury Saban Moon Toonmakers figure. (What?!)
Planet Girl... Mercury? Jupiter?
Planet Girl Toys
Planet Girls Bubbles
Planet Girl Princess Serenity plaque
Current Planet Girl label
Planet Girl Purse, comb and brush for a doll...
Planet Girl Doll (EGADS is that a man??)
Sailor Neptune ~ arm sold seperately.
Sailor Neon Chibi Moon
Purple hair Mercury
Planet Girl package
Upbeat Neptune
Venus with a pink bow
Planet Girl Back package
Blue Eyed, Big Nosed Mars
Comes with a free battery


Sailor Mary Bootlegs:
Sailor Mary action figures: Moon, Venus and Mercury
Sailor Mary Jupiter, Mercury and Venus
Sailormary Mercury
Sailor Mary Jupiter
Sailor Mary Box
Sailor Mary Mercury
Sailor Mary Box
Sailor Mary set 1 2 3 4 5


Annie Pretty Sailor Bootlegs:
Annie Pretty Moon: Chibimoon Moon, Jupiter Moon and Moon Moon?
Annie Pretty Moon and Planet Girl
Annie Pretty Sailor Doll
Box art


Sailor Sweetie Bootlegs:
Sailor Sweetie set with Chibi Jupiter and Venus
Sailor Sweetie set with Chibi Sailor Moon and Teenage Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Sweetie set with Chibi Mars and Mercury
Sailor Sweetie Moon and Artemis
Sailor Sweetie Senshi
Sailor Mars and a bunny
Sailor Venus, a bird and a ride
Made in Chna and again
Chibi Toonmakers?
Sailor Moon 1 2
Sailor Chibi Moon 1 2 3
Sailor Mercury 1 2
Sailor Jupiter 1 2


Beauty Girl Bootlegs:
Beauty Girl Jupiter
... Alternate
Beauty Girl Guardian Moon
Two pack with Beauty Mars and Guardian Moon
... up close
2 pack with Jupiter and Pink Usagi
2 pack with a horrible paint job on Mars and Jupiter
Pink and Purple Mars
Adult Chibi Usagi
Mars and Moon


Beauty Fighters Bootlegs:
Beauty Fighters Set (Note the blue eyed Chibi Moon)
Beauty Fighters Keychain Figure Sailor Moon
Beauty Fighters Figure Set
Beauty Fighters Figure Set ~ With Jun Jun and Palla Palla (Take a look at the cover art!)
Sailor Disinterested Moon
Beauty Fighter Mask, wand and figure set.
Return of squatting Neptune-Venus and the Beauty Fighters
Disinterested Senshi
Sailormoon R Beauty Fighters Set


Shirley Moore Bootlegs:
Beauty Soldier Shirley Moore Play Set
Shirley Moore Jiputer figure
Shirley Moore Box
Shirley Moore Venus and Moon


Meteor Girl Bootlegs:
Meteor Girl
Venus Meteor Girl?
... from MoonBeam
Meteor Girl Purse and figure set
Meteor Girl weapons

Chibi Super Sailor Chibi Moon ponytails
Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi Moon keychain
Chibi Sailor Mercury chain ~ also comes in Moon, Chibi Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.
Tiara headband
Super Sailor Moon ponytail tie
Starlights Hair Clip (Now comes in all Sailor Senshi except Parallel.)
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon with Luna hair picks
Sailor Stars belt buckle
Royal Family chains?
Airmail envelope wallet with a white Luna and Chibi Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailormoon Wallet
Upset Sailor Moon Wallet
Chibi Sailor Senshi gathered keychain
Chibi Chibiusa keychain
Luna and Luna wallet
Pretty Guard Keychain
Luna NO NOSE Wallet
Pretty Fighter Moon Keychain Set
Blonde Makoto and White haired Rei keychains
Sailormoon sunglasses
Plastic Minako and Artemis... wallet?
Keychain made from an old gif image of Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Kid Moon Keychain
UGLY Inner Senshi Keychains
Cupcake Charms
Cell Phone Charm set of five, tied together
Yellow Eye Luna Keychain??
T-shirt transfer
Fugly Outers and Chibi Moon keychain
KEYSIGN Moon and Chibi Moon Keyrings 1 2 3

Wensi Creation Bootlegs:
NOTE: These Hong Kong based bootleggers try to pass off their products (usually made with Shrinky-Dinks and glue) as "art" but do not be fooled. They are 100% FAKES and are made with questionable materials, in a country known for not checking for things like lead and cadmium.
NOTE #2: Here and Here they list how they make their goods.
Chibi Sailor Mercury hair ties ~ This comes in the Inner, Outer, Starlight Senshi and Sailor Cosmos.
Pink Usagi Nude Earrings
Chibi Chibi Rose earrings
Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion and Sailor Pluto earrings
Sailor Style Sailor Senshi earrings
Sailor Parallel Moon ~ Kousagi and Cat Pendant
Usagi charms
Minako charms
Usagi and Mamoru charms
Amazoness Quartet Charms
Random Assortment?
Sailor Pluto
Haruka and Michiru set
Sticker set
Random Chibi Charms
Sailor Hello Kitty Moon????
NSFW Usagi earrings
Nurse Usagi earrings
Another random set of charms
Chibi Moon and Saturn earrings
Inner Senshi mini-magnets
Usagi pendant set
Chibi Chibi earrings
Jupiter earrings
Tuxedo Mask

Automotive Decor (Things for the car/truck.)
Sailormoon Stars license plate
Inner Senshi license plate
Sexy Eternal Moon Decal
Eternal Sailor Moon Decal Also comes in Neo Queen Serenity, Chibi Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Chibi Chibi and all of the Inner and Outer Senshi.

Bags, Backpacks and purses
Sailormoon Stars mini-sack
Princess Small Lady Serenity Anime Bag
Wow. That's not even close...
Sailormoon Backpack?
Luna Head Bag
SAILORS Charles Ishihara backpack?
Princess Lady Serenity bag (came in blue/purple/magenta/aqua ond could be ordered with Artemis beside her)
A 1992 SailormoonS sack? (S started in 94, not 92.)
Sailor Moon collar beaded purse
SailormoonS Messenger Bag

Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi
Inner Sailor Senshi on a rock
Super Inner Senshi... Birthday bookmark??
Korean Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Helios kissing Chibiusa
Wrong moon Usagi!!
Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, Princess Chibiusa and Princess Lady Serenity
DeviantArt Bookmark Collection
Poorly re-drawn Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon bookmarks

Bootlegged Artbooks:
NOTE: The following comes from Manga Style
Bad Beans??
Since when do they come in a bag??
The artbook should have metallic lettering. WTF is this?
Spot the mistakes! And more!

NOTE: The following from here on come from all over the internet:
United States Fleet Artbook #3: 1 2

Books and Doujinshi
NOTE: Some of the following books are for mature readers only.
Titles may not reflect the actual name of the publication.
Books marked with an
have been listed by other sellers as "official" merchandise.
* Fake cover for Tokypop's Sailormoon SuperS #2
Silky Moon
Moony Moon
A Uranus, Neptune and Moon book
A Sailor Moon book
Sailors Yellow Version
A Sailor Uranus
True Colors Wing of Dress
A Sailor Moon Book
A Chibiusa and Usagi book
A Wedding Peach + Sailormoon crossover
Deep Mix
Moon Syndrome
A Sailormoon SuperS battle book?
Sailor Moon Book No 6
Sailor Moon: The Private Eyes
Princess Serenity
A Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask book
Moon Magic Luna Base
Another Sailor moon and Tuxedo Mask book
A Sailormoon R book, side style
Moon Usagi
Magical Sailormoon
Hello World Sailor Moon
Sweet Lynch
Se-Ra-Mu-N BOOK!
Yet another Sailor Moon book
Heart Moving
A Black Lady book?
An Ami Sailormoon R book?
S and M
Sailor Moon S Haruka Tenoh Tsugai Birthday Book
Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Koi to Sensou Uranus and Neptune
A Sailor Moon and Luna book?
Scream Eye's Club Presents Sailor Moon 6
Bleu de Ciel
Rinkintan Sailormoon Boys Only
AmiHota Side A/B/C
Final Edition
A Sailormoon Book?
Doll Sailormoon Only Book
A fake Sailormoon Magazine
Primerose 2
Primerose page
Fake Cover for Cel Mates
Unofficial Episode Guide
Unofficial Episode Guide with an incorrect number for US dubbed episodes by DiC/Cloverway. (It was 159, NOT 193.)
Sailormoon as Death Note
Sailor Lady Collection 5
PURE Heart x Heart Hotaru and Chibiusa
Happy World
Sailor MOON
SuperS #4
Amazon and Starlight books
Marvel Comics Sailor Moon????

NOTE: Many sellers have tried selling their own fanart as cards. Quality is usually poor.
NOTE #2: For more information on buying the REAL Sailormoon cards and what to look out for, please visit:

DeviantArt made Sailormoon cards
Stars and S Joker cards
DeviantArt Sailormoon playing cards
Hong Kong box of Sailormoon S cards
MOONSOLDIERS Ami Mizuno card
MOONSOLDIERS Sailor Neptune card
MoonsoldierS Sailor Pluto card
MoonsoldierS Michiru Kaioh card
Crooked Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Card
Outer Senshi cut cards
Early Sailor Moon
Sailor MOON Super S cast
Pretty Soldiers cast
Beauty Girls Sance
Sailor Power Moon
Eternal Sailor Moon Cast Card
Eternal Moon card with Sailor Mercury written on the back
Luna Sailor Mercury??
MoonSoldierS Set
Sailor Cosmos card
Black Lady Yu-Ghi-Oh card
Chibi Chibi, Kakyuu, Yaten, Taiki, Uranus and Neptune on a Sailormoon R card??
Chibiusaurcury card
Prisim Heart Black Lady

CD's, 8-tracks and cassette tapes
NOTE: There were never Sailormoon 8-tracks and as of May 2012, Sailormoon MP3's are not sold separately in the US. "Tribute" CD's usually are made by fans.
NOTE #2: To see the actual CD's and tapes, visit:

Sailormoon S and R CD
Moonlight Legends
SAiLOR MoOn by the Cartoon Band
Sailor Moon e il mistero dei sogni
Sailor Moon Baby Band
Dark Side Emotion

Bootleg Cells
Usagi and Rei, trying on skirts?
Moody Usagi cell
Worried Naru and Usagi cell
Sexy Cell
Usagi, Rei and Ami

Solina "Beauty Moon" clock and a fake Super Sailor Moon clock
Eternal Sailor Moon Clock Front...
... and back.
Super Sailor Ghostly Chibi Moon
Sailor Moon little wand clock
Super Sailor Beauty Moon
Another Sailor Moon Clock
Another Eternal Sailor Moon Clock
So.... many... bootleg... clocks!!
The Yelowed Clock
Eternal Sailor Moon ALARM CLOCK
Lazy Super Sailor Moon Clock

Codename Sailor MOON costume
Toddler Codename Sailor V/Moon costume
Sailor Jupiter costume ~ On Amazon this now comes in Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well.
Sailor Moon Iron-on T-Shirt Transfer
Sailor Mercury shirt
Codename Moon Costume
Super Uranus Costume
"Sailormoon" Sexy costume
Sailor Moon white shadow T-shirt set
Sailor Moon Cast shirt
Materials Collection Codename Cast
Sailor Onsie?
SAMPLE T-Shirt Transfer
StarS T-shirt Transfer
Blonde Jupiter Shoes
Bootleg Sailor Moon Amazon Grey Shirt
Mexican t-shirts: 1 2 (2 is also sold as a Vocaloid Rin/Len Kagamine shirt.)
Super Sailor Saturn Stripper Shoes??
Sailor Moon Bug Eyed Patch
Crayon Chibiusa Shirt
Dark Luna Moon Shirt
"I knew Sailor moon when she was Underground" shirt
Moon Dreams Shirt
Red Bow Shirt
Moonlight Carries The Message of Love shirt
What Sailor Moon Taught Me hoodie
Sailormoon logo skirt

NOTE: Etsy, eBay and Amazon sellers try to pass these off as "art" as a way to get around copyright laws.
Heart Moon Rod
Saturn Glaive
Cute Moon Rod
Uranus Sword
Pluto Staff
Michiru Wig
Usagi wig
Blonde or Brown Usagi Wig
Usagi Maid Wig or Costume, your choice
Neptune Mirror
Sailor Moon mask in a bag
Mercury and Super Chibi Moon pens and Head Gear
Music Flare Magic Music Sorcery Ball Wand for age 3 and up!
... Out of box
Eddy Shine Music
... Lit up and spinning
Blonde Sailor Usagi Moon Kousagi Wig
Adult Sailor Chibi Moon Creepy Mask
Eternal Sailor Jupiter t-shirt style costume
Sailor Chibi Moon Costume
Tuxedo Mask Costume
Really obvious Sailor Moon bootleg
Obvious Pluto knock-off
Button Jupiter Costume
Button Mercury Costume
Really BAD Sailor Saturn costume
A sea of really bad masks
Musical Wand?
Miku Usagi Costume
Sailor Senshi Megurine Wig (No, for real, that's the listing on eBay.)
Kissing Michiru wig
Sailor Chibi Neptune Costume?
Chibiusa Wig
Chibiusamoon Costume
Eternal Sailor Moon Boots
Ko-Serena wig
Sailor Mercury Boots
Michiru Wig
Minako Wig
Sexy Sailor Moon Lace Costume
Shiny Sailor Moon Costume
Plastic Sailor Moon Costume
White Boot Sexy Moon Costume
Teenage Chibiusa Wig
Sailor Uranus Mask
Chibiusa's Crystal
Creepy Usagi Wig
Eternal Sailor Moon Costume
Parallel Mercury Wig
Sailor School Moon
... Again?
Slutty Moon Costume?
Sailor Moon Rain Smock Muu-Muu costume for kids 1 2
Manga Sailor Moon Cosplay gift set
Lady Chibiusa boots
Sailor Mercury cosplay gift set
Wig sold on eBay as "Mr. Mercury"
Parallel Chibiusa Wig
Parallel Mercury costume
Princess Neptune costume
Queen Serenity wig
Princess Serenity gown
Sunrise Saturn Boots
Sequins Neo Queen Serenity Crown
Sera Serena Uranus costume
Love Square?
Moon Type Wand
Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon.... sock cosplay?
Cosplay Fantasy presents "The Creepy Lady" 1 2
Neptupiter Costume
Pallas Mizuno Wig
Light Sailor Saturn costume
Skull Neptune

NOTE: This seller has also had her goods on Amazon and Etsy. Most of her costumes are listed as "sexy" though she also sells baby costumes and costumes of popular movie characters.
Sailor BLUE Moon??
Serena Haruhi Sexy Moon costume
Totally light blue Mercury?
Red Bow Pluto
Really bad Saturn costume
Lazy Venus

Sailor Venus Pillow
"Makoto Aino" Geisha pillow (Ok now it's just sad.)
Chibi Angel mat
Super Sailor Moon Needlepoint
SailormoonS Sticker Cup
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask lightswitch plate (OMG she's a man??)
Sailor Senshi lightswitch plate
Sailor Moon "Head Sitting" plate
SailormoonS mats? Clings?
Poster of a woman cosplaying as Sailor Saturn (I am not kidding.)
Sailor Moon Bank or lawn ornament, your choice
Sailormoon StarS Coasters
Sailor Moon Pillow
Super Sailor Chibi Moon wall sticker
Super Sailor Chibi Moon pillow set ~ Also comes in Super Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.
Sexy-style Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity poster
Sailormoon Cast Poster with Cosmos
Sailor Moon wall sticker
Moon Henshin Wall Sticker
Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus sexy wall scroll (What the hell?)
Sailor Saturn City Wallscroll
Sailor Moon and Usagi Pillow
Hotaru Atumn wall scroll
Sailormoon SuperS Specials Laserdisc Pillow
Bleu de Ciel wall scroll
Sailor Moon touching herself towel??
Tuxedo Mask kissing Sailor Moon poster
Ami Poster
Super Sailor Moon and nude Chibiusa poster (note the wrong lockets)
Sailormoon S poster with an R Sailor Moon
Poorly re-colored manga poster of Usagi marrying Mamoru
Poster of a Japanese DVD
Endymion "Boner" light switch
Chubbi Moon Bank
Neon sign ON OFF Jupiter Guardian and Kimono Chibi Moon banks
Usagi Gem Box
Super Sailor DA Poster
Chubbi Red Moon Bank
Sailor Moon cups up close
Trash bin 1 2
More bootleg banks
A porcelin Moon in pink Bank
Sailor Mercury and Mars SailormoonWorld wallscroll
Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon wallscroll
Evening gown Senshi wallscroll
Venus and Mercury wallscroll
Beach Coasters
Sailor Moon Bead Can
Chibiusa and Parallel Chibiusa Age 8 Poster
The Chibi Life Poster
Chibiusa, Kousagi and their brother Komamoru poster
Cosmic Serenity Poster
Mercuri-Earth Poster?
Sailor Moon and Chibiusa Candle set 1 2 3 4
Sailor Mercury and Luna Pillow Set
Mermaid Chibiusa Poster
Mermaid Usagi Poster
Angel Neo Queen Serenity Pillow
Usagi Neon Sign
Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion Pillow
Shrugging Bride Usagi Poster
Small Lady and Parallel Small Lady Poster
Street Minako Tsukino Poster
Toddler beadsprad
Sailor MOON pillow
Chibi Moon MONEY BOX
Sailormoon S TowelS 1 2


NOTE: Many sellers offer "custom" dolls. That's where the seller has taken apart a real Sailormoon doll and changed her hair, paint and outfit. Although sellers then charge anywhere from $85-500 per OOAK doll, the doll itself is heavily de-valued by their actions. It would be the same as charging $300 for a doll that a toddler has scribbled on. These sellers will lie about the quality and will harass anybody who dares to tell the truth about these dolls. When they bitch and moan about the cost of the extra materials (such as paint and fabric) please keep in mind that these "high end" materials are no more than cheap felt, scrap material, acryllic paint and a few plastic gems. You can purchase these "high end" materials at your local Wal*Mart for under $20. Don't be fooled.
NOTE #2: For more information on what the real dolls should look like, please visit Sailormoon Toys.
NOTE #3: Many sellers buy Volks/Dollfie dolls, and dress/paint them up to look like the Sailor Senshi. You can purchase them legally here. Most people know to carve out the eye holes and add glass or plastic eyes. Bootleggers just paint.
NOTE #4: Anything marked "RiRi" is a Chibi Chibi doll, meant to fool the public.

Barbie Sailor Mars
Sir Moonlight Knight Ken
Barbie-Lady Gaga Princess Serenity ~ Also sold as Princess Black Lady, Blonde Chibiusa and Neo Queen Gaga.
OOAK Michiru Kaioh
OOAK Queen Nehelenia
Jun Jun My Little Pony
Pluto My Little Pony (There are more of these. Someone took my "My Little Pony-Helios's Children" joke WAY too far.)
Human Luna
Sir Moonlight Knight Ken up close
Minako Aino?
Galaxy Girl Mercury
... Her hair
... Her bottom
Galaxy Girl set
Meteor Girl (Palla Palla?)
Moonbeam Girls ~ Moon/Kousagi? Jupiter and Pluto
Pluto-Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Ami
Lacey Mars and Venus
Pretty Girl Senshi
Korean Sailor Moon
Witches 5 Customs
Black Moon Sisters
Pigtail Senshi?
Cere Cere and Pegasus's child
Palla Palla and Helios's child
Chara Doll Selection SEGA Rei
Sailor Amour Mercury
Sera Myucury
Eternal Mars
Codename Sailor V
Neo Queen Black Lady
Eternal Sailor Mars
Usagi and Helios's child????
... Where do I even start?
Rei Earth
Makeshift Super Sailor Moon
Palladina Stellare
Galaxy Girl Dolls
Hybrid Mars, Mercury, Venus Doll?
OOAK Jupiter
Neo Queen Black Lady
Neo Queen Serenity Doll
Sailor Quinceanera
Sailor Serenity Doll
Star Wonder doll, for AGE 5 and up 1 2 3 4
OOAK Super Sailor Moon
7 Inches of interesting...
Sailor Goth Chibi Moon
OOAK Sailor Luna

Setsuna Kou Bootleg "Customs":
BanDai-style Starlight Dolls
BanDai-style Galaxia, Kakyuu (Labled Fireball Princess), Eternal Sailor Moon and the Starlights
Sailor Amazoness Quartet
Sailor "RiRi"
Sailor Chibi Chibi
Baby Hotaru
BanDai-Irwin Sailor Saturn
Irwin Sailor Saturn with patched hair
Black Lady
Chibiusa as Sailor Neo Moon
Hotaru and Shingo Tsukino's daughter (What the hell?)
Human Cats
The Cats
Princess Lady Serenity
BanDai-Irwin Kakyuu
BanDai-Irwin Eternal Sailor Moon
Irwin Eternal Sailor Moon
Sailor Pallas
Volks Sailor Chibi Moon
Irwin Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon (RiRi)
Sailor Mini Mini Moon (RiRi)
Helios and Teen Sailor Chibi Moon set
Rei and Yuichirou
RiRi Moon
Japanese BanDai Kakyuu
BanDai-Irwin Helios
Irwin Helios
BanDai-Irwin Starlights Set
Irwin 6 inch Super Sailor Saturn
Black Lady Figure on a stick
"Sexy" Sailor Chibi Moon (I could shoot the eBay seller that called her this.)
Chibiusa and Luna-P Figure
Tuxedo Mask Figure
Fake Eternal Sailor Moon
Sailor Saturn
Princess Serenity Figure
Wicked Lady Figure
Chibi Starlights
Chibi Sailor Amazoness Quartet
Chibi Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Chibi Diana
Chibi Helios
Chibi Black Lady
Sailor Mnemosyne
Sailor Lethe
Screaming Uranus and Neptune
Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi
Sailor Animamates
Sailor Iron Mouse... with a pipe cleaner up her ass??
Angry Chibi Mars
Pluto and Saturn
Happy Sailor Saturn
2000 Irwin style 4 Generals
VOLKS 4 Generals
Black Moon Sisters
Luna BanDai doll
Sailor Juno
Sailor Animamates
Tara and Rini (Hotaru and Chibiusa) figure
Sailor Ceres with shoelace hair and her box
Another RiRi
RiRi (Chibi Chibi) with red-pink Kousagi hair and her box
VOLKS Usagi as Sailor Cosmos Alternate box
Cyprine and Puchi Roll? and in box.
VOLKS Cosmic Moon
BanDai America Eternal Pluto In Box
VOLKS Eternal Sailor Pluto
Eudial in box
Princess Fireball
Irwin Fish-Eye
Sera-Myu Galaxia
VOLKS BanDai Galaxia Alternate Version
Sailor Vesta, BANDAI North American version
Sailor Juno and her box
VOLKS bootlegs
Kenji Tsukino
Unazuki Furuhata 1 2
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion
Mimette 1 2
Mistress 9 1 2
Naru Osaka
Ikuko Tsukino
Ms. Haruna Sakurada
Queen Nehelenia 1 2
Neo Queen Serenity
Eternal Outer Senshi
Palla Palla
VOLKS Sailor Palas
Prince Endymion
BanDai Japan Princess Kakyuu
Princess Serenity and again
Queen Serenity 1 2 3
Queen Beryl
Sailor Cosmos
BanDai America Codename Sailor V
Irwin Sailor Star Fighter
Queen Badiyannu
Sailor Vesta 1 2

DVD, Laserdisc and VHS bootlegs
NOTE #1: DiC and Cloverway never dubbed StarS. As of May 2012, there is no official English dub or sub of Sailormoon StarS, Sera-Myu, PGSM, the pre-movie specials, Memorial videos or any of the SuperS specials.
NOTE #2: There is NO episode 201. The anime stops at episode 200. Mamoru has no brother. Seiya does not marry Usagi. There is NO Sailormoon World special.
NOTE #3: There is NO official porn/hentai.
NOTE #4: As of May 2012, there is NO crossover DVD between Sailormoon and any other series. Cameo apperances and the inclusion of Codename Sailor V are it.
NOTE #5: Official DVDs will have a Region number of 1 (North America) 2 (Europe and Japan) 3 (Most of Asia) or 4 (Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America). If it says Region Code 0 or All, it's a fake.
NOTE #6: ADV released the DVDs for season one and Sailormoon R in North America. Pioneer/Geneon released the movies, Sailormoon S and SuperS.
NOTE #7: While there are tons of places that offer bootlegs, one of the worst is Sailormoon Shop.
NOTE #8: Moonkitty has pictures up of the real DVDs here.
5 assorted disc sets
Sailormoon Movie Set (Note how they are out of order.)
Sailormoon SuperS movie with Eternal Sailor Moon on the cover
Sailormoon R movie (R is the wrong color)
Sailormoon S AND SuperS as one movie. (Note the Pretty Guardian Manga Cover?)
Movie Colelction slip box
SailormoonS DVD set
Sailormoon movie and Sailormoon World special set
Movie CD and DVD set
Sailormoon the movie 3 in 1 (Mistress 9, Chibi Chibi and Sailor Saturn aren't actually in the movies.)
Sailormoon R Sailormoon S Tin Box Collection
Sailormoon Collection tin
9 DVD Tin
Sailormoon S set. (Note the SuperS cover?)
Sailormoon S set with SuperS art again
Sailormoon the SuperS set (Wrong art again)
Sailormoon Stars END
Sailormoon Collection Set
Three really BAD movie bootlegs
Sailormoon Chapter SuperS
Sailor Moon R
... Back cover
Collection box
Spanish box set??
Seller's page
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
... Back
Sailormoon S set
9 DVD details
Sailormoon SuperS
Sailor Moon S END
SuperS Sailor Moon
Fuzzy Movies
... Front
Promise of the Roses Set
SuperS set
Sailorstars set
Pegasus Complete Collection
Sailor Moon Part 1
Cantonese END
... Back
Heart in Ice
Really BAD movie and specials set
Sailor and the 7 Balls VHS
Sailor and the 7 Balls DVD
Sailor and the 7 Balls 2 DVD
Lost Episode and Movie DVDs
Specials Box
... Back
Sailor Moon Collections DVD (It's only .jpg files!!)
... And here's the disc. OMG who shot Sailor Mars?!?!?
Sailor Stars Volumes
... And the discs
Sailor Moon Super S Volumes
... Discs
... Box
Sailormoon S Volumes
Sailor Moon R Volumes
... Box
... Again
... Discs
Sailor Moon Volumes
... Discs (Headless Moon!!)
... Box
SailorMoonS VHS
Sailormoon R with bonus CD
Lambien Film Seal with a rant on why SuperS does not suck. (Actually, I agree. Without SuperS half of Moon Sisters doesn't exist.)
SailormoonS movie... set?
Lambian Stars S DVD
Sailormoon S set And again
Sailormoon SuperS R set Front
Volumen 1 Sailor Moon
Sailormoon S Season 3
Sailor Moon Season 1
Sailor Moon GMTV
Crying Moon??
Sailor Moon STARS
Super Set
Sailor Moon Super S
Sailor Moon R (OMG they punched a hole through Sailor Moon's head!!)
SuperS Clamshell VHS tapes
... And Again
Quite possibly the WORST S and SuperS VHS set you'll ever see.
Mega Value Set

Sailormoon World Bootlegs:
NOTE: The Sailormoon World figures are the most bootlegged figures in the world. The first set had Black Lady and the Inner Senshi. To see what the real figures look like, click here. And for more official figures, click there or here.
Melted Faced Figures
Senshi smacking themselves?
eBay Cloud figures
Hong Kong Bootlegs
... Again
... Again
... Another
More Hong Kong bootlegs
... again, but with Black Lady's head coming apart
Another Hong Kong set of fakes
Hong Kong fakes again and again.
Facepalm Mars and friends
Pretty Guardian Fakes
Black Lady keychain
Sailor Mars keychain
Keychain set of Sailor Mercury, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Black Lady
Birthday Cake Toppers:
...Dazed Mars
... Paint Chipping Venus
...Wrong Paint Moon
...Jupiter Smacking Herself
Bloody Mercury
...Black Lady
....The Full Cast
Human Luna, sucking her thumb?
First World Set?? 1 2
Hong Kong Christmas Ornaments??
Usagi undressable??
Rat eyed Sailor Mars
WWE Sailormoon Birthday Cake 1 2


SaleMoonS Sailor Mars
Sale Moon Neptune and Uranus
More SALEMOON figures 1 2 3 4 5 A bigger merchandise set??? wand another ad


Yetiart/ModelKitOnline Resin Bootlegs:
NOTE: The team behind these bootleggers are notorius for charging $80-700 per figure or statue, and they have a habit of bullying potential buyers, claiming to be world class pro-artists.
Wicked Black Lady Figure
Chibiusa and Luna-P figure
Maker Figure
Maiden Chibiusa
Eternal Sailor Moon with her staff
Eternal Sailor Moon 1 2
Human Luna
Sailor Saturn
Sera Myu Sailor Venus
Sexy Super Sailor Chibi Moon 1 2
Sailor Venus
Kneeling Saturn
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Another Saturn


Petit Soldier Sailormoon:
Petit Soldier Chibi Moon and Luna-P
... Back
Petit Soldier Chibi Moon (Yellow)
Petit Soldier Jupiter
Petit Soldier Tuxedo Mask
Petit Soldier Sailor Moon
Petit Soldier set


Sailor Angels:
Sailor Angel Set
Sailor Angel Small Moon
Sailor Angels package

Figures and Resins
NOTE #1: The Parallel Senshi, Princess Kakyuu and the Animamates do not have official toys as of May 2012.
Dressable Sailor Uranus with Sailor Mars's shoes
Magic Angel Minako set
Magic Angel Rei set
Chibi Baby Cadet Jupiter
Armless Neptune
Man-brows Sailor Venus
Little Mars, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon and Chibiusa figure-pendant set?
Mercury and Venus figure pendant set
HEY!! That's Sailor Silence Moon! The Moon Sisters ONLY descendant of Hotaru and Chibiusa!!
Bloody Sailor Moon?!?!
Pegasus, Sailor Mars... and their baby?!?! (Chibiusa will be piiiiiissed...)
Sailor Moon Poppen Set?
Sailor Moon "Up Yours" Figure?
Sailor Moon, Luna-P and Sailor Chibi Moon in a BanDai-like box
Young Beauty Flower Angel (Is that Naruru Osaka and Sailor Mnemosyne?!) And their cards
Sailor Mercury, Mars and Moon figures
Chibiusa bootleg
Pretty Girl Neptune (OMG she's only wearing a doily!!)
Sailor Moon Cre-cent wand and figure set
Super Girl Uranus, Moon and Neptune gift box
SailormoonS Chibi Sailor Venus dress up kit
Loose Sailormoon bootlegs. (Venus-Neptune is posed RUDE and Jun Jun's in her underwear.)
Chibi Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor V, Chibi Moon and Inner Senshi keychain figures
Devil Hunter Yohko Moon Crossover Figure
Armless Mercury and friends
Sailormoon S Sailor Moon
Snappable Purple Venus?
Super Chibi Venus figure
Pretty Fighter Sailor Moon
Luna-P with green eyes
Sailor DERP
Sailor Pink Eye Chibi Moon with bonus wands
Cat Hotaru?
Boob Scratching Usagi??
From left to right: Chibi Mercury, Ceres/Chibiusa/Mars hybrid, Jupiter, Venus, Chibiusa, Uranus and Neptune
Munny Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon
Mercury, Venus twins and... blonde Ceres?
Sailor Moon and Luna dish figure
Neptune and Chibi Moon set
Moon and Uranus set
Worn Paint Neptune
One great big set of bootlegged S figures ~ mint in package
Disney Princess Sailormoon?
Bootleg Mercury with an even shorter skirt
Chipped paint Jupiter
Socks and elbow pad Senshi?
So... many.... bootlegs..
Figure and wand inna bag!
Sailor Uranus.... and her arm.
Another Uranus
Chibi Sailor Moon with a weapon??
Puggy Sailor Chibi Moon. (WTF is she pointing at??)
Only the keychain and the Princess Serenity doll is real. The rest are bootlegs.
Chibi Sailor Mercury Resin
Chibi Sailor Pluto Resin
Chibi Sailor Saturn Resin with a broken staff
Serenity Cosmos Figure
"High Quality" Sailor Sugar Moon figure 1 2 3
Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Set in a Uranus and Neptune Box
Sailor Mercury statue figure
S Bootlegs
Shooting Moon figure??
An eBay Lot. The ones in red are fakes.
Super Sailor Punk Chibi Moon and Artemis
Gypsy Venus
White Glove Groove Set
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon Resin figure
OoooOOooooo So MARS!!
Sailor Mars with a Pluto card
Sailor Venus with a BLUE back bow 1 2
Sailor Moon with a BLUE collar 1 2 3
Usagi as Cosmos figure
Purple Bow Neptune
Hand painted Moon 1 2
Chibi... Super Sailor Moon figure?
Sailor Chibi Phoenix Moon figure
Sailor BoxArt Venus?
Earth Soldier?
Line of near perfect Inner Senshi
Ceramic Parallel Venus and "Chibi" 1 2
Magical Parade Girls 1 2 3 4
Codename Sailor V, Middle Finger Mercury and friends!
Saturn Dragon??

Apple Product Skins
Fan Art Sailor Moon iPhone Skin
Sailor Jupiter iPhone Skin
Henshin Skin
Sailor StarS Fan Art Skin
Tuxedo Mask and Neo Queen Serenity skin
Sailor Moon Fan Art Skin
Super Sailor Moon Fan Art Skin
Super Sailor Moon Photoshop Skin
Helios and Super Sailor Chibi Moon iPod Skin
Neo Queen Serenity skin
Photoshop Fan Art Sailor Saturn Skin
PhotoShop Sailor Neptune Skin
PhotoShop Super Sailor Moon Skin
Squished Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask iPhone cover
Sailor Cosmic Moon iPhone
WEIRD Sailor Moon iPhone case
MacBook skin

SailormoonR Bead/necklace making kit
Princess Serenity Set
Chibi Moon Heart Pendant
Starlights Shrinky-Dink Set
Scotch Tape Chibi Moon face Ring
Sailor Moon cuff links
Sailor Moon earrings
Sailor Moon Red Star Eassings
DiC Logo Bottlecap
Chibi Moon Clear earrings
Sailor Cosmos earrings
Chibi Sailor Chibi Moon earrings
Snowflake Uranus pendant
Codename Sailor V and Sailor Moon pendant
Chibi Sailor Chibi Moon pendant
Sailor Senshi bracelets?
Chibi Sailor Neptune Bracelet
Badly cut fan Art earrings
Sailor Senshi Dog Tags
Sailor Moon and Venus rings
Chibi Mercury Pendant (Someone bought the above bootleg pin, and made their own bootleg from it.)
Sailor Moon Pendant
Sailormoon rings
Eternal Sailor Moon inspired necklace
Little Chibi Charms
Super Mercury and Mars Love Pendant
Shrinky Dink Pluto Necklace
... And Venus, chain was sold seperately. Not Kidding.
Super Sailor Moon Locket Pendant
Probably the UGLIEST Luna and Artemis set you'll ever see.
Polymer Cosmos Necklace
Chibi Chibi Kousagi Charm

Computer Goods
Laptop skins
Sexy Fan Art Mousepad (They look WAY too young to be "sexy". that is disgusting.)
Inner Senshi Spotlight Mousepad
Chibi Fan Art Mousepad
Vector Computer drawn Super Sailor Venus Mousepad
Realistic CGI Fan Art Mousepad
Henshin Usagi, Butterflies and OuterS Mousepad
Swimsuit Inners Mousepad
Outer Super Sailor Senshi Mousepad

Adult goods ~ items that are 100% NSFW:
A Sailor Venus hentai
Sweet to Sweet R Valentine's
Studio Vanguard SM
Alright that the hell is this??
The Blue Rabbit
ACTUAL screencap of a real eBay sale of a Hentai Hotaru bootleg. Notes have been added.
Hotaru wearing nothing but a dress-shirt?
ANOTHER nude Saturn???
And ANOTHER nude Saturn!?!?
Angelic Usagi Pillow
Sexy Pluto??
Playboy Hotaru
Undressed Saturn!?!?!
Seashell Saturn 1 2

Food, Makeup, Pill Boxes, Lighters and other very personal items
NOTE: Bootleg pill boxes began creeping up on eBay in 1998. A plastic Sailor Pluto box was once featured in Animerica magazine.
Sailor Moon Lighter
Metamorphose Sailor Moon?
German Manga Cover
Eternal Sailor Moon
Chibi Fan Art Mousepad
Bishoujo Senshi 2004 Sailormoon
Neo Queen Serenity and Tuxedo Mask
Best of the Gift StarS?
Sexy Fan Art from the Clinton Era.
Neo Queen Serenity and Tuxedo Mask lighter
Sailor Jupiter nail polish ~This now comes in Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus too.
Sailormoon nail stickers
Sailor Moon Compact
Sailor Moon Edible Cake Decoration?
Super Sentai Moon Candy
Small Lady Serenity Sick Mask
Super Sailor Moon Lighter with secret compartment?
Tobacco pouch and clock??
Usagi lipstick
Chibi Uranus and Neptune Nail Clippers
Chibi Usagi cake topper
Squished Sailor Moon Lighter
Sailormoon Wine?!?!?
Sailor Mars Mirror with boots?
Chibi Super Sailor Moon....... thong..

Chibi Neptune
Chibi Mars
Chibi Venus
Peach Chibi Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi Tuxedo Mask
Chibi Mercury
Chibi Pluto
Fan Art Cosmos Button
Fan Art Super Sailor Chibi Moon Button
Fan Art Sailor Venus Button
Chibi Ami Red Star
Chibi Mako Red Star
Usagi and Mamoru Honeymoon Button Set
Chibi Blonde Rei or Bow-less Minako
Sailor Venus
Chibi Mamoru Red Star
Chibi Sailor Moon
Usagi Pin Set
Red and Blue Chibi Mercury?
Chibi Usagi?
One Sock Chibi-Usa
Chibi Sailor Moon with an endless ribbon?
Chibi Luna
Chibi Jupiter??
Another Chibi Jupiter
Chibi Super White Collar Sailor Chibi Moon and Luna
Chibi Chibiusa Red Star
Usagi, Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity?
Usagi Buttons
(Credit to Moon Pin
Chibi Mars Pin
Chinese Angel Usagi Pin
German Pins 1 2 3 4
Chibi Michiru Pin
Chibi Pin Set
Tuxedo Teeth pin??
Psychic Zombies Princess Serenity Pin
China Pin set (The real pins at least color Michiru's top right and finish Pluto's staff)
Chibiusa Pin Set

Luna Plush And Friends:
NOTE: These bootlegs first showed up on Amazon, then wound up on eBay, Etsy and have even been sold in shopping malls! They are made in Hong Kong.
NOTE #2: Originally just a Sailormoon bottlegger, they now bootleg other titles, such as Vocaloid, Naruto, Pokemon and One Piece.
Green Luna
Cherry Red Luna
Gold Luna (Super Luna??)
Kousagi's Cat!!
Diana/Luna Plush
No Tiara Sailor Moon
Star Locket Princess Moon Plush
Star Locket Moon
... Back
Chibi Mercury
Wingless Eternal Sailor Moon with Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura for a locket?!
Eternal Sailor Moon
Chibi Sailor Mars
Female Artemis hat
Luna hat (Looks like Diana.)
Luna winter hat (Looks like Diana)
Luna cap
Artemis cap
Diana cap
Decapitated Luna/Diana coin pouch
Decapitated Artemis coin pouch
Diana coin purse
Blue Eyed Diana Luna Plush
Luna-Artemis Plush
Luna-Luna Plush
Manga Luna Hat
Chibi Venus

Sailor Moon Gemless Tiara Plush
S Sailor moon with a StarS tag
Sailor Saturn
Sexy Fan Art Sailor Senshi... Teddy Bear???
Diana rat??
Baby Neptune
Chibi Teen Chibiusa Plush(Embryonic? No hands or feet either??)
Knitted Pluto

Stickers, School and Office Goods
Usagi and Eternal Sailor Moon eraser set
Sailormoon g Jupiter and Moon eraser
Chibi Mercury and Jupiter sharpeners
Sailor Mars Stationary
Black Lady Stationary
Helios Stationary
Sailor Moon S Notepads
SailorStars S Folders
Hotaru Pencil Board
SailorSaturn Pencil Board
Sailor Senshi Stamper set
... Venus Jupiter and Mars
... Mercury Chibi Moon and Moon
... The images they stamp
Sailormoon SuperS Study Set
Mercury and Chibi Moon pen toppers
Gibson Sailor moon STICKERS
Manga Sticker Comix
Sticker Sticker
Sticker Set
Really low grade stickers
StarS and Queen Beryl Sticker
Foil Puff Stickers
Random school supplies
Sailormoon pencil board?
Cardcaptor Wedding Moon Stickers 1 and 2
Chibiusa and Artemis "I LIKE YOU" Romantic gift pencil box??
Chibiusa Shooting Sailor Venus sticker set
Taiwan post cards 13
Good lord these are AWFUL!! oh crap there's more
Taiwan cards
Sailor Moon and Chibiusa pen set
STICKERS Various Size Included.
Sailormoon S pencil box
... and another one
SailormoonR pencil box
Realistic Artemis and Luna Sticker
FUGLY stickers
Tuxed Mask and Senshi Adress cards
Sticker Color Books 1 2 3
Glow in the dark stickers
Neo Queen Serenity USB Hub
Oh these are just AWFUL
Sailormoon R Twin 7 Set?
Fiore and White Luna?
Chibi Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Luna... Sailormoon s sharpener?
Round Stationary
Shameless Mars and Moon pen
Blonde Chibiusa Stickers 1 2

Eternal Sailor Moon Puzzle
Sailormoon TV Pinball Game
Sailor Moon Kite
Wedding Peach Super Sailor moon/Chibi Moon toy car
Cartoon fairy Ball Usagi and Pikachu set
"Baby" Sailor Jupiter Water Game
Sailor Vacation Set
Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Miku Hatsune sticker dolls??
Mercury Boy Pinball
Juego De Sailormoon TEASET
Sorcery Stick
Squeaker Toys
Sailor Moon "Tub o' Stuff" 1 2
Sailormoon S Paper doll set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Squeaky Set

Video Games, Apps, eBooks, KindleS, Skins and LCD Games
DS Lite Sailor moon and friends skin
Chibi Moon and Helios DS Skin
Sailor Mercury PSP Skin
Neo Eternal Moon GameBoy SP Skin
Sailor Chibi Moon XBox 360 Skin
Neo Queen Serenity Wii Remote Skin
Usagi Moon PC or Console Skin, Your Choice
Fake SuperS PS1 game
And another one
Pretty Fairy LCD Game 1 2
Sailormoon TCG and Trivia App
Tentacle Sailor Moon Kindle Book?!?!?!
Dark Moon Kingdom Computer Game
Sailormoon Artbook II Game
Sailormoon StarS PS3 skin

Chibi Sailor Moon Fun Character Watch
Eternal Sailor Moon Watch
Sailor Senshi Watch
Helios and Super Sailor Chibi Moon watch
Luna Pen Henshin Moon Watch
SuperS-R watch with interchangeable figure plates
... the watch
... The figure plates
StarS Pocket Watch
Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and a box

Statues and Lawn Art
Princess Serenity Statue
Codename Venus Statue
CREEPY Sailor Moon Playground Statue
Creppy, half-naked undead Sailor Moon playground statue (WTF were they thinking???)

WTF? Items that don't fit anywhere else.
Sailor Venus... art? Painting?
Super Sailor Chibi Neo Adult Moon... canvas?
Pegasus, Princess Lady Serenity and... HEY!!! Is that Moon Sisters's own Ellys?!?!
Chibi Sailor Senshi board
Chibiusa and Kousagi's Cat
Chibimoon canvas?
Sailor Moon Money
Chibi Wild Mars Foil board?
Sailor Moon Frisky?
Dark Blue Moon Art (Has been sold as a DVD, Book and T-shirt)
Russian Sailor Moon DVD/Book/Poster? (She's saving a tied up Mamoru from Aztec Warriors. Th' fuck?)
Happy Gang Chibi Senshi?
... and the OuterS.
(From the Sailor Moon Memes Facebook Page) Pedobear Hotaru Newspaper Ad???
(From Sailor Moon Memes) Ah... WTF??
Chibiusa Wig + Head set
Korey Moon?

Sadly, new items are being made every day. It's buyer beware when it comes to Sailormoon.